Japanese "Get a Mac" Ad

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The Japanese version of the "Get a Mac" adds that run elsewhere in the world.

Kathleen Ngeow
They have changed this because of the Japanese culture. Because it is rude to brag about one's strengths, that's their belief (:
I was a PC user up till 4 m ago. I could build them fix them didnt matter what was wrong blue screen of death you name it, but at the end of the day all I really wanted was something that works. If you buy a brand new car you dont want to have to open up the hood and tinker with stuff just to get it running
Wasn't the point of the advertising that the mac looks "cooler" than the Pc? But with all Japanese looking the same this is a classic advertisement-Fail. lol ^^'
Jackie H
Well, I guess that is fine. I'm still going to stick to the PCs though, enjoy your Mac. :)
your comment represents the failure of human intelligence.
Jackie H
PC >>> MAC Not going to buy a Mac because of a bias (as it obviously would be) commercial.
Im taking Japanese and all i got was the greeting and shigotoo :)
Sweet, my Japanese isn't as crappy as I thought. :D
they both look hot. ... esp the PC. he looks like Cillian Murphy.
Mac: That's because everyone uses me in private at home, so it's easier to be my friend. PC: I see, I only have business acquaintances though, I want to be called something too. Mac: Well, since work acquaintances are your thing, how about we call you Work (Waaku in Japanese. Mac is Makku, therefore this a pun LOLOLZ)? PC: Makku (Mac), and Waaku(work)! Makku (Mac)!
PC: Hello, I'm a PC Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac PC: Huh? Aren't you a PC too? Mac: Yes, but everyone calls me Mac. PC: As if you're special or something, like a friend.