Everything Wrong With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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We've been asked to sin this movie for years. And finally we did. And now we regret it. This movie... this is not my kind of movie. Here are the sins of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Next week: Song sins & recent sins. Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Podcast: />Sins Video Playlist: />Tweet us: />Reddit with us: />Tumble us: />Call us: 405-459-7466 Jeremy's book:

Daniel D Do
Everything wrong with sharkboy and lava girl
BubbleGumWarrior 611
You kinda forgot the part where Charlie runs home after he gets the ticket and LEAVES HIS CHANGE ON THE STORE COUNTER. Sure, Charlie, you go right ahead and leave your change on the counter. It’s not like your family is STARVING or anything!
Aidan Sabatinelli
Come with me And you'll be In a world of safety violations
Paris NR
Come with me Then you’ll be In a world full of OSHA violations
You can suck on it all year and it won't get any smaller That's what she said
Angel The Dog
Wonkanda forever
He totally found the Oompa Loompas in Jumanji.
Melissa Cooper
You know the narrator made an excellent point. If Dr. Wonka depised candy why would he let his young son Willy go trick or treating in the first place? Was he doing that to torment him even more?
The funny thing is the 2005 version of Charlie and the chocolate factory is more accurate then the 1970 version
Bah Bah Sheep!
its also a "coincadince" that charlie live right next to the factory!!!!!
Purple Peep
Foxy Frenzy
Whoever directed this movie must've thought, "Burning puppets is super kid friendly!" Yeah, sure. I had nightmares for a WEEK!
What? Only 107?? Shouldn't there be a bonus for the number of repeated umpalumpas, or the number of godawful lines delivered by Depp? :'(
+1 extra sin 3:25 So those people were posting the posters in the night around the world and no one was walking around at night? Also it is not night everywhere in the world so how did those people put up the posters without being seen at all?
I still have to give Tim credit. In the 1970's Wonka movie, the ending seemed a bit too easy. Letting Charlie and his whole family own the factory? Don't get me wrong, I loved that movie, and I love this one almost as much as the old one, but I prefer this ending better.
Sean Cordi
You forgot to mention that Willy Wonka has a British accent as a child and has zero accent as an adult
Compadre Carbonara
+10 sins for being the primary reason that the ”blueberry” fetish exists.
Phyco Buzzaxe21
what about the "snow" machines in the factory, is it actual snow that's fucking everything up or sugar that's making everything better and gives more of a chance to cause a heart attack
Alejandro Mandujano
0:08 shouldn't that sin be in the "Everything wrong with the Emoji Movie"?
hello im connor the android sent by cyberlyfe
Ey you,YEA YOU Hi i hope your having a lovely day human or alien,whatever Your also worthy and frik whoever says your not K that's all :)
Brittani Jackson
Wonkanda Forever had me dying from laughter
Puppy Lover
They say it’s in 16 minutes or less, but it’s 16 minutes And 5 seconds 🤭🙊🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Chipmunk Bad medicine
World of imagination? more like world of OSHA violations. Jesus.
How can so many people LIKE this movie? 😐 Have you seen the original? 🤔 It's entirely better than this! 😥
Matilda Muller
CinemaSins also underestimates the assholery of children
Please do "Everything Wrong With Detroit Rock City" Please
Alice Stars Dreamer
come whith me and you'll be in a world of comeplete chaos
Aww we humans are silly!
kat and At and Chat kelly
Pls sin the original Charlie and the chocolate factory
Ronnie P
First sin: *EXISTING*
Polter Boo
This movie actually made me scared to read the book or watch the original movie until I was much older and not as easily frightened It kept me away from the original movie and the amazing man that is Gene Wilder for years, as well as a very well written book
Princess Zelda Of Hyrule
When he said fudge mountain I thought he said fetish mountain lmao
Chelsea Kirk
I hate whoever thought of this version/concept design for Willy wonka. God every time I look at Johnny in this movie I cringe I swear
Bah Bah Sheep!
granpa dude said he was 330 years old so wouldnen't he just be a rotting corpse?
Monkey D. Luffy
"Someone hasn't been Keeping up with the Kardashians" lol😂😂😂😂😂
This movie made me uncomfortable as a kid
Cyber Gaming Kitty
Well you said somethings that was completely stupid like having a bathroom break rlly???
RiverTiger Speedpaints
Actually, he did choose something a little relevant. It's not a dragon, it's a seahorse. Of course, there are no freshwater seahorses or pipefish (that I know of), but at least it's related to a river. Also, now I can draw a seahorse inspired dragon
Fortnite Boi
Come with meeeeeeee and you’ll beeeeeeeeeeeeee in wooooooooorld of OSCA violations! Watch the Willy Wonky Film Theory.
Grace Hopkins
nothing says “you’re about to watch a cinemasins video” like a _birth control ad???_
Unknow doctor
The book were great It was my childhood I loved it was a shame what the movies did to the book.
