Vince & Jenny Gill Nashville Home Studio

Vince Gill invited us into his home in Nashville, TN where we were joined by his daughter, Jenny. We toured their home and studio and got a real feel for how well they really work together.

Vince Gill has managed to stay grounded, with all of his successes in life.  The media will never reveal the extent of his charitbable giving and volunteerism.  He's a great humanitarian.  His daughter seems to be following in his footsteps as well.  Beautiful young lady with a heart to match.  Very refreshing in today's culture.
Harry Prater
I have liked Vince ever since he was in Pure Prairie League. Great music, great voice, great musician......and humble....very cool.
Ezra Po
So jealous and happy for this dude!  He strikes me as a guy that has been through shit just like all of us but is a truly happy person.... I strive for that!
carol biggs
So down to earth great interview both nice
Vince Gill is some one to look up to as a great musician and great father and husband. Have always loved his music.
Blair Chadwick
lovely song. cool father and daughter team. x
M Trott
Hey she's got a great voice!
she has a beautiful voice. he seems to be a great dad : )
Boy Aditya
one of the most beautiful video Musician's friend ever produced :-D
Just saw Vince and Jenny performing together at The Oregon State Fair on 9-1-15, and he certainly doesn't need that walker yet. His singing and guitar playing were as flawless that evening as when I saw him more than 20 years ago at The Western Washington State Fair in Puyallup. He's country music's version of Paul McCartney in that respect.
Vince Gill is sweet. What a beautiful melodic family. God Bless!
expose me
We. have a son, Jantzen, and a daughter Savannah, hope will do the same. Both sides of our families have been in 🎵 all our lives. God bless, enjoyed the message
Gina Sterling
Jenny has a beautiful Voice. Just like her dad. Love this video.
gretchen mreminting
She's another `child-prodegy!' (...And hey, she can go by "Jenny G.!";D
Mud Wiser
Vice still has many many years ahead as a great musician,
This message is to the folks that did the video shoot.  Why do you folks keep shooting videos of people looking at camera 1 while shooting with camera 2?  If you had an interviewer (Talk show host for example) this would be ok but these people are supposedly speaking to me the viewer right?  I just CANNOT understand why you and other companies have started shooting videos like this. It makes the videos so "UN-professional" I enjoyed the information and I love Vince & Jenny Gill with all my heart and I love their music and what they stand for.  Thank you for sharing.  But please I would love to also see them looking at me. Regards, AWDDesignStudios
carol biggs
lovely she has a great voice
bs draven
One of the most respectable musicians on the planet.
Sheila Barron
Vince Gill your Daughter Jenny is Beautiful Beautiful Voice ♥️
In an industry which has changed so much, I hope Jenny makes it. She certainly inherited a musical talent from both her parents, and most likely considers stepmom Amy a mentor also.
Avenel Grace
Vince, even if you croaked, and used a walker... we'd still love you, and fill in the lines you forget . :-))
Randy Hughes
Matt Lauer brought me here.
marc burbank
Jenny, say hi to David Guy for me!
Wayne Cook
Love seeing his daughter do what he does...humble people are wonderful.
Joyce archa
love you Vince along with Jenny --love Amy & Janice also--I miss Sweethearts of the Rodeo.
With all due respect...Jenny GIll is a honey Hubba, hubba, hubba!
Jenny Dreams of Trains :-)
'dennisndodie'  How do you know his ex wife was not really telling the WHOLE truth?   You must not have a very good judgment on people.  You must not have been a fan at all.  I, too, look at character of whom I admire.  I research the inside and out of people that I admire.  I was in that business of evaluating on people for over 25 years.  I trust Vince and I wonder about your personal life.  There is nothing fake about what they show in this video.    
Jeff Arnold
Imagine having this man for a dad if you are a musician or songwriter! Ha Ha
Jeff Oliver
What a great person....Vince you mean so much to so many...thanks!
Craig Serrels
Thank you Vince.... we love your love ... and your guitars....
Melinda Nelson
Jenny u have ypur dads gift!! So proud of u. U guys sound just beautiful together!
Coag Edwards
U go Gill. Ur the man, not Tiger Woods.
Bud M.
Every time I hear Vince Gill play and sing, I am moved to tears.  His love of God and for music simply humbles me.
Rick Spyder
They are a class act...
These two cared more about their parts, than their kids hearts! Sad!
Connie Barnes
She has a beautiful voice.
Mark Chavez_19
Wow thats his wife! And she sing!s Oh my I'm going to die. Wow.
Classical music 74
People loves to look for problems whether it exists or doesn't.  I don't think it bothers him at all unless it matters to Amy or his children.  He is a principle man and speaks like it is and we get what we see.  
I am a heavy progressive player and I just wanted to say that I have a profound respect for this man as a musician. his talent crosses genres.
Justin Owen
That girl is stunning!
Still Cheeky
Take up your drivle with Vince and Amy. ;)
Why always that religions theological crap, which is a lie in the first place in a video which has nothing to do with that ? Jesus who ? Jesus does not even exist ! And do not cite anything from the bible , just written by men not inspired by God. That would be better yep deny her faith. its based on myths ..
Keef Richards
His daughter was not happy he cheated on the mom with Amy Grant. It's not as sweet as they make it out to be.
Caleb Rosazza
you dont see the irony in this do you
Don K
What a guy....lovely much love and admiration between the two.....Jenny, pick up the guitar girl and take some lessons if you haven't already....what an opportunity you have...!!
brittany bell
So pretty... He seems like such a great dad...
I don't have respect for people who pass judgement on others because doing so is an even worse sin.
Still Cheeky
Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. Of course we can look and see that this marriage appears wrong. The woman caught in adultery in the bible appeared wrong, too. And by the letter of the law she WAS wrong. But Jesus received her, and admonished those around her not to throw stones unless they were sin free. I'm sure that Amy is aware of her failings but at least she's pressing on. What other option does she have..deny her faith?
Today is Vince Gill's birthday...In this video, we see him enjoying the best gift a father ever received. God bless them both...Anybody have a tissue out there?
Too much harmony. I feel sick of envy.
Roger Marsh
Mom's, too - though I lost track of Janice Gill and the Sweethearts of the Rodeo some time ago.
WOW!!!! SO humble and the look on his face lets you see true love for that child.
Mark Zabel
Wow. Seems like a very down-to-earth guy.
Thanks - enjoyed this very much.
guitar time
she has Daddys Gift
guitar time
What a lovely and talented young lady. Vince has got to be one proud papa.
Love the kitty.
Jenny Miner
What a great father Daughter team
Joel Biger
Very great dad !
Great Dad !!
Cats and dogs are good...
How true for all of us, that our time IS limited and we need to squeeze the most out of every day. That said, Jenny has a beautiful singing voice.