Dick Cavett Meets ABBA - German TV Version

Dick Cavett Meets ABBA - German TV Version With German audio overdubbs during the interview Recorded live April 1981 Songs Performed - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) - Super Trouper - Two For The Price Of One - Me and I - Summer Night City - Thank You For The Music - On and On and On The show also had the promo clip to One Of Us (between Thank You For The Music and On & On & On) but I had to edit it out so this upload would not be blocked for viewing on YouTube. Read more about the Dick Cavett Meets ABBA TV Special here - /> />

And people say they can't sing live... sounds pretty f'ing awesome to me!
Rob Temmen
What a great live performance, what a voice she has and still have
DJ Tony [Brazil]
I always thought funny how Frida changes the words "When YOU called ME last night from Glasgow..." in this live version whereas in the studio version she sings "When I called you last night..." :-)
Rob Temmen
One of the best live performance I have heared from ABBA.Thank you for sharing
Peter K.
so extremly talented..no wonder they became the greatest pop-band ever...
Ding Ting
Blimey those women were good. Such a shame that Agnetha has been largely lost to music for so many years. ABBA always seemed liked the girlfriend that just never called you back one day and always left you wondering what happened.
Thank YOU ABBA for a bit of Heaven on Earth...
Liliana Maria Lobo Correa
I loved that performances!
ian poultry
OMG, look at Agnetha around 5:05, its got to be her most delightfully gorgeous moment ever captured on video.
Macdad 260
The best version of the Dick Cavett concert. Great video and sound quality. Thanks! ABBA=timeless. Love it!!!
Kevyn Moraes
Missed Knowing Me Knowing You
Maria Fernandes
Essas duas mulheres lindas tinham as vocais mais lindas da época melhor grupo sem dúvida
Marlisa Stahl
Gostaria que fosse em portugues. Brasil.
wow er spricht sehr gut Deutsch
Thank you for the músic ABBA!!!!❤
Rodrigo Souza
I watched Mammamia 1, 2 and I'm waiting for the 3.
Vinko Ivo Milić Díaz
Francisco de Assis
Ummm,why no English sub😣😣
Bolt Thrower
Richard Mcnick
omg the voice over is annoying.