Hidden Meaning in Brokeback Mountain – Earthling Cinema

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Miguk Moonpark
I just realized why he keeps the jacket ''in the closet''
The fact that all meaning this movie had was lost to the public and was just known as being about two gay cowboys who have sex on a mountain, some kind of indulgent female fantasy, drives home the point of the film even harder.
Kale Vang
Did anyone else laugh when that cowboy punched the horse?
Jamilah Monroe
"...as honoring someone's wishes is totally gay" LOL
mitchell davidson
I swear to god if a gay man is voted in 2028 I'm gonna show everyone this video
ALways hated how they killed Jack
Spoilers: They're Gay.
imani Miller
i watched backbroke mountain, then dark knight and was like damn I couldn't even recognize heath . Its like two different people
Roberto Ramírez
"which is how all straight guys hope to die". LOL.
Bill McIntyre
Ah I wish Heath Ledger was still alive. He was an amazing actor and a great person.
this was surprisingly awesome. i'm so used to gay narratives being mocked or devalued in media. so, it was really.. nice to see it treated as legitimate and for the humour to be found elsewhere. i hope more people follow you're example.
Noah Henson
For years people have called this the gay cowboy movie. I have long maintained it is the bisexual sheepherder movie.
"And gender was invented by the greeting card companies" I love these Earthling Cinema episodes!
Holy crap! Neil Patrick Harris as President? He's got my vote!
Patterned Pike
if this country is still around in 12 years, I will totally vote for Neil Patrick Harris.
Jesse Torres
My favorite thing about Earthling Cinema is Garax (Garyx) Wormuloid's commitment to the overall aesthetic by doing the whole show in a dead Earth language.
John Smith
Id vote for NPH
Maggie purple submarine
i've literally just finished watching this film. omg i cried so much, brokeback mountain is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and tragic love stories ever put to film
Gender and sexual orientation are two completely separate things. First is about who you are, and the latter is about who you find attractive.
Lovi Poekimo
Thank you, this was a tasetful and beautiful introspection of one of my favorite movies.
Juay DeRito
Neil patrick harris 2028!!!! #neilpatrickharris4president
when Joker met Donnie Darko
Lol did that dude just punch a horse?
I'm Josh
I'd vote for Neil Patrick Harris. I don't know how good he'd be at leading but at least I know he's got a soul.
Please do Amadeus. Good movie.
Pan Rysownik
Will I come back here in 2028 to comment and mention if you were right? You bet your eyebrows I will.
Grace Foskett
Niel Patrick Harris for president!
Marle Simms
Neil Patrick Harris 2028 - let's make it happen
Kyler Rogers
Brokeback Mountain is a sad film.
2028's going to be an interesting year
Spencer Peugh
do the perks of being a wallflower
Vote for President Harris, 2028!
Saul T. Nuts
you guys should do American History X
Confirmed: Neil Patrick Harris for President 2028!
StarkillerRX Rafael
#NeilPatrickHarris2028 #MakeAmericaLegendWaitForItDaryAgain
Emma Emma
this movie, if you actually pay attention, is HUGE in terms of the social commentary and exploring the psychology of internalised homophobia, etc etc. Heath did such an amazing job being in the mind space of someone that was so heavily repressed....it broke my heart, especially the scene where he goes into the alley to heave/cry/punch the wall. and that ending....pulls on all my heart strings
Tennessee Fairfield
Please do a video on Cloud Atlas
Rocky Desert Flower
You've cracked the code. Most of this series is satire, but you're right on for this one.
Tg Tg
"Since honoring someone's wishes is totally gay" 😂😂😂👌👌👌
"he never went to the laundromat" -I don't get it?
"As progressive as Flo" took me all the way out.
Michael Myers
Which is short for angri-lee. On account of losing best picture to this dumpster fire
Dee Elmore
I wish Neil Patrick Harris was actually president. That would be legendary. I guess we'll just have to wait for it.
Veronica Conroy
NPH will be better than trump!
Your Quirk
Beautiful analysis! <3
That review was FABULOUS!! I did a total spit-take on that scene. You owe me an iced tea...
Neil Patrick Harris, 2028. Let's go, start campaigning now!
Nicholas Monks
NPH. THE solution. For the world. For America.
Um, first time I've seen this guy. So you mean in the future they wear mustache above their eyes?
