Behind the scenes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze

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Selected clips from the documentary "Special Collector's Edition The Making of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Behind the Shells"

Stan change
It's so crazy how the costumes still look 100x better than the new movie cgi
hahaha "one of the hottest rap groups in America... VANILLA ICE!!"
Tony McNeill
I remember being a kid and having this on VHS. I also remember being very upset when it broke as I tended to rewind a lot as a kid. lol I always liked seeing behind the scenes footage.
I wish the new turtles were small instead of being gigantic behemoths.
The One who Doubts the Plan
shit .... i remember when they interviewed me .... and now watching me as a kid saying dis stuff .... its sooo awkward to watch
Zero Commentary Gameplays
these turtles look way waaaaaaaay better then that cgi crap... These actually look and come across as the cartoon ones
Vanilla Ice wasn't a group, he was a single person.
When I was little, I thought that these turtles were real.  They were so life like.  Now with the new movies coming out, with terrible CGI, my childhood has been ruined.  Thank you Michael Bay for killing my childhood!
Hina Ayanami
This version of the turtles is my favorite, why they dont used the same turtles for the 2014 movie?
Charlie Butterbean
haha he remembers drawing them one night when he felt "a little silly" = reefer
Ashley Dyke
Ninja Turtles are the greatest thing ever
Rohan Padiyar
I remember having one book about the TMNT phenomenon.  The description about the first TMNT movie described how puppeteering the turtles felt similar to playing a video game.  1:18 shows exactly what that felt like!
Yeah...a little too Raph.
dustyluckyblond music
this the real reason I loved being kid in the  90'd
David Martinez
Boss-A-Nova...... Umm Chevy Nova?.... Excellent!!!!!!
The stuntman who did mikey was also the pizza guy at the beginning of the first film.
mark visax
Wow the robot puppets that's cool
Reginald Frempong
The only problem I had with this movie was the turtles unable to use their weapons due to parents complaints regarding the first movie WTH But still the movies were good except Michael Bays version
i like how they use to take time making the movie the costumes the casting and not stupied CGI Crap.They look real enough then the 2014 one.
Bill Shinas
Should have used these turtles for the new flicks, I loved them as a kid, kids today would have gone nuts.
Kriss Kross
the effects are beautiful, it feels like the turtles and real actors were occupying the same universe (because they are), unlike this shitty CGI remake which is slightly more interesting than random TV noise.
0:27 George Costanza
Pete Kavar
The karate trainer pat johnson also worked on the karate kid. a bit of trivia for u kiddies.
Cows and Duck
pagie couldn't act.
Abraham Hernandez
i wish they kept using those turtles and never deviated from them. miss those turtles
The pizza dude in the first one was Michelangelo. So it was Michelangelo vs Michelangelo. LOL 
i met kevin eastman and i got his autograph to prove it
Chrid Newport
I had this on vhs
Johncenafan124498 Roblox
i love it
Saying "cowabunga" makes you feel good ? It makes me feel stupid.
one of the hottest rappers in America, vanilla ice... hot or cold?
1:23 Remote Control Puppets Are Better than Inga And Brittany from Episode 4172
Arthur Mezitis
So that's how, those heads and eyes was moved. The body was a suit on actors, but without turtle heads. But the head was part of mechanic. That ofcourse, the old and hard trick for 90 years. But in 2014-2016, the technology become more easier and cool.
Alana Truscello
Wow that was really old movie it’s all ready 2018 🧐🙀
Lewis Cassen
1:49 heyy its the pizza dude from the first film! Yes i know you all know i just wanted to yell it out ha
Jim Henson’s creature shop is still better than CGI
Gideon Amare
imagine watching this as a kid, do you know how traumatizing and confusing this would be
Morgan Snyder
Love you niall
Kristy Kuck
I 💓 Raphael because he's my fav turtle and my fav color is red
Although I love the turtles, the creators are lying here because it was initially a satire of action comics and merchandizing... until they got super popular and were offered millions of bucks.
