Universe Size Comparison 3D

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Planets in our Universe can get extremely large, but stars get even bigger. In this video we explore the sizes of moons, planets, stars, and even beyond, including black holes and even galaxies. Basically a comparison of the entire Universe. All measurements represent diameter. Enjoy! Music: 'Get Back Up' by Silent Partner Made with Blender 2.79

Harry Evett
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I thought Russia was biggest..
And I thought the sun was big...
Insfire ?
*Pluto had left the chat*
B a b y H e a r t
Start: this is not too bad Near End: *this is horrifying*
MarshieOiz The Cat
It's not large it's still fits on my screen.
This scares me
Joshua Ruiz
And yet humans have a problem with other people just because they have different color skin or believe in a different god or no god...how about we stop acting so primitive and work towards learning more about how blessed we are in this universe and work together to survive.
RendiTheMC / Brawl Stars
а мне за хлебом идти далеко
'Everyone is unique' Universe: hold my beer
OMG! Earth is So BIG.... What?! What the f*ck?!
Earth is Soo small... Like A small part of the dust....
Torch TV
When would Bootes Void's mapping be completed on Google Maps?
And in fact Bootes Void is only 0.27% of the universe size. 🤔
Torch TV
Imagine getting lost on Bootes Void
Denis Sulovic
And someone is telling me There is no god?
Did Someone see something under Jupiter?
Anyone else feel like the visualization of the universe is inaccurate? Nobody really knows the shape and its definitely not spherical
All glory be to the one who is all of that huge universe just a little under his throne
I thought my room was big
erenja RBLX
Faith 360
My brain can’t even process how big this is!!!
Rasmus Pikk
Lol there is something under Jupiter
Gavin Dubellay
Who likes it when it zooms out far?
Muhammad Husnain
Allah created this universe
Paper clip
They should have " the size of the bite your friend takes from ur burger"
flodA reltiH
It's spooky to think such massive objects are out there
Ali Haider Ahmed
1:41 what is the little thing next to Jupiter.
Dino Fighter
Sun: our grandpa Earth: Child Mars: sister Moon: brother Jupiter: dad saturn: mom Uranus: big brother Neptune: big sister Pluto: our deep lost and silent cousin Mercury: baby Venus: best friend Eris:our baby too Hydra our baby too (youngest)
Wild Adventures
My teacher showed this to the class. Once we got to The Milky Way everyone was like : YEEEEAHH!!!!!!!!!!!
Uhm I think you forgot to add my existential crisis
Radyasa Irsan Sudarsono
Oh my god we are so small in this universe
Hi! I'm Milk Shake
And still i fallen inlove to a wrong girl
Tomasz Kasprowicz
Excellente comparaison, et une vidéo exquise. Le plus beau dans l'Univers, c'est l'Univers lui-même.
OMG Ceres is so big!
Emily’s World
Werenot even a full stop compared to the universe
This is bullshit,scientists keep sending robots to mars cause they don't know whats on it but they know the whole universe?
Angel Garcia
No somos nada
Ricky Snake
We are nothing in the univers :"v
No wonder people believe in Gods
The observable universe**
umair Khan
Only Allah Is the Creator Of This Universe. AllaH O Akbar
так улетели что ложкой по губам горячей бахнул себе....
نَبُوخَذنُصَرّ الأيُوبيّ
اكو عرب بالطيارة✈..؟؟
А подписаться , это меньше , чем вселенная , Однозначно .
Axdan 2008
Wow, very well made!
А интересно,что дальше вселенной?
Selena Robinson
God Can take any of those big planets and transform it into a new home for mankind. However, and this is NEWS FLASH. . .No wicked one's will be there.
The univers is unlimited and circles at an infinite rotation pied diameter cubed and is estimated to be A9>Z1<(5/4•*^6)
Nicolas Alejandro Garces Sarmiento
Like si te dio miedo ver los agujeros negros
Rubmeet Off
wow! Immediately the milky way appeared i clapped! Our galaxy has made us proud
Max Morelli
We are not even a freaking spit compared to the other things in the Universe... I think i'am gonna trow up😐
Mark Wallis
It's amazing that we have people with the talents and skills to develop the tools for identifying planets, stars etc. and able to measure their size. After watching, I got another dose of insignificance.......yet the realization that I have this life and it's beautiful. I am thankful for that. Thanks for posting!
