Bikinifitness 160cm FINAL 2018 IFBB World Fitness Championships Bialystok

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bill frost
297 for me
Marcas Barbq
If u can't say anything nice don't look l dare u
Bart BC
Wow these ladies are flawless 😛
SpyDeX ShoW
Первая зе бест. Я думал мне чудиться
A mills
🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 They need more tanning lol. When u go past the slim n beautiful look to the "am a FREAK" look "silverchair" 👽🤣🤣🤣
Ogrgels Lair
first girl giving something extra, supprised its not in comments
T Saint
293 297 299 309 But bodybuilding, fitness and bikini is all political
Beej J
?? They clearly saw 297 as too strong built. My winner for sure!
Alfonso aquino lopez
Bonitas y esteticas, excelemte trabajo de gym, felicidades
it is like a.Miss Contest of Physique.😍😍😍💓💓💓❤️🤴🏻
Жека Московский
✓293 👍 👏👏👏👏👏
Me Too
Slap slap...oh that hurt I think i bro ke my hand
Alfa Omega
Bikini implants competition
Matt Simmons
I had her for the win to !! Beautiful
Robert J.
Is it just me or do they all look alike?
Eddie Ohearn
Bikini choice? Lighter the color the more the body pops and so will I. Plus if the spray tan is too dark you have a problem with lighting.. Butt and they were great!
VRAP 2424
fabulous camera work!!!
Will King
All this to feel better about themselves. Vanity
Rick Evans
Picking a winner would be EXTREMELY hard to do! They all look perfect!
Jan Pio
It is clearly evident that these ladies work hard in the gym to naturally maintain and create amazing physically beautiful bodies. But what the hell is with the weird bizarre hand posing actions it looks strange I dont understand it.
Eric Cartman
Just have the feeling to spank every single one of them🙈😂
Franco Zampetti
The real winner here was the full Brazilian wax companies! Bravo!
John Xdjx
I'm here just for professional reasons 🙄
jee jee
Hard to pick one, ill take em all.
There's just something off about them, can't put my finger on it.
293 but with 297 face and bellybutton.
Моя любимая категория и все девушки прекрасны!!!
R. Roddick
performance of perverted notions of beauty and 'fitness' art that lacks irony.
Paul Travis
I wish these women would leave me alone
Jess Connelly
I'd like to slap each snd every one of those tight asses ✋✋✋✋✋
Brian Lewis
#299 is the winner.
Rockford Solids
what a stunner the champion was wow!
Gorgeous fitness women! Indeed, 297 is sensational! What a beauty!
Jodie Davis
I rubbed one out at the 4 minute mark. And nearly polished off another one at the end.
Wojtek Liber
This music say all ... you win :-)
Danny P
299, I would be finished before I even got my paints off. 297 prob is better condition, but not as sexy to me.
Peter Hobbis
콜먼이 저포즈 취하는거 보고싶다
chickenkiller 1
They look great...weird hand movements seem unnecessary
THis is a beuty contest with porn elements(butt pose). There is no fitness to judge...
Get It! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
angel cabrera
All those exaggerated hand motions and the bend over pose. That stuff needs to go.
Ralph Reinhardt
Number 297 got robbed!!! Shoulda been in top three.😎
David Jennings
Did some one actually lose🙄
All my god
5:58 give that camera man a cigar >8D
Bob Christianson
Glitter bikinis and stupid hand poses. I love the ladies, but lets get back to the days of pumping iron.
Iam Sam
Above this level (figure?) is when they start getting really muscular.
Султан Табын Тюрк
Сушоную рыбу не очень люблю🤣🤣🤣
How the hell do you pick a winner from this... toss a coin? they're all looking so incredible.
Lazarus Zoolander
I want the one who is wearing the office get-up, and telling the contestants where to stand. She's mine I saw her first!!!
John Yerkov
I can't stand that stupid hand pose that they hold out it doesn't do anything for them.
Desde que vi a Aida supe que ganaría sinceramente es la más bizcocho
Franco Zampetti
Can't imagine what the group shower was like afterwards.
Tc Ob
i declare this fappable
Krs Villegas
293 all the way!!!!
no1. arida mura. respect and god job all girls.
Greg S
is it okay to jack off while I watch this?
Justin Adams
Great physiques overall. I do however find the shoulders to be a little disproportionately large
299 a clear winner.
Female zombies from Resident Evil 2 remake.
Johnny On The Spot
299 297 they are nice congrat for the winners
eliane silva
são muito magrellinhas
Jason Rauscher
Do you think these supper sexy woman ever eat a cheese burger lol
Stephen minohara
sorry real turn off, too thin
William Thisbal
They walk like well bred dogs
I'd rather see them bend all the way over instead of doing those hand-arm motions., looks kinda silly. Just bend all the effn way over.
Davie Crockett
they look like extras in the thunderbirds with all that arm waving. bang in the fake accessories.. its a no from me.. respect the dedication though
I haven't seen so much silicon since I re-tiled my bathroom.
Statelesslife Unconventional Art Channel
Great Bodies Great Job Lady's
I really hate professional female bodybuilding. But with this "new wrinkle" in the sport, I quite like this look! They all look incredibly fit, but still manage to retain 100% of their femininity and grace. Finally, someone realized that gigantic, steroid-fueled woman bodybuilders who looked exactly like men wasn't the way to go, and thank God. These girls look GREAT.
max hamman
393s got a nip out
Bodó de Karatna
All but one had stuffed bras to make their chest appear bigger than it was.
Captain Thunder
Nishkar Thulsie
These women are to thin. They need to gym a little bit
Total Body Fitness
Too much spray tan....
Beryl Brown
long bums
Mr. Saephan
That first girl was was trying to win by showing a little nip I'm mean bit more then others LMFAO
They all have the same giant fake tits. I think smaller would look better and be less distracting.
Ciałka ładne...ale z twarzy to starsze panie
I love puppies
I came here for the music
#299 all day!
Jon Irving
So, let's see, put one hand on your hit, and put one hand out sorta limp.
I want to eat all their pussies!!
666 Shagrath
Mike Miller
Павел Наговицын
Дурные фигуры, гиперлордоз, силиконовые сиськи и самовлюбллённые лица.
Александр Соловьев
Софья лучшая.
297 Anna Migale
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery
Only a few know but the general public is not aware of the Transgender agenda and how widespread it is. Millions of people are Transgendered they have a breeding farm used to fill all entertainment industries with Transgendered beings. The long arms wide shoulders and Adonis belt scream I am Transgendered. If there are any biological women competing they wont be winning anything. See the Cabalist androgynous agenda.
ริน เพียนทอง
ว้าว 😲
David Hammond
Nah No Thanks
Sergio Knust
quero saber mais
норм девахи ,только видео размывается по контурам,жаль
simon talbot
pushed , not pussed
Testius 2
#297 is best
саня сайко
зачем они так прогибаются-что б жопа лучше казалась? а н нет не получается.
Boing! Boing! Boingggg!!......