Snowy 123
Throughout watching this movie I cant count how many times I had said "That's what she said"
Elvis Guevara
I know Christopher Baker he is my teacher at crews middle school and he told us a story about you.
Erik Petersson
The boat is a dragon??? I always thought it was a seahorse
Daniel D Do
8:36 wonkanda forever
Xx ThisPersonDraws xX
"Come with me... And you'll be, In a wo~rld of OSHA violations!"
James Weatherly
“This movie exist” Yup, perfect reason to be against this movies I’m totally with u btw
Regular Cheetos
you have a nice singing voice :)
Elyas Stephens
3:56 Why does he look like a bad CG model?
the king
Did you know that Michael Jackson wanted to play willy wonka but johnny depp got the role instead?
Lmao the first sentence 😂😂😂😂
isabel plummer
Why so mean to Johnny
The "4 old people in a bed" does not work. It would be so disgusting that Charlie's parents would have been always stressed and not talking about Willy Wonka.
I'm too obsessed with these videos lmao
It’s not the original. **ding**
theodd1s out
Man this is a classic when were you born 2010!?!?
Blasted Mind
15:13 Also, all of that sugar in the molten chocolate? I guess Wonka's products offer a free diabetes checkup
Kiwi Borb
you mean the entire movie?
I honestly liked this movie, although I haven't seen the original, not in full anyway, but this is a fun movie at the very least.
Joyful Leader
10:09 "You can suck on it all year and it will never get any smaller!" I'm sorry, but that sounds wrong
Unoriginal Name
EvThePotato YT
“I love grapes.” “I love ŁäM9§”
Gipsy Danger
I really liked this film in my opinion.
Mr. Snarky
"That one's got a bad nut" "That's why we named him Lance." Processing... Hey wait a minute
Aren Lizard
14:16 exorcist bullshit
3:34 In case you confused it with Tokyo, Canada *ding*
My Name is sof
2:49 this is why I live. 6:25 that also
Somehow it feels like you guys made this entire sins video only so you could say WONKONDA FOREVER!!
Meriwether Stuart
come with me and you'll be in a world of OSHA violations...
Forgot to sign out Chen
Is it just me or that Willy Wonka sounds and looks like Mr. Jefferson from South Park
Cecilia Doe
Шакаиба богецог
DatSadCringeBoi YT
How did wonka not remember charlies grampa
I never realised how dirty and sexual this adaptation was
6:08 and they say germans don't have a sense of humor
nichole kuhlmann
0:09 you should have said that about the Emoji movie
peter lease
what if the squrils had found her to be a good nut would they have riped her brain out ?
You missed two: Chocolate is made by human hands *Ding* Ants should have eaten that a long time ago
steven alvarez
I like what Tim Burton does as Visual Director, he pays attention to color and detail. Too bad about story and character.
Rick Holman
So, no one is mentioning that toothpaste-top-screwing is an actual job even though they clearly have the tech for a more machinized and efficient assembly line? Let alone that it pays enough to even come close to supporting a family of 7, 4 of which are old as sh#t and definitely belong in a retirement home?
catfan 2018
This movie made me faint. No joke. Thank god there is everything wrong with this movie.
Tracy Derning
Am I the only one that loves this version so much more than the original
VikingBush Gaming
Please sin the original movie with Gene Wilder! Like if u agree we need our message heard!!!!!
I'm honestly surprised they made no mention of "DON'T TOUCH THAT SQUIRREL'S NUTS!!"
Marques Hayes
Do everything wrong with Teen Titans go to the movies
I absolutely despise this movie. It's a knockoff of a wonderful classic!
0:21 all about how my life got flip turned up side down
Ryan Sweeney
When Wonka doesn’t have his hat on, he looks like V from V for Vendetta.
Gigi The Waitress
Or with the way Depp plays the character possibly Satan. hahahahahah
fortnite omega
This is my favorite movie as a 6 year old
Santiago Cascardo
I saw this movie before seeing the original. Poor me
astrid l
i never got through this movie, it never compared to the nostalgia and enjoyment i felt towards the original and the book and so it always ended up being switched off. it's just,, idk, not the same, it lacked that fun aspect of the factory and oompa loompas and willy wonka himself seemed awfully absent and replaced with whatever that was.
When he said he had the strangest revelation I got a notification from a game about how a revolution started.
Daisy G.
am i the only one who gets creeped out by johnny depp playing Mr. Wonka? 😭
Anadia Shark
Every time I try to watch the Johnny Dept version i just cringe so much its painful, what happen to the bit over the top happy guy with no care in the world. So painful.
Your Typical Animator
Us Pennsylvanians are better than this.
Swiss Cheese
Veruca's accent is quite exaggerated And She uses a bit of American slang Is she an American Trying to be British but doing terribly?
Jet Fighter
6:25 I like that parody
steven alvarez
Now do Pulp Fiction Black Panther Forrest Gump Karate Kid Justice League Ect!