Jeff Healey & Marcus Miller & Dr John & Omar Hakim - "See the light"

One of the best performance ever

Tito Miquel
Jeff Healey was a truly gifted person and a great inspiration for all players.....   
Proziumil .Proziumil
Miss you Jeff
Tor Andre Syltesether
This video brings a big smile on my face
NOT Steve Jordan...that is Omar Hakim on the drums!!!..anyway fantastic stuff!!~thanks for posting!J
Scara O'Hara
6 years ago today we lost him ,what a shame RIP Jeff
Matt Mars
ps looking at the comments , everyone's got something nice to say about the dude : )
なぜ日本語(笑 すばらしくかっこいい
Joseph Fryda
All those years I hold my guitar in the wrong way... Thank you Jeff
Hell were the light! 
Rafael Lopez
All right. This is what a good jam should be about.....These guys were jamming and having a great time..Love Marcus' faces when he looked at Jeff's playing, like sayin' "motha fucka"......
Fabio Dantas
Se Deus existe - e ele existe! -, se mostra através da arte de pessoas como o Jeff Healey. Tais seres são muito raros e caros para permanecer num mundo tão medíocre. Muito obrigado, Jeff por tantas canções inspiradoras repletas de virtuosismo.
Richie Geno
Thats not steve Jordan. thats Omar Hakim. 
stone mason
Sometimes it takes the Genius of a blind man for the rest of the world to really see.
Jason Matthews
Damn I miss guitar players that could play!
T.C.W Report
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never seen another guitarist make Marcus Miller step up his game mid song like Jeff just did .
How come the atomic watch I bought from NASA is nowhere near as precise as is Steve Jordan?
Marcus Miller is groovin haaaaaaard! yes! love this
Guy Richman
Well it's not Steve Jordan, but the equally gargantuan Mr Omar Hakim…. OH YEAH!!!!
nadia vitet
Jeff Healey nel 1988, per il Jools Holland, David Sanborn ha ospitato, ' Night Music '. Dr. John al pianoforte, Marcus Miller al basso, Omar Hakim alla batteria ...  Superlativi !!!
stone mason
absolute genius. Thanks, Jeff and God bless those you left behind, bro.
If this would the Olympic Games, I see 4 Gold medallists. Awesome!!! RIP brother, hope you are jamming in heaven.
Bandidos Magyar
this is energy.....r .i.p. bro
this shit gives you power to see the light when u feel its the end. thanx, jeff, for this.
Matt Hall
I remember when this came out and I still marvel at the way an established instrument can be played in a beautifully unorthodox way. And, yeah, I still regularly butcher this tune in my inferior orthodox way! Genius.
Eric Gendell
What an incredible group of virtuoso's...they're all great. I had the honor of meeting Omar on the street one day and he is not only a great world class drummer, but one of the nicest, most humble and gracious human beings you could imagine. And what can you say about Marcus Miller and Dr. John without singing their praises to the heavens?
Felipe Martins
Omar Hakim!!!!!!!
rhetts roost
best moment of live music ever.i love when marcus looks in amazement at the mom
WAVEGARDEN Tonstudio - Musikproduktion
I don´t know anything better than this! Fantastic!
gigi malva
P O R T E N T O !!!!!
Alex DeLarge
I must have watched this 20 times overall, but I suddenly realized how much Healey's voice & diction soud like Hendrix.
metal... for headbangers only
absolute SHREDDER... Healey FFS .. gone tooooo soon.. 🇨🇦
I saw this on the orginal show....This is one of the most kickass performances I have ever seen...and this was live!!!
Rod Alexander
Absolutely brilliant!!
Daniel Riff Valley
Awesome,this is unic,love :D
Ray Gonzalez
Just AMAZING!!!!!
dear god...
Shinji Yamashita
ヽ( ・∀・)ノ ♪
is it wrong that it make me laugh that the track is called see the light as poor jeff couldnt see anything , but he was freakin talented guy seeing or not
Robert George
One of the best blues guitarists in decades R.I.P
The drummer is Omar Hakim, not Steve jordan
sandie tozer
Plays pretty good for a white boy.
Jason Kim
정말 대단하네요.