The abuse and cheating is all I can't stand about this movie - yeah, I get why they're there, but I can't stand abusers and cheaters. Other than that, I love how it DOESN'T portray the two men as "fabulous," feminine, valley girl stereotypes. That's the kind of LGBT+ representation I want to see on TV (although open, not always difficulty being in the closet - gets repetitive after a while), not the "I'm a girly man/muscle man who's girly at heart because I'm gay!" offensive stereotypes.
Ciara Kenny
4:57 I'd vote for him
melanie veliz
I'm from the future, NPH 2028 confirmed
ill ask this in all of your videos alien overlord PINK FLOYD: THE WALL
We are not going to wait for 2028 for a gay President. After the calamity that Trump will become, the population will be begging for someone with class.
չٱѻกٱร ɼѻ๓คก
I'm dying to see you do In Bruges o mighty alien overlord
I did not know, that this movie was actually this interesting, because everyone around me just calls it the "Gay Cowboy Movie" :o
Eden Chandler
N.P.H. 2028
"gender was invented by the greeting card company" basically
NPH 4 president
Samantha Noble
NPH for president 2028!
Anthony Norman
The 2028 election is going to be Legend... Dary!
Andrew Leslie
I'd love to see an Earthling Cinema on Cruel Intentions.
Dean Winchester
I love brokeback mountain, but I cried when jack was killed
Atticus Blake
Please, for the love of all things alien, do this for Memento!
Lawrence Calablaster
Of course they'd elect Neil Patrick Harris for president :P
Luke Yaple
"His tire blew up...." "Which is how all straight men hope to die."
Crack Lord
Hidden Meaning in L.A. Confidential, City of God or Beast of No Nation?!
Yay, NPH for President! Earthling Cinema is the reason I love Wisecrack.
You should do It's Such a Beautiful Day by Don Hertzfeldt sometime. It's on Netflix currently.
Ryker Balzer
you guys should do GoodFellas! A masterpiece from Martin Scorsese and it should've won best picture in 1990
Garrett Harriman
I would like to see you guys do Videodrome. The symbolism has always intrigued me.
ksjadhvjuzhgk, sfajkoa
Brokeback Mountain was my MOVIE! I swear! It made be cry.
Tim O'Leary
The Progressive commercial line (I won't spoil it) made me laugh for minutes. Well done.
Pedro Buson
Pleeease do a video on "The Master" by Paul Thomas Anderson!!!
Penelope Olivia Peterson
You need to do Leon:The Professional.
Hannah Spirko
This is the first Wisecrack video I've seen, and I can honestly say I'm subscribing now. This concept is brilliant!
Sam Dragonborn
Pretty sure they're bi You don't just take Anne Hathaway as a beard, you just don't
I'm down for President Harris
Two films pop into my head that I would recommend. 1 - Rush (2013) a film about the rivalry between Formula One drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda. 2 - What We Do in the Shadows (2014) a film about centuries old vampires living together in modern day New Zealand who must deal with living together. Hopefully Garyx you can convince the producers of Earthling Cinema to choose either film for analysis. Thank you for your time and for providing insightful entertainment.
Aaroni Peperonip
Thanx to the encouragement of their friend Jim beam 😂😂😂
God dammit, now i want barney stinson for president, *thanks a lot wisecrack*
Melancholia next please. Also Venture Bros.
Tim Mackenzie
Can you please do American Psycho ... Thanks alien guy
Should do the Hidden Meaning in Adams Family Values. Theres a lot to talk about...
Marta Plebanowicz
please, please do enemy or holy smoke! those are such great films to analyse
OHH, I thought he meant to say Milo instead of Patrick
leslie A flor
love brokebake heathe legher💔😢
O Med
can't believe i never thought of NPH as president before this xDD
Joy Malou
1:05 "of course I'm right" hahaha, love your character! ❤️
Raptor Badger
Do Nightcrawler! My favorite film and a beautiful character study!
finally some spoilers about the mankind's future. NPH 2028!
"free to exist unfettered by expectations or pants" this is my new life's motto
Emilly Guilherme
Pls, do Happines from Todd Solondz. ^_^
"the only COWBOY movie w/o shooting......any gun, Two thumbs away!" React Online Movie .com
Please do the film *Starship Troopers* by Paul Verhoeven, and compare it against the book by Robert Heinlein. *I would like to know more!*
Collin Wimbish
Can you do one of these on the prestige. Great work
Tiny w
I'm gonna make this bull whip Dissapear *Grunt* Ta da
Hello People!
"Without the FAAABUOOOOS stereotypes"! That caught me off guard lol!