The Great Piggy Bank Robbery | Looney Tunes Critic Commentary

For the foreseeable future, Sundays will be devoted to re-uploading old commentaries from the old channel. So this morning, join Trevor Thompson (the self-appointed Looney Tunes Critic) in watching (again!) the classic WB cartoon, "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery." #LooneyTunesCritic Looney Tunes Critic Commentary requests: [email protected] --- Like Ferris Wheelhouse on Facebook: /> Follow us on Twitter: /> ---

Fun fact: when Cartoon Network launched, this was the first cartoon they aired.
Justin Caban
John K (Ren and Stimpy) did a commentary in Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol 2.
Zac Vega
Bob Clampett is a genius.
Luke Perkins
Bill Mendelez also did the Charlie Brown specials.
Justin Caban
(7:32) Beulah from “Fibber McGee and Molly”. (I LOVE THAT MAN!)
This is the cartoon I think of when I think “Bob Clampett” (besides Porky in Wackyland). It’s essentially the Looniest of Tunes, in my book.
Turkish Man
This and Book Revue best Duffy Duck episode in my list.
Drop the Chalupa!
This one, Book Revue, The Big Snooze, and Kitty Kornered are the best. Get a kick out of Draftee Daffy and Wabbit Twouble (one I saw all the time on Cartoon Network back in the day and far before that meme got big) too. Amazing how a ton of my favorite Clampett shorts were from the last two years he was there where everyone was firing on all cylinders, especially Scribner, Gould, Melendez, and McKimson. I'd rather he leave on a bang than to put up with increasingly lower budgets later on and getting stifled in what he could do imho. At least Chuck Jones managed to still do well later, but the more I learn about him, the more I don't like the ego and arrogance he developed to the point where he tried to ruin Clampett's reputation just for his own benefit and revisionism and acted like such a dick to Michael Barrier over his hated of Clampett being mentioned to the point Barrier stopped wasting his time. He had so many kick-ass cartoons to his name which made all this so mind boggling. Even some of his Tom and Jerry shorts weren't half-bad before he went completely downhill. Still don't understand that rivalry at all. Michael Maltese even said, "What rules" when referring to all those rules Chuck "had" for those Roadrunner cartoons even though he broke them several times LMFAO. Despite all this, still love Chuck dearly but shame he got so full of himself and hypocritical later on.
Vincent Franklin
My favorite Bob Clampett Daffy Duck short!
Binkle Babe
I always lose it when the plane takes off from Flat Top's head. 😂😂😂
Chicago Critic Gerald
They did Many homages like Batman and tiny toons
Josh Thomas
Loved this cartoon growing up.
Josh Thomas
Fun Fact: in the episode Batman The Brave and The Bold Legends of The Dark Mite, they referenced this cartoon (particularly the "You're all under arrest!" line) with all the Batman Super Villains.
Olu Hamilton
Get....back....IN again. Lololol . CLAMPETT'S last WB, right??
Chicago Critic Gerald
Best daffy duck short ever
One word for this clip ITS JUST EPIC...GREAT DAFFY
I recently saw a video on YouTube where someone slowed the dead criminals' scene. Apparently, some of the criminals were women.
Fun fact: Duck Twacy did appeared in an episode of Tiny Toons where Plucky Duck imagined himself as Pluck Twacy. I had a feeling this happened because of the Dick Tracy movie.
Drop the Chalupa!
Oh yeah I just remembered. Back when Boomerang was still good, they used that it's unbelievable clip in the Looney Tunes promos they ran. They would mostly air the pre 1948 library but that's when id see this cartoon so much as a young 12 year old after school and then watch the old H-B cartoons every night too. On Cartoon Network they aired more of the post 1948 shorts for a while. Good times.
Phillip Redden
How come I can't find this cartoon, my favorite by the way, and it's entirety, without comments?
EMC Video Productions
Have you ever heard of one of the worst cartoons ever made called Paddy the Pelican? If not, it was a short lived cartoon series made in the 1950s by former Disney artist, Sam Singer, who no joke has been described as the Ed Wood of animation. Any who, one of the episodes of that infamous cartoon is entitled Piggy Bank Robbery. Now like this cartoon, that short is funny, but unlike this cartoon, it's funny unintentionally. Believe me, if you want to torture yourself with the some of the lowest quality animation in history, just search this crap up. It's unbelievable.