Danny Carey (TOOL) - Parabola (drumcam) Live Video

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Danny Carey (TOOL) cr.www.dannycarey.org

Chris Romanelli
Kids. This is what happens if you have a lot of talent and practice a lot.
Anirban Jana
Bad video. Only two of the the 1618 drumsticks are visible
Patrick Gideon
Greatest drummer to ever grace the planet Earth. There have been many many amazing drummers, but none with the ability to do such complex rhythms, integrate electronics, and variate styles like he does.
Jason Jackson
He needs an extra arm. Why not, they've got the technology. Danny could use it to pick up a drink when he's thirsty.
This blokes head is like a 10 core processor.
This Holy Experience.
Ever notice how he pushes and pulls the rythym. He pulls it back and simplifies it..pulls you in...then opens it up and blows your mind. Greatest drummer ever.
Mike Oxlong
I would say hands down best drummer in the world
Just imagine what he would be able to do if he had one more arm
Danny Carey is Powerful.
b I d A z Z l E Gaming
She’s way hotter than Meytal Cohen
I start cumming at 2:57 and don't stop til its over. Droppin loads.
Diego rock
Some people compares Danny with God but It is not fair he is good but he is not Danny!
Frank Meffert
17 people on this planet are lost!
Nate Pilate
At 2:58 Danny jumped into the next stage of the individuation process.
celal aslan
One lucky bastard got his drumstick , totally jealous of him/her
James Cole
Great video! Thanks for sharing. Danny is an amazing drummer.
best drummer ever <3
James Restrepo
The worst part of the video 3:50
Alex DeLarge
Tool are laker fans <3
Brian Holmes
He will always be my favorite.
Definition of a badass right here. Wow.;
2:58 sick
this is outrageous man SO GOOD!!!
Fred Fiterz
No way to get a clip of the whole song?
Donald Austin
ha! that is f*ckin' hot. The man can fit notes where it seems completely impossible.
The master at work!
i would like to see all drummers that set up drum cams try mounting the camera in a small plexi glass box with a foam bottom.It might eliminate the shaking and reduce the intense db level so the camera mic will not be overwhelmed and sound not be distorted
that spider. dont do that to people. someone might be watching tool videos on shrooms. oh god. the humanity.
Saw that fucking spider in the corner and just nope'd it to the comments lol.
Thomas Williams
That guy has a perfect technique.
Joshua Hixon
He looks so comfortable playing the tom groove during the verse.
Akiles Baeza
No one will ever be more impressive than Kieth Moon. Simply because he had to figure it all out for himself, there were no other drummers like him before, and he inspired pretty much every drummer after him to this day in some way or another.
Tony W
Best rock/metal drummer of his generation, if not ever.
3:03 WHA...?
YOU...SON of a bitch.
Claire Hopper
He's gonna be homeless in 10 years playing Lateralus and Parabola with pots and pans.
Reunion Sabbath
Danny Carey is a Terminator, that came from the future to kill John Connor, but instead of that created Tool.
Sean Anderson
That my friends is a little piece of EPICNESS!
That's just awesome right there
Does anyone know what kind of mallets he uses?
Equius Oceano
it's not easy to actually play it on drums and to get it right, even when you get into the main rhythm, but I agree with practice anything is possible
dani vallina
He isn´t from this planet, awesome...
It might not be the most difficult part to play, but to write the whole part from 2:57 - 3:15 and fit into the song perfectly... now that is a different story.
jarrod Wesley
Danny is actually a robot, and Justin chancellor (bass player) is an alien. Maynard is as close to God-Like as humanity can reach. Adam is the creative force guiding it all. Tool wins! Everyone else should just quit.
Kenneth Demeester
I'd like to see him COOK with 24 different pots ....
Hunt for Red October
Damn. He even tosses his stick like a Boss. This man can't be stopped.
Peter Jones
If it was so easy your name would be Danny Carey.
Love the outfit!
Nathan McGlocklin
I love every drum cover that I watch of Parabola has everyone trying to cheat themselves out of trying the fill at 2:58. Quite simply, it's Danny fucking Carey.
one of the all time greats
Steam Machine
I think he did, they didn't play the full studio version when I saw them live
goosebumps everytime!
Cyn Day
this video gets me a boner
All I can say is DAM!
Like what?!?!?!
The best
joe ciraolo
i think hes jesus christ without the beard
Craig Doll
Danny Carey is the very core meaning of a dynamic leader, he is one of few that use a large drum set and actually use it. This guy in the drum world, forgetting those before him that have left their mark, is merely untouchable. A monster musician that has enhanced my playing and the way i approach a kit immensely.
he looks alot like steve nash
Patrick McCormack
I played this on Rock Band a few times and broke the drum set as a result after 3 days of owning it. I'd say it was an authentic, Danny-inspired experience.
Washichu Rehab
This vid makes me wanna quit my job, buy a drumkit and get evicted from my conservative neighborhood :D
Antonio Barón
Sick motherfucker yes!! 3:14 what the fuck was that !!!!
Eric Kasperczyk
and hands* down. damn
Eric Kasperczyk
dammit, I forgot to edit: Though I *admire Danny Carey. Don't know why I said have....
Eric Kasperczyk
Though I have Danny Carey, I have to disagree with the idea of him as the backbone of Tool. I see Tool as very similar to Led Zeppelin in that each member is a powerhouse performer and artist that contributes to the band's sound and it can't do it without any of them. From Adam Jones' paradoxically complex minimalism to Maynard's lyrical prowess and emotional delivery, to the hand's down best rhythm section in rock today, Tool is a tour de force that couldn't work as well any other way.
He cooks a mighty feast of aura when he plays those drums. I want to know how his heart beats.
Go watch the video of it.
@36Rellik Allow me to be a bit more succinct with my comment: I had just come home from seeing Tool at the Izod center. Although it was a great show and the ENTIRE band was awesome (as Tool always is everytime I see them), the highlight was Danny and Gino Barboni's dueling solo for Lateralus. In essence, it was all Danny that night.
Neil Peart was my favorite drummer until I saw Danny's performance tonight. As good as TOOL was, it was all Danny!
so cool when he throw the stick!
Guy is so fluid and powerful. I live it
Don McKay
I checked at 3:14.... the left hand is crazy
suck it
True lumberjack on the drums, aren't too many that can chop wood like this dude
The Danny Carey range : from absolute composure to complete destruction!
Will Holt
totally lost sight of his hands at 3:14 ...
Ricardo Suarez
I want moore...
Dapper Bleach
Dude's 57 years old as of now... Jesus, he was about 50 when he did this. He's never going to die... I hope he lives forever
marcin novaq
champion of the world!!!master ...
Robert Kaiwai
Greatest of all time!! 🐐
Did Danny use to play for the Lakers? He seems to have a lot of their old uniforms....
jorge nitales
puro estilo este compadre wns
Blake Red
Forever my all time favorite drummer!
danny flawless
Benjamin Wylie
danny carey may actually be my hero
Nikos Tripodakis
Lateralus best album ever
Dave Lacambra
Where's the full song? I'm cockblocked.
Arcanas Steam
Also this is parabol/parabola not the pot
Pablo Staiger
Is that CGI or What !? Omg
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Miriam Valenzuela
Termino el concurso, denle los 10.000 dolares a este tipo
Patto Pattosky
3:14....amo a este wn :S
My favourite drummer.