Mad Max - Motörhead - Ace of Spades (Working Version)

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Mad Max music video I made back in May of 2004, features Ace of Spades by Motörhead. I didn't use much of Beyond Thunderdome, because in my opinion it sucks compared to the first two films. Video Download: /> Here is the classical 'Mozarthead' version if you really want to see it:

The Bad Guy From The Darkside
Still the coolest video on YouTube after all these years!
Average life in Australia
Victor Hernandez
Mad Max and Motörhead are like chocolate and peanut butter mixed together in a wild and satisfying combination.
Chris Abbott
R.I.P Lemmy
David Reyes
This needs to be remastered in HD.
We'll see you on the road skag. We'll see you on the road like we saw the NightRider.  
Best video on YouTube PERIOD
The Green Cesspool
One of the few YT fan made videos that works. Hats off. The movie and song came out around the same time right? Pity the song wasn't actually in the movie.
'And the Oscar for Best Editing goes to...' Brilliant stuff. This is how the Mad Max movies should have been scored. See you on the road, skag!!!
Tommy Prang Vonsyld
JimLad800 - you are a rocker, you are a roller - you are a out-of-controllar!!
Vampires Crypt
One of the best action road movies ever created ! Todays movies just pale in comparison.
This series has such maniac energy. Motorhead is the PERFECT fit!
CPoC Antifa
RIP Lemmy.Still can't accept this loss
Eric O'Brien
All right - So long as the paperwork's clean, you boys can do what you like out there.
Anthony Mazeika
We'll see you on the road skag! see you on the road SKAG!!!!. /judge dredd initiate.
Mad Genexixs
This video brought me to the film and I was born on it
Leandro oliveira
The ayatollah of rocknrolla
Chris B
Thunder Road already looks insane. If they could include Ace of Spades in the movie it would be the greatest goddam thing ever in the cinema.
See you on the road skag! See you like we saw the Night Rider!
if there ever have been a song and a movie line made to fit perfectly to each other - these are them !! #godsavethehoonigans #aussiaussieaussie
Mad Genexixs
they added a Arena War DLC to GTA online, also it has a Ford Falcon XB from Mad Max, I built first stock version of interceptor and then "Scrotus" Interceptor, and I kill and roam the city with this music on, I am doing well while the song is playing.
Emily G
I like this movie!!;D
E Alatza
The best movie ever (specially Road Warrior) and Ace of Spades... Just brilliant. Brilliant, mate. Congrats on the cutting! This video never gets old. You updated the ending, right? There was only the sound last time I saw it.
Truth Triggers
Well done.
Fabrizio Bianchi
This is badass just like Kirby
Dj Doolittle
Read um and weep 💚😔 the deadman’s hand again
Kelly Desbiens
Fury month from now
Damn I still remember this from way back in the day when YouTube was a brand new thing and we would watch this a million times.
Kurwa to jest piękne
Brandi Sims
The road warrior and motorhead bet! Mad matt the aya tolla of rock and rolla
Carlos Prete
🇧🇷✌👍🎸 São Paulo/ Itaquera. 2017
Hannu Valiahdet
RIP Lemmy
ッRad Shawn
cole trickle
Oh hell yeah
If you like to gamble, i tell you im your man, you win some lose some its all the same to me!!
too late mate 344
I'm 8 and this song rocks
Thumbs up if you think this video is how Australia should of been
Read 'em and weep, the dead man's hand again...
Go-go Akins
Great combo of mad max and Motörhead !!! Awesome. Thanks for uploading this!!!
Always good. However... R.I.P. "Philthy Animal".
Tacit Wampum
i just got like number 4000 WITNESS MEEEE
Morten Kristoffersen
Cool song, cool movie...but WHY mix the two ??
Luiz Garcia
Que foda!
Andre Eduardo Amaral Ribeiro
Muito bom! Very Nice! I'm gonna watch it again Ah ah ah
андрей кудлай
 просто класс!!!!!!!! и пусть весь мир подождёт!!!!!! жду в киеве!!!!!!!!
alcindo jr jr
Um dos melhores filmes de ação de todos os tempos. sem falar na musica.
Dylan Rosser
2:10 raises your testosterone
John Monroe
I dont know I might have a crazy opinion but this movie just feels more brutal and kinda of a rusty feel too it...I dont know Im not gonna deny the action in fury road it was kickass its just this legendary movie has more of the crazy extreme stunts and car crashes you see in 70's-early 80's no cgi just pure blood and broken bones if you know what I mean, its just my opinion everyones fucking got one these days.
Danilo Doudement
Brasil com a greve dos caminhoneiros.
