Sophie Fatu 5yo singer FULL PERFORMANCE New York New York America's Got Talent 2018 Judge Cuts 2 AGT

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Sophie Fatu 5 yo singer FULL PERFORMANCE New York New York.This is the Full segment or full performance for this contestant during the America's Got Talent 2018 Judge Cuts 2 or AGT Season 13 Episode 8 -Judge Cuts week 2 (S13E08). Olivia Munn as guest Judge. Follow America's Got Talent on social media: Official website: />Official AGT Facebook: /> About the show: America's Got Talent of AGT is TV series aired by NBC. It is a talent show for all sort of talents and all ages. It Usually runs throughout the summer and ends in September. Starts with auditions from major cities in the US then trimmed down to quarter finals, semi then the finals. There is also the very popular Golden Buzzer given by each judge given to contestants that put them straight to the live show. Please Subscribe to Breaking Talents Showcase for more up to date videos on Talents shows

Rosie Red
I want one just like her!!!!
Alayna TV
It broke my heart when she didnt make it :(
May Flower
Again the funniest part is when Simon kept setting up his son with her 💖💖💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
solitario solo
She should have gone on to the live shows. She is far more talented than Hans... and NO that’s not a homophobic comment, it’s an observation. Sophie is only 5 years old and can remember all those lyrics and has a great stage presence. The judges were wrong not to keep her.
Evie S
It’s so sad she didn’t make it to the live shows 😭 ♥️
Bhavna Bhen
After watching this performance , I actually thought she had a great chance of winning the whole competition. Then, I find out that she's been cut?! What's up with that ?
Lhen Fradejas
She should get a golden buzzer
Diana Alvarez
She will be performing Annie very soon
Mac C
Let's see. All four judges gave her a standing ovation, the entire audience roared and gave her a standing ovation, but she wasn't worthy of another chance. And her two other songs would've been cheek to cheek and fly me to the moon. They threw away a million watchers and their ratings dropped 2.5% because of that blunder.
funny smile 123
SHE IS SO CHEEKY!! I love love that into. “Start spreading the news” So sassy!! And when she says “I want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep!” I believed her! Like I don’t even see a little girl. It’s like Frank Sinatra was up there just now. This song was not long enough!!!😭😭❤️
This girl is a miracle😘❤️😘🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Adrian Andrade
frank sinatra would be super proud of this little girl! he might be gone from this world but his music will live on forever!!
LunaBaby Playz
I can’t believe she didn’t make it through!!!! She has SUCH talent! Those judges don’t know what they’re seeing if they didn’t make her go through. Honestly she is gold.
Eric Tran
Well spoken, I don't want the money but I just want to sing and be talented. SMART KID
Alessio Mancini
She is so cute!!! Little angel from the heavens... I thought my nieces are adorable but she is 10× more adorable hehe 👼❤
Pankaj chhetri
I love cute little Sophie. God bless her . She is so adroble and great singer too.❤👌
Rachel A.
Sophie, you make me smile when I'm sad with your sweet voice and loving heart and that is an amazing gift to have! You are perfect exactly as you are. Don't ever forget that, precious princess and tell your mommy she is doing a beautiful job raising an angel like you <3
Jacqueline Clements
I’m with you little Miss Sophie ...... I love Frank Sinatra’s music too! You definitely do know “real music” and I hope you continue many years of making people happy with your beautiful personality, fantastic ability to sing Frank Sinatra’s wonderful songs and your confidence in yourself. I am sure that Mr. Frank Sinatra is very very proud in the way you are bringing his beautiful songs back to life! Keep on doing what you love to do honey, I can see that your mommy and daddy are seeing that you still have lots of time to play and be a little girl ...... and a loving sister to baby brother and big sister. My heart feels very very happy and I feel huge smiles of happiness on my face each time I see you and hear you sharing your musical gift with the World.
abdul saeed
I like Sophie's boyfriend . 👦 and Sophie 👧.
Sophie is having a future full of music and fame, she doesn´t need AGT for her career💖
Can't believe she didn't get a golden buzzer, she didn't go through ... what a mistake! She is unbelievable talented, cute, hilarious ... big mistake!
Sarah E
Cutest contest ever. So talented, adorable, and the fans love her.
Kambo Arkha
Cutness overloaded... 😊
Mary Grace Salvador
AGT missed 2times now to give Sophie's Golden Buzzer 😤... She deserve it!!! A cute and talented small u Sophie Fatu 😘😘😘
Carleen Long
She was 10x better than that high school dance group that made it through.  I don't understand why they separate the acts into 3 segments.  People got sent home in some episodes that would've made it through had they been in another segment.  I wish they'd use a point system for everybody and then send the lowest home in the end of the episodes.
ron powell
You had one or two talented people on your show and Sophie was one!
Autumn Peterson
We’ll be seeing her on broadway someday
Ron Juhan
Can't believe they sent her home
Royal Walker
Sofie is such a beautiful little girl and she sang really well, but Simon was mistaken when he said Sofie was the youngest contestant ever. Kaitlyn Maher was only 4 when she was on AGT way back when Jerry springer was the host.
