Best ALL time Team SIMULATION IN NBA2K18!!!

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My first ever NBA2K18 Sim!!! Its a playoff sim with 16 of the all time teams with the best players ever! Hope you guys enjoy, thanks for watching! *Do not own any songs in video - no copyright intended MY TWITTER -

Adam Goulet
Cringiest commentary ever.
James Clayton
Surely the lakers and Celtic’s are about to get to the finals, I think lakers will win though 100%.
Tanner Rienbolt
We all know in real life it would be all time Lakers vs Celtics
Jordan getting beat in the first round classic!
Brydon McKibben
It probably in real life would be Celtics and Lakers let’s be serious
Where is the 2024-25 Seattle SuperSonics ?
Faby Chávez
The all time bulls would beat the miami easly but 2k is rigged
Julio Suarez
You didn’t show the first round matchup of the spurs and kings
Kyle krasny
The all time Dallas Mavericks lost because there was no Jason Kidd or Steve Nash on the team.
Bbq chicken
This video just proves the greatness that is LeBron James. To make it all the way to the Finals against these all-time great rosters and lose. #GOAT#KING
Lmao houston sweep okc
Hugo Hernandez
The Lakers best franchise in the league baby
Nijaz Porcic
Lakers bench is better than most of the all time teams' starters
Jonathan Childs
If dirk could beat that heat team I’m pretty sure Jordan could have...
Eric Araujo
This simulation was horseshit
Dikembe Mutombo
Jm the Bull Fan but Lakers are better in All-Time, and WTF MIAMI KILLS CHICAGO, (maybe Jordan had a flu).
Louise Capillo
So LeBron beat Jordan? Wow
I like the graphics...if only 2K would put Manute Bol in there...
Austin Cruz
That heat team was no joke tho good finals by the lakers tho #Respect
Tyler Gould
Why does 2k hate the Celtics, rapters and spurs
Miles Mares
I disliked this video cause you didn't put the suns in
I didn’t know that the Boston Celtics were in the western side!! 1:43
Lavar Ball
if the lonzo was on the all time Lakers they'd go 82-0
Lucas .b
I didn’t see lebron on the lakers lineup
Leedlelee 24
No Steve nash on the mavs smh
Feleipe Franks Official Page
My heat we're so close 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖🤕🤒
Robert Jandrue
I guess the all time Celtics are in the west
Astrogaming 163
Kd going to the all time lakers
I’m just saying you need to work on that commentator voice dog
Adil Say
The Rockets are stacked
Caryn Pletzer
Why did you let Miami do it again and Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron Fan
Halftime, you forgot about Spurs and Kings
B Fresh
3:11 I see Ray Allen still saving careers😂
Alan Cohen
I'm not surprised with the heat winning. Their all time team is very good.
Max Gresock
I’m a thunder fan
Xljorge Rafael
nooo warriors
Catalin Racolta
9:50 music pls;)
Lion 1
Did anybody notice that he did not show the Kings v.s Spurs ????????????????????
Reigndropp S
Bucks: Ray Allen Giannis Antetokounmpo Oscar Robertson Kareem Abdul-Jabber IK most didn’t spend whole career on bucks
Leonjitsu _Legend
Lakers All-Time are almost unstoppable
100 SUBZ will no videos!!! _
1:48 Celtics #1 of WEST!?!!?!!!?!!!!?!!????!!!
Jshook 15
gracen spiteri
GO PISTONS. Like if you are not a banwagon
Wolf boy
LeBron James
The bad boys would not of lost to the heat fr tho
Noe Candelas
2k hates the sixers
Luis Medina
I wanted to see a Celtics vs lakers final 😈 🔥
TheBionic Noodle
How is Miami beating the bulls an upset? ITS NOT Edit: "Nobody expected them to be there." Lebron, D Wade, Shaq, Mourning, Bosh, Hardaway and Ray Allen should be there as well yet he doesn't give this team an ounce of credit?
Colts 13
KiN PheNom
Hmmm.... since when were the celtics in the west??? U sound dumb😂
Creeper Kingsdamac
Boston is 1 in the East the first round you said West
I picked my Heat to win it all. Why would you not expect them to be at least close to winning it? They had prbly the best defensive starting 5 out of all of these teams. Prime LeBron Prime Wade Prime Bosh Prime Alonzo (who was the best defensive player in the league in his prime and a 25/10 machine) Prime Hardaway who was an all NBA point guard
Ali Eren Mazıcı
The all time lakers is a beast
Light WalkerGamingYT
Joe Michael
Russell Valorman97
Go heat
Daniel Avila
Sacramento vs bulls
RhysTheFighter 7
Give some love to the hawks!
No Bucks? Kareem In his prime, Big O, Ray Allen, Sidney Moncrief, Giannis and Terry Cummings. That team would've gone far just saying
Serenity Tolson
Heat make it all the way.
