Universe Size Comparison 3D

Planets in our Universe can get extremely large, but stars get even bigger. In this video we explore the sizes of moons, planets, stars, and even beyond, including black holes and even galaxies. Basically a comparison of the entire Universe. Support the channel on Patreon! /> All measurements represent diameter. Enjoy! Music: 'Get Back Up' by Silent Partner Made with Blender 2.79

Harry Evett
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tuan izzah
The black in the background still the biggest
When you complain how far the tv remote is from the bed
Me: *"pfft what's bigger than the sun?"* Video: *continues to insert everything bigger than the sun*
Fearless Gaming
I think my phone Screen is *BIGGEST*
Is it just me or does anyone feel incredibly tiny? Also... poor ants..
When you realise they put Ceres and not Pluto
This video makes my problems feel so insignificant
Me: What's bigger than Rigel? *Watches more of the video Me: okay. Also Me: HOW WOULD AN ATOM REACT TO THIS???
4:16 Video: Small Magellanic Cloud Me: WTF THAT IS NOT SMALL!?
Garry Nazar
You Wanna Know Whats The Biggest Star? *Read the first line*
Marine Snow
Waiting for it to zoom out again and again is terrifying
Rax jam
Me: Woah! The sun is so big Video: I'm gonna end this man's whole career
Man that comparison is like being in jail and never being able to go as far as your cell.
serious shenanigan
Bootes void: TAKE THAT IC 1101! YOU CANT BE BIGGER! IC 1101: I know, but he can Universe: hold my mega beer
amanda roberts
Me: *looks at Proxima Centauri Also me: that must be the sun. 5 seconds later Literally me: *sees sun Still me: holy frick!!
Eliza Jeane
Who else was mildly terrified by this video?
*The most Intelligent thing. Showing a black hole in front of a black background ;)*
Nobody : Flat earthers at 0:56 : **YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL**
That's scary knowing that Jupiter is almost as big as a dwarf star.
Roman Bellic
I just found out my phone looks big if i look at it from close up
Rad 303
Born too early to explore the universe. Born too late to explore the world. Born just in time for an existential crisis.
- Tsatsiki -
**Small** Magellanic cloud Bish wtf
Saintz 火
God be like playing soccer with the universe
It’s me I guess
Everyone else while showing the stars : That’s scary. Me, and intellectual: *_they look like meatballs._*
Carina G
I’m in love with this video! The universe it’s amazing 😍❤️🌌
Saurabh Waghmare
This background score gives me chills everytime 💯
Arsalan Khan
Not that huge... Coz they all fit in just a phone screen.. 🤣
Idk what to name my channel XD
Betelgeuse: I am 1,300,000,000km big! VY Canis Majoris: hold my beer UY Scuti: *drinks beer
Karan Vito
The moment it zoomed out from sun and I looked down at the time remaining, i knew my brains were about to blow.
Jon T
That's gotta be at least 10 football fields
Universe I not biggest!!! 3.Universe 2. Grand Universe 1. Multiverse
꧁༒XcaliTrek༒꧂ {JordanCskywalker !}
Random Boi: No Planet Is Bigger Than The Sun! Video:
Brother Jo
Alot of colourful ball..... I love da sirius A.... Da texture of the planet is so cool
To Doidão Mil gral
Nossa cara, e eu pensava que o sol já era enorme 😓😓😓😓😓
Luís Antônio Marrega
FANTÁSTICO simplesmente Fantástico. Abraço! Rio de Janeiro Brazil
•Parallel Wølf•
4:34 Captions: *Slapping Sounds*
Derpy Zelda
Universe : *I'm big.. nothing is bigger than me...* Big Chungus : *_Hold my carrots_*
How did the Hubble Telescope captured these magnificent images from millions, billions and trillion of kilometers?
Показывать черные дыры на черном фоне так себе затея.
Что за галактика такая NGC 1277? В ней так темно! Неужели в ней нет звезд светимых?
hoe rosa
My fan broke while I was watching this video, I thought I was gonna fly into the galaxy for a second
Jandy Q
1:13 is so big, heard thanos had to snap twice.