Madeline Albon
Cute adorable and she sang it nicely.. omg! Love u sophie..
Sn Ad
A child choir get golden buzzer and sophie did not go through. I wonder how they think.
Luis Vargas
She need a gold buzz
Bonnie Corley
Sofie and her family are soooooooooooooo precious, gawd how cute, this mama love them
Angelica Scavuzzo
I still upset that Sophie didn’t make the live show& they picked some strange acts
king kenny
OMG my new york !! <3
Pina Shaw
This little girl melts my heart... Good job Sophie!
jenniel Gallego
i wish they give her a chance to the wild card...she got the talent.. what they are looking for? luv you sophie,
Andy Saenz
Simon's son is not interested in her, lol. Well, they are only small kids, so maybe later they can hook up. 😂🤣😂
Igloo Australia
She should’ve made it to the live shows period.
Carole Fomekong
Adorable Sophie Fatu
tata luntayao
Awwww Sophieeeee, I love youuuuu!!!! Such an adorable and very talented kid!!
sylvee Kaydee
I've watched this performance more than thousand times already , she's too good ❤️😍😍😍
Gerald Llagono
Shes cute..adorable. And amazing..but she did not go to the live. Show....
Taliadastar Life
I love you so much your so cute😆😆💝💝💝💝💖😂🧡🧡💗😋💜💜🔥😝😝🤪
Jaseel Angel Tan
Love you sophie!😍
Shaina Potash
Pretty sure she did a hamilton pose at the end and if she did i will literally bow down
Primo Tech YT
So sad,sophie is not going to live show😢😢😢
old soul
ellie jobe
I'm happy she didn't make it all the way. Let her be a kid for as long as she can. The winner really has to work hard they have a contract you know. They did her a favor. She will make it, there is no doubt she is going to be a great singer, giver her time.
Abe K
awwwww too much cuteness her so much am going to get pregnant
Rizki Fitriani
Sophie ... how cute you are babyyyy 😍😍😍
Mac C
We're going to be talking about you later says Simon. Let's see, 3 of the judges must have had abortions so they really don't want a little girl on the show. That's my guess.
TaraLei Royer
I thought she was adorable and totally talented. Not many little muffins could sing like that, or remember all the lyrics, or have that kind of showmanship!
Hes is the new Shirley Temple of the 2010s Get her in a musical now as this has opened up so many avenues for her mother darling girl
Sarah Raja
You looks great beatiful and I love see you face really cute.
Art For Life
Producer: have you got a boy friend" Sophie: * wispers* simons son Me: awwweeee
Faith's World
2:53 my favorite part!😊She is adorable!💗👑
Bonnie Forman
She makes me cry with happiness she's fantastic.
อิสรา ศรีใหญ่
Shes actually very good for her age.
Star buono
Angelica Scavuzzo
Belated birthday wishes Sophie.❤️❤️💋💋
Chan B
She's up her game
Maree Ahmat
"Simons son!" "He just makes my heart melt!" 😂😂😂😂😂
holly gannon
my little pohnee
aww she's like shirley temple 😍😍
catherine lopez
I think we are witnessing a real star she's got super manners and such a beautiful child. And realy cute too A credit too her lovely mama and papa for raising her so well. UK FAN xxxx
How did this girl not make the live shows??????????
Barb Glamser
So cute.
Roshan Manilal
What a beautiful baby embracing my favourite singer Frank sinatra
Aishath Rafahath
My heart melted at 3:49
Mac C
Movie idea: Sophie takes Manhattan
Anup Kumar
26 dislikes are morons seriously😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 She is such a sweetheart😘😘
Videos by Shan
*simons son* “ he just makes my heart MELT❤️”
Stoner Page
I turn this one up loud when I'm in the shower in the mornings while the coffee is brewing. I love this kid!
Cutie Erica
She need to be in the broadway!!!!!
Bharath Kumar
I heard Frank Sinatra after I saw this ...Guys the little girl is gonna shock you...NEW YORK in the end is superb...
Liliana Ohm
1:42 is adorable
Melana Greene
I can listen to her singing all day... she is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Its her best performance yet!
Michelle Chuah
Sophie is so talented, so sweet. She is everyone's dream girl.
lili dip
Oh MON DIEU elle est adorable !!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Barbie Parr
Give her 3 more years and go back!! They let a good thing go..Love little Miss Sophie to the moon and back!!
ugh._.isabella _
that lil moment Sophie and Hans have together is so cute lol
Mac C
Best act of 2018 and the judges didn't see that? They are idiots.
Boy Novezar
Shopi make me hapy i love you young lady ! May god bless you haleluya .
Walter Olman Santander
Mac C
Pam Shearer
kristen chinosi
Her dance is adorable!!!
altamash jamalshah
I love to watch Sophie's video she is speechless
JJJen Games
2:10 pay one like in order to skip the talking part
Martina Galea Loffreda
She is going to win
Elvinson Pala
I thought she'll get the golden buzzer
Emma Wilson
Tricia Marcellin
do you mean yr not yo lol
Myriam Oliveras
Traigan de nuevo a la competencia ella nos encanta.
Christian Caritativo
so adorable
Hung Hung