R.I.P. He was special.
Steve Holmes
Not fucking wrong there mate, I love his music! shame he had to leave.
Dexter Garbarz
The thing here is that Jeff is better than 99% of blues guitarist. And he is not that famous. HE WAS BLIND. And he was absolutely great.
Dave Fisher
really. but even though he was blind, he could see the light (if you know what i mean). btw, watching this you wouldn't know he was blind.
does anyone know the year?
Maybe the best clip on the entire youtube! Rest in peace Jeff, you are missed.
Henri Weizman
can u feel the light men u r great
Christian Scazzieri
I just took one day off from work after seeing this video. Freaking amazing.
Ali Ferz
it's gonna be 10 million views because of me so soon
Vassilis Papathanasiou
This man is just GREAT!!!!
Yann-Michel Forest Bruyere
Haha it's kinda ironic for him to sing "can you see the light"
pitic paul
You know nothing about music, guitar or class.
Terr Cain
Um...I don't think that's Steve Jordan on drums. The guy neither looks or plays like the man.
Jean-Pierre Jacquet
You know you're watching something special when the bass player in your band, moves closer to watch the guitarist do a solo (after he finishes playing with his teeth). Pure musical genius that I never got the chance to see love..... Gutted.
A-Mazing' love this guy, one of the greatest talents in my generation period, superlatives are not enough for Jeff......
That was f*ckin' AMAZING man! respect for dudes like Vai, Satch, Nuno Bettecourt, Jimi, Zakk name it but this man is f*ckin' blind en he rocks harder than anyone man! When he gets up of his chair, I frakin out! I love this one. Thanks for posting!
Christian Sand
that's like a musical dreamteam! :D
Gabrielle Ray
Gabrielle Ray
give up :) lol
Gabrielle Ray
yes indeed !!!! amazing is an understatement
I watch this... And i cant decide if i should go practice my guitar....or if i should just give up, and sell it!!! :o
head banging good time RIP golden talent
Jak Prince
Wasn't this from a short lived late night music show?
Wow Respect with a capital R
Matt Mars
just popping by again, OH YEAH ! Jeff all day long and into the night - he cant be R.I.P. the mans still getting votes :) matt
Michael McNeal
Blind and Canadian, like a bawss
Martin Stewart
Still miss him. He was and always will be incredible.
Matthieu Waltmann
Vincent Coker
Simply unbelievable! Thanks for the tunes Jeff, rest in peace!
Diesel Prest
Dam.... saw him in Vegas at a hole & the wall blues joint his skills are unbelievably It was awesome.
René Diff
I love how he sings "can you see the light" when he has no eyes himself haha
inbox me the hosts name plz. looked like a short bespeckled letterman.
take it easy man...just a troll.
i love this guy yeah. !
Lufie Alice
Just amazing musician... Long live Jeff Healey
Lizard Bearclaw
Drummer is Omer Hakim not Steve Jordan.
שלום סגרון
Rock hard
umm.. i think you took it wrong.. ridiculous as he is so damm good its ridiculous
Barry Batson
holey crap was this guy a super star!!!
Jon Wilson
Jeff Healey and Stevie Ray Vaughan - gone too soon. Sad! Real music - real playing. What great good as there has ever been. They were so gifted. I hope God has them both in a special place in heaven!
Daniel Treviño
chingón!!!!!!! =)
Patrick Lenon
Yep. That's Omar Hakim
What a waste
FUCK ME!!!!!!!!
Pablo Alcolea
Jeff healey... ¡Qué grande fuiste!
If there was a law against watching a video clip for too many times, then I'd be jailed for life because of this one. Just can't get enough of it. Dr. John, although, could've done better, but the rest make up for it a thousand times. Many thanks for the uploader!!!!
is there a studio version of this ? SO GOOD.
Dont feed that troll man.
Too good performance to comment. Totally amazing guy. So sad he's not with us anymore. As a sidestory i'd hope that somebody with real knowledge would tell us who the drummer actually is. My bet is on Omar Hakim.
G.F. W.R.
Great and unbelievable!!!!
Fuck fuck fuck, this MAN is awesome, he change my mind in this moment
bubbaste steve
well said sir