Danger Willyrobinson
Carbon tax tax tax you bet cha cha
Code Optimization Ware
Great editing work! Excellent fan-made music-video! Please redo this one in HD (720p or greater, maybe 1080p is best), please! Cool video! Thanks for making this!
Que bien!!!! Mad Max------ ACE OF SPADES-- MOTORHEAD
Gaming Room
I'm glad there is a working verison again. Damn youtube made you replace the song the first time.
This vid is really well done, man. Thanks. And yeah I saw Fury Road, and was pleasantly surprised. Also got a chance to see The Road Warrior on the big screen two weeks ago as part of some 'old' movies festival. Half-price ticket too! It was awesome!
Hell Raiser77
Dude this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on this YouTube shit!!! Thanks
Dave Carves Wood
Wow. That was an awesome clip. And Thunderdome was weak. It was too Hollywood and lacked the b-movie charm of the first two. I have seen The Road Warrior over 100 times. Mad Max around 40-50. Thunderdome only once.
HOLY SHIT! This song with the clips of this video footage is AMAZING BADASS SHIT! Awesome post! ♠💀♠
James Young
Nice work. I loved how 2pacs cali love video was set in the thunderdome. The new one is good too and I can hardly say that for any movies they bring back.....
Eddie Caplan
This is my daily drive to work, leaving my driveway at 4 am lol!
Just another day in Australia
carlos perez
Miss the days before CGI and stuntmen risked their lives while they actually blew the crap out of stuff. Kudos to the biker in Road Warrior who got his leg broken in three places. Great scene. Prefer actually, u don't try that again.
Brian Hiller
Love this video!! And all the original Mad Max flicks!! Great job man!!
Dimi supercars & superbikes
2019 and still lml
Mountain Star Temple
Crazy ...Cravy ....... that's the way I like it baby ....
Zed Heisenberg
Not dead is that which may eternal lie yet with stranger eons even death may die, Rest in Peace oh mighty brother Lemmy, may you ride eternal shiny as chrome.
smiley satanson
ah.... i see you found a documentary of the aussies daily life
Mantis Racing Channel
May you ride shiny and chrome,eternal on the highways of VALHALLAAAAA!!!!
My receiver went out so i have these small computer speakers full blast at all times.
some guy that looks like me
"See you on the road , skag!" Best line EVER
Marty Kenny
This is exactly how both the song and movie should be presented. As for "Fury Road" we need a next Queens of the Stone Age at their peak to properly soundtrack an action sequence.
James White
I thought about ripping this and putting Fury Road trailer clips in.. But, it's too perfect.. why mess with it LOL... Respect... Made me even more pumped for the new movies!
Francisco M. Martinez
Good use of Motor Head's, "Ace of Spades" with Mad Max to make a video, nice touch!
Flat Earth Trucking
Patrick Lucas
F'n beautiful video mate! I feel like a fuel injected suicide machine watching it 🤘
Sub Terra
Bastards..they took Lemmy
if there was one thing I would want it would be that helicopter it looks awesome
Jason Belgarde
Always noticed that the Blower operation is bogus(Couldn't feed the intake system without always spinning)Go figure.
kain holmes
The name is max
david simon
I have been watching this video for years  and it still gets my heart beating fast.
Eddie Caplan
This was just like the daily commute on the m25😀
Urban Fryk
I used to gamble a lot but luckily i quit! Cheers!
Mustafa Uğur
masterpiece for man
Steve Mitchell
i think that came out in 80/81 ,first time i seen it was on M-TV in Honolulu HI.
Zdzisław Dyrman
Zrobiłeś jeden z najlepszych miksów na świecie!
Leonard Buccellato
I absolutely LOVE this! And I appreciate the Original Australian, voice track, well done!
Bill Bear
Could you make an HD version, cause I plan to watch this vid years to come?
Fender Blitz
Oh jeahhh
Козырный туз! - Прощай крыша.....
Denton Bloodworth
what the world is bout to come to. told ppl many of years ago
Ted L
I am the Nightrider. I'm a fuel injected suicide machine. I am a rocker, I am a roller, I am an out-of-controller!
Rafa Campagna
so excellent feu Lemmy
Lee Flower
leeroy brown
Elizabeth Armada
this is for the "head bangers" I'm not banging my head,I'm already crazy
1:19 - 1:20 Perfect.
Dolbo Dolb
What is a "working" version? others are not working?
I said it way back when and now.....Brilliant cuts and nice synches. Still one of my favorite YouTube videos.  BRAVO!
steve little
Ummmmm, who ever put / edited that Mad Max thing with Motorhead is a genius.  It's really good.