Omar Hakim - Milestones (HQ)

Buddy Rich Memorial Concert Ritz Theater in New York City on April 8, 1991

Iain Green
Have any of the haters noticed that he's playing this insane arrangement, horn hits and all WITH NO CHART? That requires HUGE ears. You cannot possibly expect these people to understand the level of skill involved here. Trolls are gonna troll y'all. Just ask yourself "How many tour buses have THEY seen the inside of?" Stop wasting your energy arguing with trolls guys. The just feed off of your anger. ASLO: Dat bass player.
cosmo parkour
Your missing the point--who cares what he's wearing ---it's an awesome display of his fantastic expression--I love the way he plays with his ability--can't you tell he's having a ball--that's what it's all about--I love him--always have
Cheryl A Lockett
Omar plays with such precision and skill. I'm a long time fan.
The power of the fanny pack compels you....
Jay strass
By far the best tribute to Buddy, no body else kicked that much ass, and if that didn't make u move than nothing will. Beautiful.
The Cloberth
That cat's on fire!
Richard Murphy
The Man is a groove eater! , Only Drummers know about this, Listen and watch!
Ernest Adams
Buddy Rich memorial concert 1991
m lurvink
Oh man, this great ! gr. from the Netherlands, Marcel
drummers learn from Listening to other drummers, whatever your level your at you can learn a lot from this guy
Divamol & The Romantic Nihilists
Buddy wasn't' God and no one gets to write the commandments of Drumming -, but you'd think so with the way his worshipers have deified him .Lets face it Buddy was an extraordinary drummer but am opinionated arrogant small minded unit as an artist in the broader sense. Anyway that was then and this is now. I thought Omars performance was stunning and fun myself....
Haha...great feel.The band love him.
Pils Nrimgaard
The first exposure I had to this dude Omar was john Schofields album "still warm" this cat can shred for sure!
Jay strass
By far the best tribute to Buddy, no body else kickedon that much ass, and if that didn't make u move than nothing will. Beautiful.
Tenzing Sherpa
28 jacklegs are still working their way through Carmine Appice's "Realistic Rock".
Alain Mulder
c c
These people are so in sync their talent is just beyond ridiculous. I can only shake my head in despair to hear the garbage that is played on the radio presently.
Ben Singer
"Drum rudiments you can muster out of your muscles" 😂😂. Dang Omar was cold here
Randy Porter
This guy is killing it, in spite of the musings of the keyboard experts who choose to spout their distain, because “they” can do it better (horse s**t !). This piece was technically amazing. And this bass player holy s**t !
Jim Griffin
Bass cat is TOTAL.
Wow. Impeccable! Anyone who feels they can rightly criticize this performance, please post yourself doing better. Otherwise, STFU. Thank you.
EricVon bush
this tunes makes me feel the soul of Jazz thank you Miles and Omar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dave Naus
You can do it with a matched grip! Nice work Bro!
Juan Ayala
Tremendo músico!!! Puede tocar todos los estilos y ritmos. Maestro!!!
THAT RIDE CYMBAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Bentley
this is not just playing the drums. the man is totally in tune with this type big band performance he's really in sync with the whole sound, the music, the groove, the spirit, everything. Exceptional drumming I haven't seen him better before, he elevated himself brilliant anybody doesn't like this. they are dumbasses. you think he gets to play with people like sting without being the best get a life. That's a world class performance.
Jason Grazian
Omar is truly one of the best. Rock drummers can play with power but no finesse. Much harder to play with finesse. Omar plays with as much power and finesse as you will ever need. He played with Weather Report among other bands. Weather Report always had good drummers to play their demanding music. Manu Katché is another great drummer to check out.
President Santa
that was a piece of beautiful!!
Sherrie Crouch
play Buddy would be proud!
pourquoi pas
Miguel Olivares-Alvarez
Lorenz Müller
Is that a PEARL Free Floating PICCOLO BRASS???? And can you NAME some ARTIST who play this snare?
so would Omar...
Rudy De Podestà hero!!!
