Night Owl ( full version) - Gerry Rafferty

Full length album version of Night Owl.

jack thelad
Dog Biscuit
Beautiful sound and a brilliant song. Nice one.
Ross Heisler
Gerry Rafferty wasn't given his due as a songwriter. This without any doubt is one of his best. "and I get a little lonely as the sun gets low" Thank you for sharing it.
N Kimball
I get a little lonely when the sun gets low and I end up looking for somewhere to go -- don't we all!! Great line
Tony Molloy
Re-discovered this awesome song after many years. Baker Street will always be the most radio played song, but the pure depth and feeling of this treasure which still fills me with many emotions. Thank you Gerry.
Who the hell gave this a thumbs down?
Alan Lloyd
Pure class, pure genius.Never get tired of listening to this.
T Powell
ah this man's voice is like velvet to my ears
There is something very cool and laid back about his music
One of all time favourites.
Gordon Bradley
Why can nobody do this anymore ?
Rodney Kelly
This is one of my all time favs. I listen to it whenever I need a pick up. R.I.P Mr. Gerry Rafferty.
Bollock Naked
I heard this on radio 2 today for the first time and wrote it down now I'm here.
Spike Yarwood
Gone too soon - love Gerry Rafferty
Ian Baldwin
....a song for all us dreamers.....
Kenneth Rose
His best song,better than Baker street,more feeling.
kevin adamson
Close your eyes , put this on and pour yourself a drink, all your troubles will float away into space. It puts life in sperpective.
The best song ever written by the best singer/songwriter ever. R.I.P. Gerry
michael hampton
Great song. Even greater singer. R.I.P. Gerry.
Matthew Foster
The line "I should know better but I can't say no". Just brilliant, something I think we all can relate to.
Douggie Mcclafferty
poor man suffered from alcoholism , poor soul r.i.p,
Essam Azar
Man!!!! grew up listening to this fantastic music....those were the days; brings back all the good memories (and bad ones I suppose)
Kye Merkett
One of the few happy memories of my childhood is playing now. Nice one.
khmer wolf
'One more face in a palace of mirrors' Genius
gizmo no
absolutely love love this song there are no words to describe how great Gerry rafferty is not was. will be grooving to him till i can finally say oh yeah yeah yeah .
fantastic song
Went to carry the trash off yesterday and this album was in a box with a few others. Brought it home hame and played perfect. Sadly the cover was a little messed up
English proficient bassist Mo Foster on the bass. Not nearly as known as Pino or Jaco, but one that I like just as much! Love his basslines just as much as the other guys.
Neale Smyth
Classic, Gerry Rafferty Song That Will Never Date.
Jason Carpp
Awesome song! It's nice to hear a full length album version of Night Owl. I have a cd of Best of Gerry Rafferty, but most of the songs are edited down for radio play. I just recently bought the Night Owl cd and finally heard the full-length version. I've never understood why they edit a song just so that it can be played on radio. 
Tommy Orr Jr
R.I.P Gerry
Rob Reynolds
ya just gotta drive 140mph with this........
Miss listening to this on my iPod in my Mustang driving through North Las Vegas.. :'(
John Rafferty
from one raffertyy to the other rip legend
Karen Bevan
Brilliant, brilliant song, don't make them like this anymore 😊
jack thelad
god bless him one brilliant man miss him and his songs XXXXXXXXXX
Bren Baker
All time fav :)
The song ,the lyrics ,the voice ,and amazing instruments makes this one off my all time favourite songs
Mark Berry
Thanks so much for epic songs Gerry,propper music, not mass produced crap we have to put up with these days :-((( Rest in Peace big man....
My favourite....Gone too soon Gerry...R.I.P.
Marie Jones
It's a shame that the great Gerry Rafferty never was recognised as a GREAT because he was and still is. His music was top quality and is as good today as ever.
Mark Berry
We have lost the talent in music, NOBODY can write a propper song anymore, with decent memorable tune, very, very sad.
Michael Lennon
great tune iu hav to say.
Marie Jones
It was easy to relate to all his songs. Each one has a meaning for all of us. And for me loads of his songs.