KT Muhib
Yeah right the universe is 150 000 000 000 light years how do you know we haven't even started exploring other galaxies yet and you're saying that. And tbh it's probably bigger ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Andrei Bogdan
i was think the uy scuti is the biggest
Wacky Persuasion
Ah this one . they look so real like actual planets, moons, stars, black holes, nebulas and galaxies being placed there. great job.
MarshieOiz The Cat
I wish someday we can expand the observable universe!
Vaughn Paulin
I thought there was a Yo momma joke at the end of this
I watched this in science
noah woodin
Us humans must be aliens BC we live on a planet that might have weird story's we don't know. But before humans were created it kinda seems like we r the only aliens in the galaxy(maybe). We do things to keep us active , but before there were humans earth was just an empty planet so something or someone must of created something to make animals and human life.
Rubmeet Off
wow...this music
Kacper Gunia
God damn we are small.
Caribe Castaway
Where is the person standing that took that picture of the universe? If that is the universe what about all that space outside of the universe?
Kkkkk que baboseiras, quem acredita nisso? SOU TERRA PLANISTA!!!! Isso tudo aí é mentira da Nasa Abrão os olhos!!!!!
You really gave this music a perfect visual taste
анальный колдун
я бы написал что нибудь, но у меня просто нет слов. это пиздец
Jamila Keziah
*Ceres has left the chat.*
For some reason this vid made me cry 😭
Artic Fox
4:15 I think they spelled it wrong.
The Legomagnum
The 7.6k dislikers are probably flat earthers
Usman Saeed
allah creatar this universe allah hu akbr
GGGL Studio
Lol 150000000000000 light year
Abigail Fernandez
Who is feeling short now :(
elgiene yara
1:46 look under the jupiter
Jagroop Singh
It's kinda terrifying that the biggest thing in the observable universe is a black hole. Or a void. What would've made the void? we'll never know. It's also scary to think that either were not alone in our galaxy or even universe. And if we aren't it's scary that we are alone.
An1me Tr00l
4:15 lol to small xD
Insfire ?
If someone says:”my love for you is greater than the universe” they are obviously lying cause there is no greater than the universe
Shawn Antoine
Imagine all combined
Ranjan Barman
Is it real!!
Krasimir Krustev
I feel small now
And whats after the universe?
reeveano heh
0:55 "you live here" I thought I was living on cats eye nebula 3:38
This is the scariest video I’ve ever watched
blueboo xo
where does a black hole take you? a different dimension? time travel into the year 5200? dude if i went in one and time traveled in the year 5200, i wouldn't know a thing. i would be so scared. i'd kill myself.
spidey lowkey
My question is how did they find all these?
Esha Banerjee
I wish they would put earth beside one of them to show the comparison, especially one of the big ones
Natihya Elmore
...........guys..........i can't haddle all of this we are smaller than atoms oh my god wtf is NGC 1277 big af but think about it NGC 1277 is not that big the biggest thing to exist is space What is space? The biggest planet? Guys wtf is space?!?!?!
Cr0ssed Yt
Guys Pluto is a satellite (I THINK!) And the reason why Haumea, MakeMake, Eris, and Sedna aren't on the vid is that they, as well, satellites (I THINK!)
DetGetHelpSupernovaOfIraphahell Irapha
I think Ceres is pluto
Karim Ben Khalifa
It's not so big. it all fits on my screen.
Kristiana Benvenuti
My mouth hung wide open from the middle of the video to the end!
Scary video it shows how small we are.
GDplayer [D]
Ginny Weasley
Me the entire time: *Jesus freaking Christ*
John Mathew
*You Forgot To add my Girlfriend's ego at the end.*
Giosuè Leonardo Caputo
Mariun Fernandez
some people in the comments section say they are scared😊 but not me because universe is so beautiful 😊😍😳
Glad to know when I eat a doritos I eat a hybrid of bill cipher and UY Scuti
bendy the great Musician
awsome I love space