Best Melodic Techno Mix 2017 (N'to, Dominik Eulberg, Rodriquez Jr., Worakls....)

The best melodic techno tracks from 2017. These tracks are more than my favorites! Follow the melody and Enjoy! Keep up the good work DJ's! 1. Nils Andreas - Une Simple Histoire 00:00 - 08:23 2. 181 Degree - Ghost (Teho Remix) 08:23 - 13:33 3. Joachim Pastor - Promesse 13:33 - 18:58 4. Clarian & Guy Gerber - Claire 18:58 - 25:20 5. N'to - Caroussel 25:20 - 31:12 6. Marc Holstege - Mangata 31:12 - 39:10 7. Dominik Eulberg & Essáy - Dream Machine 39:10 - 45:25 8. Tamas Skafar - Iolana Iolas 45:25 - 50:49 9. Audiomolekül - Bluna (Ariose Remix) 50:49 - 57:00 10. Rodriguez Jr. - Monticello 57:00 - 01:03:23 11. Joachim Pastor - Eternity 01:03:23 - 01:08:39 12. Worakls - Nocturne 01:08:39 - 01:18:00 Check out my second all time mix: />Check out my first all time mix: /> All the rights goes to the owner, if there is a problem please contact me.

Виталий Викторович
Отличный сет!!!!!!
I come back to this time and time again..... Editing pictures goes so much faster and is also more pleasant.... Thanks Darryn for the pointer...
Evg evg
1. Nils Andreas - Une Simple Histoire 00:00-08:23 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
This one keeps me awake! I love how its ever changing, keeps my interest yet still mellow as well as intense. A great balance!!
Alejandro Sanchez
goddamn! I just listened the first song (only) and I feel in love with this stuff
Peter Radtke
Прекрасный сет! В середине был небольшой спад, но концовка отыграла на ура! Спасибо.
Julie Carpenter
Soul dance within the stars 🎵🎼🎶🎆
урал Тех
музон высший даёт позитивный заряд.
урал Тех
музон высший даёт позитивный заряд.
Fantastic set, many thanks!
Christie Lucin
Coherent title.. nice job man... all tracks ids is goooood... thanks for share
Relaxing room
TrackList: 01 0:00:00 Nils Andreas - Une Simple Histoire 02 0:08:23 181 Degree - Ghost (Teho Remix) 03 0:13:33 Joachim Pastor - Promesse 04 0:18:58 Clarian & Guy Gerber - Claire 05 0:25:20 N'to - Caroussel 06 0:31:12 Marc Holstege - Mangata 07 0:39:10 Dominik Eulberg & Essáy - Dream Machine 08 0:45:25 Tamas Skafar - Iolana Iolas 09 0:50:49 Audiomolekül - Bluna (Ariose Remix) 10 0:57:00 Rodriguez Jr. - Monticello 11 1:03:23 Joachim Pastor - Eternity 12 1:08:39 Worakls - Nocturne
NUMBER ONE MUSIC////carrosive Producer/////SUPER
Wonderful!! Thanks for a great tracklist. Takes me away someplace wonderful.
Beautiful! Sehr schöne Musik :)
Join group on fb "I feel the universe" 😉
Salazaar Records
Isn't that Io, the jovian moon in the image or should i take a break from drugs?
Roxana Bothaza
The best mix ever ❤️
Björn Elixmann
Wow. Richtig guter Sound . Top Set . Lädt zum träumen und chillen ein.
Enste Albert
I like music of the future and electronics 4you my byby
thanks, good for working when coworkers or neighbors are acting so loud around. These are also good sounds to add to the skydive video I make sometimes.
chemicaly unbalanced
Orgasmic especially the last track Mmmusic
Андрей Молодов
Последняя композиция похожа на "Травму".
R1P thajacker
One of the best mixes I've heard in awhile. Much respect
Juan Pablo Miron Soler
Great mix! too much ads though...
Owain Hoskins Composer
Really enjoyed this mix, great variety and songs were amazing! Especially enjoyed the first track!
charles johnson
EL AMEN~Sela'| H | !!!!!!!... <*>QUAD/V\ERSAL<*>
philip wakeham
This is the best Mix :-)
just wonderful..I listen to it loop
Saygе Fudjiwara
あ り が と う 😊🎶❤️ I also thank you in the future😘
Alexei Robles
Great selection and great mixing! Love it
phil forrest
Track 1 and I'm relaxed, just what the doctor ordered. Oh how I love trance, we have never had it so good!
I don't believe when they said, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away', that's bullshit! I believe listening to this mix the whole day keeps all your troubles away!
Tobias Schmahl
❤💓💔💕😔das genau das ist was ...ich brauch krass Danke für den spass meine 👀nass
Syed Umair
Awesome you gave village flute touch 42:42, I'm from Pakistan 👍
Raymond Collinson
How this music has brought out so many strange and varied intellects - errr - and some admirable use of the English Language!!
Steven Hartman
Awesome mix. I love it. Keep making these, please.
