How to Launch a Nuclear Missile

What was the procedure to launch a nuclear missile? Uranium premieres: July 28 & 29 on PBS at 10pm ET/ 9pm Central France and Germany: July 31 at 10pm on ZDF/arte Norway: August 5 & 6 at 21:30 on NRK2 Australia: August 9, 16, 23 at 8:30pm on SBS Sweden: TBD Middle East: TBD For more information on other screenings go to /> A big thank you to The Titan Missile Museum, Yvonne and Chuck. /> Space footage courtesy of NASA

Dylan C.
Thanks, this tutorial is very helpful
reporter : can we go launch one? kim jong un : i thought you'd never ask.
Russian missile silos just have a big red button and a bottle of vodka next to it.
Covert Operations
'"Welcome to world war 3'" sounds creepy
"there's no oops switch" what's that "abort" light for?
Malik Tanveer
this is completely insane how few people decide the future of billions .
Gamer Chad
Thanks for this video. I was having problems finally getting it to launch
Professor Rowlet
*Kim jong un joins the chat*
Patrick Earthridge
0:56 to 2:09 This section is like the best scene of a movie ever. The way he spoke, opened the door, worded what he said, the way he said it.
Lord Nerdecon
Nobody: YouTube: Hey you wanna learn how to launch a nuclear missile?!!!!
Tim Sullivan
Launch Operator definitely not MY dream job - not only do I have mixed feelings about vaporizing millions of people, but I am ALWAYS losing my keys!
Umer Latif
Should be renamed How to Get on the FBI Watchlist
Jesse Meyer
Little does veritasium know, that old guy just needed a second guy to end the world.
8th Special Forces Group TITAN Platoon
Motto of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces: "После нас - тишина" ("After us - silence")
Tim Sullivan
"Dude, WTF?! Not LAUNCH - I said we had time for a quick LUNCH!
Lucho Abrazo
2:33 that dude is the general grievous walking
Norman Morgan
From 9/66 thru 2/69 I was assigned to the 381st Strategic Missile Wing at McConnell AFB, Wichita, Kansas. My job was maintaining the wired communications systems on the launch sites, including those speakers you heard the EWO message over, as well as the many intercom headsets used by maintenance personnel, and the various private line telephones used to control site access. I noticed that your guide was Chuck Penson. He has published a rather comprehensive book about the Titan II from the concept to the construction, the functionality, how various systems worked, all the way through to the decommissioning and destruction of the sites. Tons of pictures and diagrams. A great resource for anyone interested in the most devastating weapon system ever deployed and a walk down memory lane for us old guys who proudly wore the “pocket rocket” (Missileman badge) back in the day.
Thanks, I wasn't sure how to get mine working
Christian McKee
Next video suggestions: 1.) How to hack the US government 2.) How to break into the Whitehouse 3.) How to successfully torture somebody 4.) How to get somebody to listen to baby shark
I didn't know they used hippies to launch missiles.
Gaydolf Hitler
well to defeat the keys you could just use a piece of string.
Mankind invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever construct a mousetrap. - Albert Einstein
Just press AZ5 and everything will be fine
USA: It's a 9 megaton missile, massive. Tsar Bomba: Hello
Launches nukes: it's just a prank russia Russia: deads man switch activates
"In the Arizona desert".... *trees in the background* Nice try, Derek.
the russians just had a big button that said "CYKA"
Yay! That's our Titan II silo museum. Star Trek: First Contact was partially filmed there. Titan I silos are massive in comparison btw. I'd love to see a complete tour of one of those (to date - only urban explorer vids have show parts of them and they were in terrible shape). I'm aware of one near DIA in Colorado that might be a candidate. The batteries to power the on-board missile system was particularly ingenious. They used gravity fed electrolytics that would be poured into the anode case when the bags holding them would be punctured. In seconds you had a charged battery ready for use - that would never leak or degrade indefinitely - keeping the battery viable - forever (because it was assembled at time-of-use). My father worked on a variant of the Titan II (he worked on 3 nuclear missile systems altogether, including a defensive interceptor or AMM). The Titan II was a single-warhead design. Later missiles including the MX were MIRV capable launching a platform that would park in orbit and scan targets for multiple secondary warhead deliveries. Megatons of fun. Finally, early astronauts riding on re-purposed nuclear missiles found their GEICOs would at orbit be 'hunting' for targets. The pilot of the spacecraft would have to override the desire to nose-down for re-entry (until purpose-built rockets were developed for future spacecraft).
lil HDMI
Thank you I'll be announcing war on russia
Chet Pomeroy
Those were scary times, as I remember. Those of us alive at that time were anticipating a bright flash in the sky, then oblivion.
majd pro
In Soviet Russia you don’t launch nukes Nukes launch you
To FBI, CIA or anyone who is monitoring this video: I did not search this video's title.