T-Mac lost in the first round again RIP
sbwill 2416
The Cringe in the commentating 😂😂😂
I Like Turtlez
Why isn’t Lonzo MVP????
Big three in OKC BABABYYY
CeruleanPanda17 _
I like it good job
Lil' Dude
Lakers vs Celtics Lakers win
My guess is Lakers win in the finals against Miami 4-3
Jimmy Butler
Bulls lost to heat? LMAO
Rodrigo Alvarez Pallete
This guy talks like the kid in rick and morty
Robert Jandrue
We all know the Celtics would win
Michael McGeady
You didn’t show the kings upsetting the Spurs
Nick Ze Daddy
Heat or Lakers will win prob Lakers SPOILERS Edit : i actually guessed this before the I watched, just looked at the rosters, pretty sick
Brian Scalabrine
9:45 music?
Rafa Valls
At least my second team (the heat) got to the finals
LOL this Chris Smoove wannabe is cute
dragonray 089
Bruh kings, wizards, hawks, trail blazers? What about the all time jazz with John Stockton, Karl malone, and Gordan hayward. What about the all time suns with Steve Nash, Charles Barkley, amare stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Kevin johnson. What about the all time pacers with pg 13, Reggie Miller, rik smits, jermaine O'Neal, Ron artest? Redo this sick video with these teams please!
Legendary OKC_NATION__
OKC Thunder
Kyle krasny
On the Dallas Mavericks were is Jason Kidd
Hugh Janus
Of course it’s lakers and heat they got the 2 best players of all time kobe and lebron
Cassandra Davies
Auwi Garcia
Brandøn the boy
👌 this close 😢
Noah Pierce
tbh warriors would still win ;(
M Black
Ur voice is horrible don't ever become a announcer
Banana Samich
I'm sorry but what is 2K thinking, the Bulls would obviously advance all the way to the conference finals. Sure they wouldn't beat Boston but Really! Sorry I made this comment half way through the vid but really Knicks beat Boston in the TD Garden. Like if you agree
Mayra Allen
All time Chicago and all time warriors
Triston Graham
XThe heat
Will Hurley
imagine how much better the all time lakers are now with the best player of all time, lebron
Baby Purn
Miami always winning... Its rigged
Mango *
All my guesses: First Round: Lakers beat Mavericks 4-2 - INCORRECT Rockets beat Thunder 4-3 - INCORRECT Warriors beat Trail Blazers 4-2 - CORRECT Spurs beat Kings 4-3 - INCORRECT Celtics beat Hawks 4-1 - CORRECT 76ers beat Knicks 4-2 - INCORRECT Pistons beat Wizards 4-3 - INCORRECT Heat beat Bulls 4-3 - CORRECT Second Round: Lakers beat Thunder 4-2 - INCORRECT Warriors beat Kings 4-3 - INCORRECT Celtics beat Knicks 4-1 - INCORRECT Miami beat Detroit 4-1 - INCORRECT Third Round: Lakers beat Warriors 4-3 - INCORRECT Heat beat Knicks 4-0 - INCORRECT Fourth Round: Lakers beat Miami 4-3 - INCORRECT Finals MVP: Magic Johnson - CORRECT
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This guy just said two things that made me cringe. Not just the fact this is highly inspired by Chris Smoove but, the fact he just said "Boston all time in the Western Conference" and acting as if the All time Bulls had a better roster than All Time Miami. They don't. Most of the roster excluding, Jordan, Pippen, Rodman and Horace weren't enough to go against LeBron, Wade, Shaq, Smith, Alonzo Mourning. Think you need to learn more NBA History man.
John Pickett
I figured out each All-Time teams Win Shares, you should do a playoff based on these rankings! East 1 Celtics vs. 8 Cavaliers 4 76ers vs. 5 Hawks 3 Pistons vs. 6 Knicks 2 Bulls vs. 7 Bucks West 1 Lakers vs. 8 Warriors 4 Thunder vs. 5 Suns 3 Jazz vs. 6 Rockets 2 Spurs vs. 7 Mavericks
Andrew Meraz
How do you set this up ?
All time Warriors should be Curry, Klay, Durant, Cousins and Chamberlain (I don't understand Durant at OKC and not GSW, when he made much more history playing for the Warriors)This team offensively has better advanced stats than the All time Lakers (Magic, Kobe, Lebron, Kareem, Shaq)Curry has better stats than Magic, Klay has better stats than Kobe, Durant has better stats than Lebron, Kareem better than Cousins, Shaq better than Chamberlain Score is 3-2Now, Lakers' bench would smash the Warriors' benchJerry West, James Worthy, Gasol vs Green, Iguodala and other random dudes Lakers would win but probably by close margin, 6 or 7 games
Noah Tagliabracci
Heat always win