Golden Bear
Omar, one of my all time favorites!
great player
Joshua Strong
"Had he been in Buddy's band, he would have been fired ON THE SPOT" Good thing he wasn't in Buddy's band, right? If Hakim was listening to a band leader, you bet that he'd show up presented the way his boss desired, but Hakim is his own boss here. There's a multitude of reasons why he may have shown up in such casual attire, but they don't concern me. The playing is what matters here.
Łukasz Śmigiel
This is called jazz police.
he was like the god of he could allow himself to be an asshole lol
Pulling licks out of that Phanny pack all night
me neither...I guess Omar and all the other great drummers who play with matched grip haven't seen that particular video
Egroj Zeñabi
It's interesting how drumsets and their sound have evolved over the decades: by then the trend was several, huge power toms with clear heads and the ride cymbal up high and inclined (Weckl and Simon Phillips used to do the same). Now you see most of the elite drummers with smaller toms -mostly with coated heads- and cymbals just slightly inclined.
Johnny Botts
Let`s have a hand for that bass player. That guy was cookin`.
Seen that video. Great drummer as he was, Buddy talked a fair amount of BS.
He looks like black version of Steve Smith :DD
Well Theo, I don't hear any limited abilities here.
Marco Muresu
There shouldn't be reasons for BR to be upset with Hakim. He is a really gifted drummer with groove and a very smooth sound.. Listen to music, don't judge it only with eyes or hypocritical preconcections about grip or clothing styles. Morover, BR learn drumming "old school style" with a massive study of the snare drums with its rudiments, basically followed from army march styles. I think there is not a problem for using a grip instead of another one, independently from music genre. Hakim rules
Buddy Rich really was an asshole lol.
Nice job.
Unchained Grace
The matched grip was a nono for Buddy, but obviously Hakim isn't having a problem.
Paul Flood
Omar is a mad man on drums
Fabio Massimo
Yes I condivide ! Bill Is mine drummin' drummer drumachine Peferè and Omar togheter Him
Kyle Jones
I think it is more about the music than clothes
Madhusudan Raman
This sounds great.
Considering how great music they play, I don't think he would have given a damn
I agree....or tell that to Ronald Bruner,Dennis Chambers,or other guys who can play BOTH grips as well.
Everyone has their own style...
Cool! Let me go tell that to Mark Guiliana, Bill Stewart and Henry Cole! (to name a few)
Xentinel Of Helel
Just watch Bill Bruford playing with Earthworks using match grip and get amazed fuckers
First off, *uck you. I first learned traditional when I was a kid and when I played jazz. Now I mainly play R 'n B and funk so the match grip is more applicable. The point I was making is that the grips are based on your drumming style. I was being nice and diplomatic with my previous statement. But now you can kiss my *ss! You're probably one of those wannabe jazz guy playing outdated chops created by Black Jazz guys.
If you can't play trad grip then you can't play shit pal. Your hands? Incomplete. Period.
All this talk about Buddy & his dominant personality, i.e., match grip, firing members because they had a beard, etc. Drumming is not a sport, it's an art. Buddy was a jazz drummer - so the traditional grip suited his purpose. I learned from a rock drummer that the match grip suited my purpose more so that the traditional grip. Guess what, he was correct. I have with very fast hands & can do everything jazz drummer can do. Let's just play & learn your rudiments, and stop the bickering.
Viktor Kannisto
2:20 with the china. Mmm, it is just tasteful!
Axel Trainwagon
Hey it's cool. I was just joking about how Buddy Rich probably would've gotten pretty angry if he saw who was playing at his memorial concert. If you look up "Buddy Rich on Why he doesn't use matched grip" He talks about how traditional grip supposedly lets you move around the drums better. He also from what I've heard was quite strict on the professionalism of his band. I'm sure many put up with him simply because his band was just about the most prestigious at the time.
Vladan L.
sorry, I was not fair to You, provided your statements about Buddy Rich were true. If they are, he must have been a hell of personality to live by. I could never stand dissing someone's results, especially in art, say music, due dressing code, or some technicality, or gear. Who cares if it's god. My bad (towards you), sorry again.