Jack DeWitt
Great music, but got kinda boring and gave me a headache after 18 min. I still like the music. I just suggest not listening to all 1 hour and 18 min! LOL :)
Perfect setup of the tracks & the times.. nice! Excellent picks!
Christian Thurner
Beautiful mix .., nice Playlist.., Fantastic set, many thanks!
Wish I could meet all the people who loves music like this mwaz love you all
carl hartley
from the very firsty listen i went to heaven ... destiny u have my vote .. awsome
Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij
Love this mix have freaking on it with my tenor Saxophone and Carbony Slide Didgeridoo! Love the Vibes!!!!
Jay Vasquez
It's never a straight and narrow path in life. It's usually a long winding road to that forever all of awe.
Crep555 Crep555
Das klingt so geiel
I have been putting off some work for a while and had to get it done - found this and within 32 mins you have a new subscriber.... Oh and the work is done
the part starting at 19:45 till 25:20 really touches my soul every time i hear it, i have to close my eyes and let the groove lead me to another dimension <3 Thank you for that great Mix!! Keep on that good work!
rlalko l
if my heart could make music, it would sound like this!
Vladimir Brest
Hübsch 👍👍👍DANKE
total klasse <3 und das bild mit der orion erst recht: in farbe und stereo ;-)
Bahman Unessi
top collection - good job - thank you
Incredible! And i just thought my day couldn't get any better :) Thx alot from Switzerland!
theboredsahm b
Really enjoyable mix, unexpectedly abrupt ending though
The first track is like if Deadmau, Avicii, and House had a threesome-baby 🤔
Ricky Rankin
Can u get this on cd if so where do I order it .thanks
Aksel Sundli
Thanks!! Great job ✌️❤️ Wish I had this mix downloaded on my android.. Then I could listen to it 24/7.
rlalko l
il est d' une puissance ce MIX!! :) incommensurable!!
Helder Goncalves
Amazing work. Congratulations
Butcher Seven Actual
Spaceship Orion
Melanie Abaron
still waitin for the dude that summs up all tracks of the mix
Joshua X
Reminds me of Robert Miles. Its a bit dated.... BUT that is not a bad thing :) Very relaxing.
Svenne van Buuren
Joachim Pastor mit Eternity Da kann man nur weinen vor Glück Wonderful
Quinton Meyer
BEAUTIFUL, OUT OF THIS WORLD !!! Thank you for this awesome experience...
Yo Waddup
Can't stop listening to this one, absolutely love the whole thing.
Sara Medeiros Figueiredo
O piano no início é fantástico. Essa mixagem é muito confortável de todas, esta é a que mais curto.
Vinicius Thomé
The futuristic image was what first caught my attention, but once I heard the song I realized how good it is.
Edoardo Leo
Incredible, amazing, wonderfull...!!!!!!
So beautiful mix, make me feel so great!
Martin S
I listen to this track almost every day, specialy the first part until 48 mins. Great great grand !!!
Thanks for your choosing. Merci beaucoup. شكرا على ذوقك المميز.
Charlie Gonzalez
Music never gets old but I do.Loving this trance music.
Александр Рогатнев
Жырный сет. Respect bro you have your taste^^
Alan Roberts
Mate, can I ask you question. How do you upload a mix with a video or image in the background but keep the filesize small. Mine are coming out at 4 and 5 gig each which is insanely huge. I use premiere pro. If I use mp4 option the filesize is smaller but the video or image looks terrible. Any tips?
Joseph Montolio
The Best of the Best
Byigleas Grous
Best mix i have seen i want to listen this repeadly
nobody's home
Spinning in my chiffon 🌼
Pierre Boutin
Calme et technique xx
Cang Kalckin
Офигенное техно! Удачи вам всем хорошего, но не мрачного настроения!!!!
Dj Mikee
Whow, beautyfull mix. Like it a lot
Serg S
Микс что надо!!! особенно понравился трек 40:00. Keep it up!!!
Julius Vaidila
Can you share this playlist on Spotify?
This is so beautiful, I love it!
Daniel Marcel Hevesi
This compilations has nothing to do with techno
Ramaswamy gowrikanthan
Start to end of 1st song is superbly made not like other trance bass drums n beats. This one is quite different. Keep it up
Fantastic mix! Divine music! Tranquility!
Это абсолютно личное . Ваша музыка the best, это my opinion!!!!
Benjamin McGrand
N'to is my favorite melodic techno producer so far, any other recommendations?
Yvonne B.-H.
sehr cool & genialer Sound! I like
Lady Jana
Tapping my feet on this melodic beat....but serious this is quality music
Talisson Antunes
I hear for the First time know. While workink tnks
Alex Iljin
Nice music but too hard bass drum IMHO
Dmitry Dmitry
thanks from Russia, wonderfullllll!!!!!!!
Mielul Bulanos
why is this mix not over 10 mil. views? its f***ing awsome! 😍👆✌
last track is a game of trone tribute??jajaj
Bernadette Ocak
wonderful musice thank you
H.G. Bespoke
Great listening. Shame about do many ads.
Mu Thaha
1:18:39 Amazing..!! his music is gone. :D