2:20 is where I thought the video will end. God Dammit!!
Adriane Oliveira
Nossa tá pra ficar louca!🙄🙄🤯🤯
dilshad ahmed
What it at 2x speed Thanks me later!
Alex Margolin
You can make any video ya want but we all know big chunges is the biggest in the universe
Vioran Soldier
And all that we see is left over from a matter-antimatter reaction.
Ba Deum
No matter how many times I watch this it still blows my mind
Sam Andre
Anyone know what the kilometer measurements are? Are they the radius, circumference, diameter, or something else?
Tane 18
Me: the universe is tiny Also me: looks at my ding dong. It’s out of this world
The best ,and the best ,and the best ,......, n Comparison . The soundtrack is just fab. Outstanding work.
Lorelai Galway
“Uranus 51000 km” *iner child squeaks out* Hehehe... hahah.. Baha BHAHAHAH UR Aranus!
Jayden Cuhat
Me: *Already feeling microscopic at Rigel.* Sees Betelgeuse
Haitian Uzumaii
Even though Pluto ain't a planet it's the universe put em in
Арлан Абдысадыров
Мына ушундан улам анан билсе болотта ЖАРАТКАН АЛЛА ТААЛАНЫН ЧЕКСИЗ ЭКЕНИН!!!
Mark Hahn
I loved that video.. That's amazing!👍
And thanos took over half of it 🤣
n o
"Small Magellanic Cloud" "7000 light years" *_Small_*
rayan tax
i wonder if there is a bigger planet ? pls reply
alex souza
Eu achava q meu pinto era pequeno 😣
,,wow im so big im 5'6 foot tall!'' Omega centuri: ok.
But my friends' ego is bigger than all of this
I feel so tiny..😂
The universe is an absolute mind blowing entity.
you shall not pass
Me: cat's eye nebula helix nebula and orion nebula is a hipernova or supernova? Video: i do not talk this Me: nvm Video: wat
*brain.exe* *had* *a* *fatal* *crash*
Marla Navarrete
Now I feel like an ant :v
Ashley Cuyler
Scientist:*Very Intresting* Me: OH HELL NAW!
Why didn't you enable anti-aliasing?
Belli Dragon
I know something which is bigger than the universe: Big chungus
Big Chungus
I'm still bigger
The Crowton Nebulites are at total war with the Bazkrickffeem556 Eekk. Who will rule it all? You decide! Bafnarg narmpf is afoot!
i think youranus is the biggest
I didn't know mars was so tinyy
hoomans who are tall: wow i'm very tall me: *shows them this* them: ...i've never felt very small in my entire life.
AidanPlayzz -videogames
And I thought the sun was big...
Hammad Raza
Sooner or maybe later everyone will come to know that size of universe is infinite.
Fahad Tariq
This is how big a universe is. And I was thinking, the 7th universe is too big according to Dragon Ball Super.
tae's kookie
I though the sun was brighter than my future edit: i thought the sun were the biggest planet*
There actually might be more universes.
Аватария с Алсу
Наша планета микро бактерия😂❤
Hiago Carminati
Eu 1,66 centímetros.
Maria Isabella
Estou me sentindo insignificante depois desse vídeo! 😑
Sirius A. Rigel and vega are same color
Tardar Sauce
Bootes Void:Im the biggest thing of all the time! The Universe: *Hold my Celestial beer*
livia gomes
O estranho é que Andrômeda é bem maior que a via láctea.e não está ai?????
If Scuti became a supernova
tatsuya and adrie
but it fits in my phone
Riccardo Bot
And what there's outside the universe... 😨
Raj kumar M
Conclusion: That underline is biggest
Your Dead
Uranus 51000 km up my butt and around the corner
Omega centauri : I am the biggest thing in the universe! *SMALL* Magellanic Cloud enters the chat Magellanic Cloud : Omega Centauri, hold my beer
Wrong noobmaster69 overpowers all of this
Zaza Bic
all creation of Allah the one and the only god
I guess we are living on a small atom sized object 0_o
Rubic Panda Conuts Ph Conuts Pf
Univers is the biggest planet
Am I a joke to you?
You forgot my piston engine at the end.