Garry Woodhead
Great music
Neil Hamilton
been an inspiration all my life
Tommy Orr Jr
Notice yet another of gerry's songs has alcohol mentioned in it.hmmmmm
Tracy Hudson
butterflygal D
love this song
Andrzej Żurek
Night Owl Gerry Rafferty Night comes down and finds you alone In a space and time of your own Lost in dreams in a world full of shadows Down the street the neon light shines Offering refuge and hope to the blind Who stumble in with no thought of tomorrow Yes I get lonely when the sun gets low And I end up looking for some winner goal Yes I should know better but I cant say no Oh no no nono nono no The light are low when the music is loud You watch yourself as you play to the crowd One more face in a palace of mirrors One more drink your sailin away One more dream but its looking okay One more time to watch the flow of the river Yes I get lonely when the sun gets low And I end up looking for some winner goal Yes I should know better but I cant say no Oh no no nono no no no no no no Yes I get lonely when the sun gets low And I end up looking for some winner goal Yes I should know better but I cant say no Oh no no Oh no no no No no no no no no no no no no Written by Gerald Rafferty • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group
Elizabeth Sommerville
love it
Lauren Wallace
I first heard this song in the town of Willsden Green, England. It always takes me back there.
well sorted love it
This is my drinking song.
Andreas Martin
Gute Nacht
RIP pure genius
Martin Biddulph
Ralph Jackson
Seem to be surrounded by night owls recently,good thing I'm a bit of one myself. Too-wit-too-woo!
Morris McKinnon
This never gets played on the radio, songs like this never do for some reason. It's always Baker Street.. don't get me wrong, I love Baker Street and more but it's always the more well known songs that get played over and over again, probably why songs like Baker street are, well... so well known! Such good music out there that never get's heard, it's a shame.
Callum Taylor
 Thank you, BBC Radio 2 :)
Mick Hurley
great voice love is music
Leon Erwin
I'm feel the same way. Good stuff
Um dos melhores trabalhos deles.
Mick Wright
Had the album...brilliant!!!!
Jamal Faisal
I love the songs from the 80s
a really top tune.....
N U F C 1892
Thomas E
Super Stimme
Martin Biddulph
Big Feet
Mark Parsons
his best song by a country mile, forget baker street
Cliff Risley
very good song lyrics and instrument my absolute favorite
Psy Wave
Muzak or music?
Richard DeCosta
The late 60s, 70s and early 80s saw a plethora of musicians, all truly great and brilliant and one of them was Gerry Rafferty. However, the decline in quality of music began with the advent of disco and dance music, from thereon it was complete deterioration and it's gotten terrible rotten as of this day. You ask any millenial or the 90s born, the majority of them don't know shit about good music. They are content with their Biebers, Ga Gas, Timberlakes, Beyonces, Adeles, Hip Hoppers, rappers and other crappy obnoxious performers who dish out nothing but trash in the name of music. Truly the 60-80s was the golden period of outstanding music and musicans.
My all time favourite GR song, in fact one of my all time favourite songs full stop.
Kaus Mahrtin
Timeless good
Ron Wylie
Brilliant album, I played the grooves of it. It has been said before {by everyone I bet} that a big part of the experience of playing an album was looking at, reading and admiring the artwork, especially Gerry's , he had some of the most amazing covers and inner sleeves I have ever seen, it influenced my own artwork. I miss that, they honestly sounded better too
George Sturdy
Gerry looked very similar to Hary Nilsson both were great singer/songwriters
I've had all his albums for thirty-five years and I NEVER get tired of listening to Gerry Rafferty!
mac the drummer
Superb. As a drummer, the drums are so brilliant on that.
Cynthia Roberts
I think the thing I like best in remembering the 1970's is the fabulous mix of music we were lucky enough to know and also the fabulous words written by "true|" songwriters This is one of my all time favourites (along with the fabulous Phil Collins/Genesis of course)
Ian Baldwin
...perhaps in my top 5 fave songs...everer x
Ross Heisler
We all get lonely at one time or another. Amazing song.
Best intro ever.
p 28
One of my all time faves. Got to be one of the most perfect songs recorded.
With no thought of tomorrow... great words, I should know better but I can't say no.
Thomas Maguire
Poor Gerry, he got the curse of the Irish the demon drink. But he left us a great legacy R I P.
Cynthia Roberts
Ahhh 1979!! - great times - great memories
Simon Foster
Sheer class
Shaun Bennett
Some songs are shit,some average and some are good....then there's the ones that go to another level and labelled as genius....this track goes beyond genius
gaz monro
Stephen Checksfield
Absolutely beautiful song
Davey Payne
i should know better but i cant say no.........
Sam Johnson
This is amazing
Ronald Charles Epstein
Great song to play in the middle of the night.
gizmo no
Still one of the greatest songs I just got in trouble again drinking and I can always listen to this to make me feel better somehow