Making model aeroplane wings from expanding foam

Making a 48 inch model flying wing from expanding foam and floor underlay. Low tech solutions. Materials, making the mould, moulding a wing half, making the flying wing and test flying.

Jason Vaughn
hey, I've been flying remote control planes, mostly gliders since I was about 14 years old and you did a great job on that man it flew obviously with most of the stuff we build from the ground up it's going to take a little bit of refining but damn good job sir
Jerry Newberry
Spray cooking oil on the table surface first. will help in cleanup
Translation: Making moudel aerouplane wings froum expanding fouam Making a 48 inch moudel flying wing froum expanding fouam and flouour underlay. Louw tech soulutions. Materials, making the mould, moulding a wing half, making the flying wing and test flying.
Slava S
Unusual way, but not the most simple. I would not try.
I watched this for the dialogue. Best I've heard on YT
Smoked Robot Pâté
Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank you
Charles Roberts
From the thumbnail, I thought you were gonna cook a chicken ... I gotta get new glasses lol ;-)
Jeff Beck
Good concept. The plane is not V'd enough. Therefore it is unstable.
no name
you could use offcuts for model railway scenery 😉
dang po
Nice clean wings good work, man.
nice video, but how do you fill the kerosine into that wing?
Richard Mcginnis
i bet you that would work for human use-homemade airplane if you could get bigger pieces of that stuff
Poppy Ann lynagh-smith
I think it would have been better to use mix your own foam and have the mould on end then pore in the foam from the top it is easy to add to if you think you have not mixed enough and then just pore the extra in, I have used it for several projects I even repaired my rudder on my 40 foot sail boat after it split open by cleaning it out and taping up the rear then added the foam from the top I just watched it expand then when the expansion was slowing down just mixed more and added it this i did 4 times until it was full then re fibre glassed the back end and top and it was stronger than when it was new, I also built a new freezer using plastic board and filled the outside with it it ended up having around 6-8 inches on the base and 4-6 inches on the sides and top it would then freeze in less than 1/2 the time it use to take even though it was the same motor, pump and freezer plates it would pay for its self in the first year in using less power to run the pump than it use to also the pump came on less than half as often compared to what it use to which with it taking half as long to get the temp down and operating less than half as often it was actually only running 1/4 of the time it use to.
Interesting method of producing foam wings. However,it does not appear to have any advantage over the traditional hot wire cut foam method. Probably more expensive, messy and time consuming. In my opinion your method has potential but needs more refinement. May I encourage you to continue, you may start a wing making revolution!
tsc RECYCLE e-scrapper
im not a 'wing' guy, but video i loved. good work!
Jerry Newberry
Great way to make a biplane wing.
Wayne Shephard
Good on you for trying something different, thinking differently, it gives you a nice smooth surface immediately, not a bad idea.
James Cunliffe
Like welding without a mask in bright sunlight?
Sean O'Keefe
You could look into carbon fiber, watch the video about Jon Britten fabricating the Britten motorcycles
Don Meles
Nice idea, but when you only show text and pictures, you can also write a blog. Its way easyer and nobody expects to be entertained by a video with sound and speech. ;)
Douglas Kollar
Absolutely Genius !
David Coxon
Nice, but there's a lot of waste.
Andy Ward
if you use expanding foam regularly you would probably find it cheaper to get a foam gun or a foam gun kit same as at screwfix . you can dial it down to a 5mm bead or out to 50mm plus and it won't go off in the tin like a lot of the one shot tins , you also get gun cleaner and heat resistant foam .
jumanji 1980
woow 6:46 this is amazing very good Lift-to-drag ratio
Very interesting. I have some canned foam somewhere. I reckon that if you could extend the nozzle on the can, you could make a much bigger wing, 8ft or even more! B¬)
Nice - why not mold a spar right in? That would be a big advantage of this over hot-wire cutting.
john brown
What is "expanding glue"?
Ali Ghane
trimming is difficult due to weight. tail would,ve be good
Jimmy Demello
How strong are these wings compared to EPP? I can make airfoil with 9mm EPP very quickly and by using carbon fiber tubes or fishing pole sections, they become indestructible and still very light.
Always wanted to experiment with expanding foam to make a wing. It always seemed so durable and like a great way to make a custom airfoil. Since it's so heavy I never gave it a shot. I never thought about making a slope glider...the weight is perfect to cut through heavy winds. Great demonstration of how it can be done!
Himanshu Nimbalkar
or you can hot wire the wing
joe woodchuck
What kept the frame foam from sticking to the master form?
99% Perspiration
great job. if you want stronger versions, use split coroplast for the skins. very strong and stiff.
You wasted more foam than you used; you should have blocked up one end of the wing while squirting foam through the other end.
Fantastic Work and it Fly very well :)
Try Locktite titefoam. it's more flexible and has a smaller, tighter foam structure. no large pockets of air that could weaken the structure of the wing
FYI, don't do this on the kitchen table or you will sleep on the couch and you won't get any for sometimes ;)
I love the building of the models from scratch, so fulfilling. any method that shortens time, is a plus, 1st lesson I had to learn the hard waay was, not strong but "just strong enough" or they disintegrate on impact
Impressive work. Very clever idea.
Nice work my man.
