"Azorius" Weenies, a History of Benalia Deck | Ravnica Allegiance Standard - Magic / Arena

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Grim guy
Between you and day9 I am getting much better at this game and i am enjoying it much more than heartsone lol
Mogeko Derpin
42:53 Opponent's avatar switched 3 time's
Bolas Gates! Is it something spicy? ✨👀
Alex Trojek
Ive been loving this deck and just bought it in paper! I dont know whether to me mad or happy that you are covering it lol
Minebattle 567
Is lich’s mastery deck still good?
Tithe taker destroyed me when I was playing mono blue.
Don't be like me: mulligan more :) The deck feels fine, but Monoblue isn't a great matchup due to Trickster & Sultai is definitely trickier than we want it to be. We're on a kill clock whereby we need to sneak under all the lifegain & Find/Finality, as well as the value generators like Hostage Taker.
Montanx HS
Why side out unbreakable when it’s just as good as negate vs kayas?
Nick Rubin
When you see someone hyped for rare version of Make a Stand, good times.
Tomodachi Amico
First enemy player "menodebrutto" most likely is italian. The Nick means: I'll beat you bad
Bogdan Lipan
Hi.I was the monoblue player.I sure had some fun.Hope u too😁
guillaume bordes
Thanks a lot for this deck that allows me to be Mythic for the second time. And so happy to prove that unbreakable formation is so underestimated. Thanks again for all your videos.
Bill Jangins
It is fun watching you play an aggro deck. I have the opposite problem of you. That is my style so I always forget to not tap out or forget to play conservatively in other strategies. As always thank you for the content.
I've been running 4x unbreakable in my WW (without deputy), as it lets me attack into annoying board states. It's really good! Also great in boros.
Arg nox! I love your videos but please do not sing the all star song! uhg.
krepsy K
Would you consider building a Cavaclade deck? I have a decent deck list.
The guys from the GAM podcast suggested an orzhov weenies build. I'm curious what that would look like and if it would work better than azorius.
Chart a course on this deck? Will it be good?
Wouldnt it make more sense to run 4 copies of conclave tribunal instead of deputy? And you will not worry about lands. Also, conclave can be cast for free.
If you're gonna run 2x Deputy, why not stick a few Dovin in there too? Threat diversification, flying blockers, and in a weenie deck, a good chance at some clutch card draw.
This is like a game. What powerful card can I splash into weenie white and pretend I'm playing a multicolor deck? We already have WR and WU, maybe WB?
Shatzi Norris
I'm sure you understand that the real name of this deck is "Wet Weenies"
Where's dovin arbiter in that list ? :( and splash red for heroic reinforcement !
I think most games, white weenie holds the advantage over mono blue. The primary factor is efficiency. As the game progresses, white unloads more threats than blue has mana to control as the meat of white's threats come as 1 drops. I think this was best illustrated in nox's first game that he almost won. Blue really needs to be on top of his tempo game to stay on top since white will punch through hard the first time blue eases pressure or misses a beat.
Lord Peasant
azourus cards got a lot more respectable after they stopped giving them detain.
Hamsa Hamsa
I also have a white weenie deck with Formation and without Loxodon. Also not a fan of Snubhorn. Would cut both and rather play some good two drops. Also smooths your curve a bit better imo.
Cool Guy Jones
I don't think Azorious is the right build for WW right now. I still think its better to play red splash because I don't think Deputy of Detention is good enough to carry the deck into splashing blue mainboard. Without Heroic Reinforcements, your capability for closing out Nexus and Gates decks before they take control goes way down.
Jack Heart
My white weenie runs unbreakable formation and make a stand, the team indestructible is huge. Against control, save three mana to counter their board wipe, against other aggro trap their attack with one or if you have more then one in hand two attack alls should win. Against red win packthe weenies that add health.
Gameplay @ 4:09
“Mill me up! Mill me up inside! Can’t mill up! Saave me~! Save me from the empty library I’ve be-co-ome~....”
Guillermo Guinea
Nox,from the first video i've seen you, i love the way you play and show your line of thought...BUT i live in a third world country and sometimes we cannot spend money on what we love...the point is.............is there something against budget decks???that comment really shock me...and as always:may the luck and the fun be with you bro
Stephen Hardy
Hey Nox, I know this is off topic but I was wondering your opinion about if Gilded Lotus will ever be relevant. Or maybe I should ask if there are any Decks that you might find the Gilded Lotus to be interesting?
Wait. If you’re swapping four Deputies for one-two spell pierce why then bring an island. Since you are lowering the number of blue mana in costs of your cards. Or I am missing something?
I find this deck kinda boring
Wet weenies?
Tithe and 4 deputy is def not better than 4 skymarcher and 3 adanto's. It sucks running into a lot of 3 mana cards. Played both, this variant feels lower compared to the rest.
Why do aggro decks tend to sideboard to make their deck slower (planeswalker)? to have another threat after a board clear?
max kmiecik
food for thought
Kuwabara Griffin
Deputy weenies
Interesting to see no adanto vanguard but still great deck anyways. I guess it's just awful against blue so that's a good reason to go without it.
You totally could’ve taken your own marshal with deputy and had free swings with deputy due to them not wanting to give you back your marshal, but they had so much damage and life gain at that point I guess scooping was right aha
Juan Herrera
You mispronounced Teeth Taker.