『FLOW Kaze no Uta』(Full MV)

FLOW - KAZE NO UTA MV COMPLETE VERSION Música pertecente ao single Kaze No Uta / BURN da banda japonesa FLOW.

Syahdan David
Tales of Zestiria<<<3
Rhen 00
its tales zestiria op right?
Wibu News Indonesia
the Real Video is Banned
YeaH BoY
why the original ver. is banned? anyone knows?
Jasmine Miller
I love this song, but vid is ridicules and I love it!😂
Joel Dioneda
FLOW's music never disappoints. :)
Yo thx! The original video... Well... If you're watching this version, you probably know why
ஜ♥ Lucia-Chan (Neko Kawaii) ♥ஜ
Flow!!!! \(^ , ^)/
Melhor banda de todas
Cristian Carbajal
Wooooo Tales of Zestiria por fin lo encontre. Como amo este opening 🤘
They're so cute omg <3
why is the song banned ?
en el canal original de Flow ya no esta el vídeo cierto? :(
Play GT
this video was deleted, like go from naruto, well, not deleted, but you can't see those videos
Diana Sanro
I like this song ;)
Katsuki Kurage
Thanks!!! I love this song and this video!!!! I love it!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
Chen Tatsuya
thank you so much for upload this vid... The real one already unavailable from flow...
Valkiria Girón
Benny Bagaskara
May I know why original video got banned?
I like this song😊
wan wazriewa
this have become my favourite song
FhsKntl *
Where is the original video?
Capella Vayne
so goooood :3
Ana Rodriguez
Los Amo <3
Ayush Srivastava
This song should have had 30B views instead of 30k
James Lapiceros
Tales of Zestiria brought me here <3
Cant watch it anymore on official yt site because they baned my country so now i am here :)
Shannon S.S
Thank you for uploading this video. This is my fav but it was banned 😔 please don't delete this video 💜
Isa Galle
sorey are tou there?
hidden leaf
Ben DeDoncker
i liked how this song came out during the olympics in Londen :D