SuperCodyMaster over
No CGI for the turtles wowwwww
Dejavu Doo
Soooo CGi or real material?
Wayne Wood
Watching this brings me way way back:)💝
Frankie Films
I love it if you want to see me on YouTube right up Frankie films
Robeon Mew
one of the hottest rappers Vanilla ice? give me a break, even back then we did not like him
None Ya
dude i did not know any of that awesome
Jean Cook
The Turtles Transformers and voltron are the best thing on the planet hands down now we need is a Voltron Movie and we got it made
That thumbnail is priceless.
Ali Alizadeh
@2:55 Can someone explain this to me?
I can't stand the narrator!
Marius Merchiers
OMG is that Dr. Abby Griffin?
mark visax
Raphael was dark
i met kevin eastman and i got his autograph to prove it
Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go!
The past ahhhh
Xavier Zane
Max 31 Channel XD
Mark Caso-Leonardo
I remember some kids died exploring sewers playing turtles. Real sad
Johncenafan124498 Roblox
"One of the most amazing phenomena in history"... Woah, I love the ninja turtles, but I think that's a bit of an overstatement...
Exactly, with Michael bay and George Lucas, something is lost with CG.
Paige Turco now on Person of Interest killin it
he was! in the early 90s, looking forward, vanilla ice was no joke.
that kids all around the world will love it! TMNT 1 Raphael: D****MN
Oh I hope you're being sarcastic. -_-'
Adrian Gray
Best costumes ever.
():( )) 0:50 "One of the things thats great about tthe Turtles and the biggest achievements that occured in the first movie and in the creation of these characters is: YOU BELIEVE THEM!" (and Michael Bay can't replace that!) enough said..
every time they showed the little kids saying one of those old turtle sayings, i would just laugh ..because every kid in the 90's were saying the same thing including me....turtle power!!!! lol
RC Codes
lol like it or not that white boy had the best selling rap album up until that time. he is a goofball and i do see the humor in it but really did you not know how popular he was in the early 90s?
joseph hensley
vanilla ice the hottest rap group? HAHAHAHA, I just pooped my pants
hehe well it was cool back then :P
NinjaPowerthrow s
is creepy
02:55 "All of there ninja skills are relatively the same" wtf is with this guy xD
Princess Star Butterfly
This video is missing one thing. - The 'I like turtles' kid.
Vanilla ice .... Go ninja go lol
הערוץ הרשמי Shlomo_SLO Official
bruce wayne
Greg G
That was so cool
hmm clip at 2:56 seems random...
This video makes you enjoy the work on the costumes and puppetry unlike the Making of video of Coming Out of Their Shells which does nothing but lie to you.
LOL same here hahah
My childhood is gone! DX
Chester Copperpot
I thought they were real until I saw this. Great. Another part of my childhood is gone.
the turtle rap is weak as fuck
puppeteers? actors? NO THEY WERE REAL. >:(
Whatever Happened To Fun?
All this art and experience down the drain... thank you CGI.
God, i love being a turtle!
Rohan Padiyar
My brother used to have a fan book of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which had info about the first Nintendo game and first motion picture. The description behind the scenes of the first motion picture told me that puppeteering the Turtles felt similar to playing a Nintendo game. (1:32 explains what that meant!)
Michael Gardner
LOL! You should feel lucky you only laughed. I peed!! ^_^
Daniel Campbell
I bet kids that saw the footage of a severed turtle's head being controlled by a puppeteer most likely resulted in years of therapy.
Brother Malachai
1:23 Am I crazy or does the animatrionics still hold up today? Maybe I'm just getting numb to all the cgi heavy stuff coming out lately.
Brother Malachai
Aww. :(
Silvian Raccoon
he arrgghh!! DX
Michael Parker
Raymond Chow (Enter the Dragon) was the executive producer of the first film.
Michael Parker
I think this came about from his Cool as Ice movie, which is a movie that makes no sense whatsoever.
Rohan Padiyar
1:18 - That puppeter sure looked like he had fun puppeteering Donny!