Axel Trainwagon
I don't see what's stupid. Buddy hated matched grip, he called anything beyond the components of a basic drumset superfluous, and he once threatened to fire a player from his band for wearing a beard which he thought was unprofessional. My statement is accurate.
Vladan L.
Could you write something more stupid?
holy @#$! Killing it! Killing it!
This man in the TShirt is more skilled than you are. Otherwise, you would have played at this concert
You're clearly a fool. Music is not about physical appearance. And no one gives a shit about YOUR BAND.
Don leblanc
matched grip, traditional, whatever it takes to get the job done. I met Omar after a Weather Report concert, he's just amazing.
Gabriele bernabini
i love his drum style and i love how he is dressed :))
Axel Trainwagon
Jeans, a tshirt, a massive drumset, and matched grip. Buddy would not be pleased.
GuyHeavenGym !
i can't even begin to comprhend how he is able to do that swing beat so fast
DEAR GOD - another video where you can't hear the snare grace notes - (I look to see what event this is) - and of all events for the drum mix to suck - the BUDDY RICH MEMORIAL?!?!?!?!
mike olson
In all fairness to Omar, This is from one of the many Buddy Rich tributes coordinated by Cathy Rich. I think if she thought that anyone was being disrespectful to her father she would have requested that they dress appropriately. (just my opinion though)
David Cox
Wow Buddy would have loved this one! Who are the personal?? Who is playing bass and piano at the least?! thanks to all, best, DavidC
That had to have taken all your thought processing skills.
go home mom,you're drunk
He tries too hard to play the camera, twisting his head back and making goofy faces. Be a musician first, show-off last. Mediocre rendition. Bad approach.
Not one of Buddy's best moment, was known for being a hot head. I watched that and just shook my head in how ridiculous the statement he made was.
They were supposed to come to the memorial concert as themselves, and play something they do in memory of Buddy. Its a memorial, not a funeral. I sure as hell would not want people showing up in a tux.And he is not a joker, were are you at with drumming? Nowhere, no one cares about your band, you're not on any high level status get yourself off your high horse rocking chair, sound like some cocky old man.
with the fanny pack strapped on!!!!!! BOSS
You know, there are a couple of bits where Omar plays traditional grip. For him, it's not an all or nothing it should be.
thats what i call control
Fuck yeah... tops all around.
Theo Spencer
Also, Buddy hated match grip drumming. There is a great YouTube video of Buddy talking about how that grip limited your ability to get around the kit.
Well do some research there, sport.No Buddy would NOT have been pleased this joker showed up to HIS memorial concert in jeans and tshirt.If you know anything about Buddy,had he been in Buddys band, he would have been fired ON THE SPOT.Same goes for my band there, sport.
Stan Anderson
Omar is truly a master of technique and soul.
Keith Chadwick
ya sure go and play drums like Omar in a dress shirt and tie - dumb *ss
Lauty Bend
bro you got it backwards. root of JAZZ is in BLUES. blues came first you are just thinking of BB king and stuff probably but the kind of blues that robert johnson sang were around for a much longer period. Jazz was created around the 1910s. blues were the work songs that black slaves used to sing since they were brought to america
Well,it's not very wrong.Death(band) was hardly inspired by jazz musicians,as many others.And,the root of metal is in rock.Root of rock is in blues.Root of blues is in jazz!So its not god father but grand grandfather.
Joe Sorcic
Well that exact statement I made is a bit ridiculous haha. Jazz had a big influence in lots of music we know today and music that came up in the 70's is a statement I can stand much closer to! Metal being one of those forms of music of course. It's all just music!
"Jazz is the god father of metal." I may not agree with that statement but it's so ridiculous I just had to comment on it. BTW, ridiculous isn't necessarily a bad thing. Thanks man.
Ciro Fiorini
semplice routine non ha niente di speciale e' una makkna va bene cosi!!!!!