A common blow fly laying eggs

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A fly laying eggs - my entomology disertation project. This fly is Lucilia caesar or commonly just a green bottle. Any good entomology book will give you information on the life cycle of this dirty little lady... These flies are about 1/2" in length with shiny metallic blue-green abdomen and thorax. No unauthorised copying - to use this video in your own projects - you must seek my permission.

John W
Never eating rice again...
GLaDOS Portal
i kill anyfly or fly eggs i see i hate flies!!! reply me if u agreed with me
chi chichi
This is why you never leave food out overnight or uncovered ....flies will get in anything and lay eggs if they are in ya house ....just nasty as hell 😫
Your real dad #Finessemykidsfor18years
i'd pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol in there and throw a lit match
Mack V
Fookin nasty
I just wacked a fly and a half hour later i saw "baby" live larva exiting the tailpart (didnt know it worked liked that, so thats why i found this page).. how come my fly had live larvae instead of eggs? (had to burn the whole family with a creme-brulee torch ofcouse)
The Beast
spray it with deodorant and kill it
Zack 1209
Looks like rice
it Is normal if I fap With this?
Alien queen status!
flys go on poop so i don't even care about them so kill it
Illuminati Dreamin
Pour windex in the mf and shake it up let them enjoy the ammonia
ernest collins
imagine if that got in your rice or in your ear and you didnt know..
Patato Productions
Idk wtf just happened but idrc imma gtfu outta here
gun the REVESE video
I watch this in 2018
Justin Ejimah
ew its like cell
Pretty weird it's laying eggs without any rotting food nearby, did you do anything tothe glass or something?
Puffin Master
There my wrote fear one time I fainted when I saw one
I ripped the wings off a fly then I put it in a blender, then burnt it with a match, drowned it, threw it from the top of the Empire State Building. I don’t like flies👍🏻
why are you let it lay egg on a table
Red Lightning Guy
Casual Existential Despair
Cashmore Max
Wow, what a sacred moment ~ Birth is soooo beautiful! ;)
Blood One
Proteins 💪
I_Am_ Creeper58
Me:( after watch this whole video) Me: KILL IT WIT FAIYA BOIZ
On Your Face
now pure boiling water in there.
Pookie Lookie
I thought it said blow job
my friend sent me the link to this video...he’s currently blocked.
Dubstep_city_ 7
Congrats mama
John Sirilan
I have a bleach spray especially reserved for flies. I usually put a smile on my face while I eradicate these flying twats...
Internet Dinosaur
That's nasty
Aerobie Pro Dog
dutty bastad fli
Neko Senpai
Dat ass
its impossible to make me angry
I would immediately kill a fly.if I saw a spider Laying eggs,then I will leave it.but that disease spreading flies,never.
David Umphress
Lucifer Morningstar
What anime?
king Samman
bish look like cell wheres the mortine at yo
Gary Hisgun
Would that hurt like a sting if it laid eggs inside a open wound also I seen yellow and mixed color bottles too
Manik Kreator
I've seen a fly do this years ago on a plate I had already finished. I was a tad amazed. I threw it out of course but I couldn't stop watching lol.
Party Petusum
ewwwwwwww there's a fly in my room
Soktha 9999
លន់ ចំរើន
Dat Guy
One of those things did that on my meatballs. If you are wondering how, the case they came in had little holes. That was a horrible design choice.
itangt ratdapa
Its like pooping
We used to love the throwing of warm rice on strangers and screaming maggottts!,,
fxu z
I fapped
0_0 looks like rice....
Sam Who?
Oh Lord no
Nasty insect!
tanchanok saengsook
Isaiah Rials
All you gotta do is put a smaller cylinder that fits perfectly above the transparent one and slowly push down, guaranteed death... (for fly haters)
1 am why tf does youtube recommend me this
Moon Zorec
Why oh why this is in my recommendation
melanie irene de ocampo
Looks like parmesian cheese
Andre Jaharko
That’s rice
Olivia H.
I saw one of these laying eggs on a guys hamburger down by the beach once 😨 I didn’t know what was happening then, but now I do 🤢
funy fany
😈😈😈😈 so ezzz
Gigi N.
Blow fly vagene
pepe santos
Que nojoooooo 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Laura Derry Blossom
>_> ew
Saroth S
WHY am i here
Well...... that was disgusting
Some Random Person
why am i here
Give those to the fire ants
Nob1e Hunter
Yummy looks like rice!
Le Onney
Burn it.
lord doom 18
Why am I watching flies give birth?
Aulia zahra_kim seokjin
Arghhhh botfly again!
Lenny Hart Tog!
rice gum
Know Pain
Not my proudest fap.
Archie Makuwa
I saw this for the first time in real life. It's disgusting. Too bad I can't upload pictures here on YouTube... 🤢🤢🤢
Lapass Lassuli
Curse my curiosity
Latoya Jdbdbdbdbr dmIs hxjtbtkftbtjtjtgudffhdhdones
show a better video of The Fly giving birth and did you catch that fly or just landed in the jar 😑😑😶
T Ig
Ah nevermind...I see it in the comments now.
Ender Xanderion
Why fly exist?
Stranded Stardust
This makes me not want to be here anymore....
Puffin Master
I have a phobia of these flys I hope they all disappear
Puffin Master
I have a phobia of these flys I hope they all disappear
Christina Gavotte
I honestly thought those were rice😶
You are correct. It was removed instantly from carrion using a pooter. I can only assume that once it has started the process, it couldn't stop.
Elite Mangudai
extremely sophisticated creatures. let them breed. we need them.
Koneko Sakura
You might want to kill it
Abbi Mack
Mother of the year award goes to that fly.
GreyKenny Wolfz
They will lay eggs on your cooked chicken...
kill it with fire.
Top 10 anime cage
R Campana
They did in king Arthur's time
T Ig
Question: How did you get them to lay eggs in an empty container? Don't they typically lay on food or moist surfaces near food?
All I can think of is Baxter Stockman....geez I thought he was a badass until this.
Jho Almonicar
Its like rice grains
Lona brown
i like maggots like blow fly girl talks abouteat n alive
Not my proudest fap
Nevo Gaming
Looks Like Rice
So that's where my rice comes from!
Doğa Tanrıverdi
Stop recording that prengnant woman
Dramah Island
I understand everyone hates but they are really important because of the food chain and the circle of life
Lord Touch me
Whenever i see these flies i kill them cause i dont want tgem to lay any eggs on those wounded animals.
iisteve_real 21
now nuke it