Closed cell or open cell.. neat I would mold the fuel tanks in each wing you can carry triple fuel hmm damn they might say the boy is genius except. Thus is just pulling idea how the big boys did it that's all.. I would put battrys in wings to. Cameras lights . The options so cool I'm buildings a plane now.. thanks thanks rhanks
@6:03 I can envision making a mini ultra with that wing shape...Awesome
Ralph Freshour
There is a US-based support forum for low powered laser machines from China here: Members are cutting out airplane parts.
Es Pura Vida
Too much mess 😕 Hot Wire appears to be a better choice.
Matti Rissanen
Damn. I thought I read "exploding foam". Well...why not?
Now that was impressive.  I can see that technique applied to other products, not just R/C flying...
benjamin felland
Sweet idea. Always cool to see people build something themselves versus buying it at a store.
jimmy tiler
Isnt there alot of waste of foam? They come out nice but as a beginner I think I will go along with a wire cutting device so much easier.
Kamran Ahmad
Awesome... next time I'm out at the bar I want you to be my wingman.
Carlos Go
Es hermoso, es espectacular, es una maravilla, es grandioso el lugar donde vuela! Del ala lo unico que rescato es su construccion creativa y varata. Muy varata.
tj hoff
is it purely a glider or did it have a propeller
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
I hate when a video starts off with a a still. I can't tell if I hit play or not.
Cian Kircher
Quality Waitrose plastic bag
Jeffrey Moore
This seems like an hugely excessive amount of work compared to hot wire. I can't see an advantage.
Jim Braun
Expanding is too high tech for the filippines , like Borax , neither exist in gensan .
C'est bien, le profilé du moule vous l'avez fabriquer comment ? Merci.
you clever man!
Alex Abadi
Nice place to fly !
Tale remote a mother. Assume bro
Tony Matthews
Why are the people who make these videos so ham-fisted?
E dub
what brand is the foam?
Great use of everyday, easy to get materials. Great build video.
use clingfilm and hairspray on the mould, fill directly with foam, done
Jonathan Moore
I have used this method for creating "nerf" footballs. Great job. My wallet thanks you.
Pavel Vanek
EPP cutter would do better job for less money.
Cooter Pud
A camera on these wings would give very distorting video. See how quickly it moves up and down..
Tom Jacobs
I love the look of the selitac :D like a vintage pop rivet plane.
William Hicks
looks like it makes a very strong wing... I like it.
george orwell
cool dude. loved the vid
Rosario W
I had this idea a few years back but never followed through glad to see some else did AND did it! Nice job
Gordon Freeman
Everything used in this video is expanding xD
Bjarne Hansen
Extremly nice Idea!
jeffrey bail
the earth is spinning 1000 mph no need to fly just hover and wait for the spin
Guy Griffiths
Thanks for the guide I'm making one right now! :-D
Isaiah Higgins
This guy must work at an expanding glue factory
Dan Jacob
Good job, but he's not really making a wing from expanding foam. He's eliminating the need for internal gussets and profiles for the Selitac folded wing.
juan josé boullosa García
What has been the final weight of the wings without motor and electronica, in empty. saludos
David basi
too expensive nop?
Really good idea!
agu monkey
hold on, this is a glider ? propulsion free glider ?
Great that it flies, but man, lost the will to live after 3mins in! There's got to be easier ways?
RC Hammer
I've had great success with expanding foam and cling film! The cling film seems to bond with the expanding foam to make a really strong hard coating, a bit bumpy but awesomely quick for lids/housings etc. Would work well with a mould I'm sure. I lay out the cling film spray foam on, mix it to remove air (and make a denser hard outer layer) then spray foam on top and add a top layer of cling film(with mixed foam as before). It's proper crash proof!
WCTA Chicago underground sound
3:58 poke poke poke touch touch doink poke pokypoke pooker poke poke poke POKE POKE tap tap tappy tap poke
Looks like a truly excessively wasteful way to make a wing. Thanks, But I'll stick with the 'Foamboard' process.
Famous Internet Guy
Luciano Cappellano
ya know what i wana see? i wanna see a completely accurate rc model of a plane, that's as small as something youd buy in a store. i wanna see miniature spitfires with real, tiny engines etc. and dont tell me it cant be done, this is 2017, we got mcdonalds DELIVERY now. we can do whatever we damn well please.
*Insert stupid serial number here.*
Mow make one with an expanding wing
Piotr Lenarczyk
Maybe use stretch foil for wing insulation. Have you added some fiber glass to that structure?
Jose Maria Fernandez
Excellent job IkyAlvin, very ingenius. But I have a question, what is "PVA"?. Thanks.
No offence but I sure hope you don't work for Boeing.  Edit.  I hope you work at aircraft design.
mark hunsberger
Absolutely brilliant!! I was thinking about using expanding foam also, but you beet me to it..... My idea was not nearly as elaborate and after seeing this, probably would not have worked anyway. If I ever get around to construction, I will definitely put your good ideas to use. Thank you!
Good video but could do with either music or in my view some verbal communication,
Steve McIlroy
This must have been the flying saucer I reported to the police on that day, thought I was going crazy. They are releasing me next month. Great work👍
Pat John
Step1 buy cheap radio control plane on Amazon for 15.00
Transhuman Mercury
What an absolute epic amount of waste.....!
Tao Jiang
a little bit heavy, please post the foam you used.
No sound....
Maliki Higgs
what are the chances of air pocket or weak spots in the mold
Dirk Wessels
What a mess....