Cody Janus
The most maintenanced launches still have immediate falure or navigation 🧭 was good deal never came down to the line who ever made those got paid like a prince 🤴
Youtube: How to launch a nuclear missile FBI: WAIT, WHAT?
Peter Black
This video is cheesier than a 1970's blaxploitation film
6:18 that’s gotta be something that made him uncomfortable “Hey Neil, no need to worry, but just so you know this rocket you are riding was technically designed to blow up” Neil: “Why would you tell me this…”
Wendel Bolide
A million views from North Korean technicians.
michael george.c
One day..this would be a farming implement
I've been looking forever for a "how to" on this. Thanks!
Ross Radford
Why do I feel like I'm on a list now for clicking this?
So not all nations have the right of deterrence through nuclear weapons.
Later versions have up to 11 separate warheads. That can hit different targets. Also decoys for anti ICBM weapons
swEET noTHINGS irobot
Couldn’t you just use those arm extenders to pick up trash to turn both keys?
Fred Shirazi
The rocket & the warhead are separate, The rocket was for space, He is saying it was good to have it after all, USA stalemate in Korea, 100% loss Vietcong, Iraq retreat, Afghanistan as Alexander The Great did, retreat. Nuclear weapons are waste of $$ for all sides.
Schuyler Hupp
The launch control panel did actually have an "abort" indicator lamp... Wonder how that worked?
Orella Minx
Instructions unclear, I was stopped at the gate by a very angry man with a gun and held in a dark room for 18 hours.
shreyash sahu
just got my nuke thanks for saving me the trouble of reading the user's manual :)
0:54 - Cue the Fallout music
Dam Daniel Dam!
You just know that kim jong un is watching and taking notes
Giordano Tanora
veritassium: *uploads in 2015* 2015 youtube : 2016 youtube : 2017 youtube : 2018 youtube : 2019 youtube : *cmon lets recommend this to people !*
Masre Super
Awesome tutorial, I'm going to try it myself
Klipklapklop •
After both keys are turned *missile solo starts to shake*
Kyle Kariba
This is extremely scary, especially the fact that afterwards there is no going back....Jesus
Olive a
Postmate a nuclear missile. YOU'VE launched a nuclear missile.
Andrew Bergamann
So, to end the world you don't need a button. Just two long arms and a pair of keys.
--"Can we go launch one?" --"I thought you'd never ask."
marina njer
Veritasium: I'm here in the Arizona desert. Me: (see a forest instead)
Amon Ra II
I once had a dream. A bright metallic object glimmer in the sky like a shooting star in the middle of the day and slowly creep downward. And then after a few seconds, there is an extremely loud boom. And I say "this is it". Then I see all that is left are exposed pipes on the ground all over the place where the city used to be. Red colored pipes like when they dig up the street for renovations and nothing else.
Billy Gray
just give it a few years and it'll be converted to go faster than light by zefram cochrane
Press Secretary Alex Jones
Through the entire video I was waiting for dude in the hardhat to be like "IDK I'm a plumber, I just broke into here an hour ago"
Wayne Brewster
I worked at all 18 Titan II missile sites surrounding Tucson from 1980 to 1984 when they were decommissioned. We manned the nuclear trigger 24/7 365 to keep peace through overwhelming strength.
daniel DV
😂😂😂😂😂 my word!!!! Russia and China hope u are listening and watching the USA is a monster enemy!!
Patrick Earthridge
2:54 I figured out what the numbers mean, Mason!
sǝpnu puǝs
Next video should be a DIY on how to make a nuclear missile
Creme De La Meme
How did i get here from the body temperature of a chicken?
This Should Be Renamed: How To Get FBI Watching You
Oh thank you very much Veritasium. I just bought a nuke from eBay and wasn't able to figure out how to launch it.
just a dog in the comment section
*Kim Jong Un subscribed to your channel*
joshua darwin
i follow this steps but my main engine won't start i think it needs some wd40
Jonathan Stewart
I wonder what kind of psychological preparation the missile crews received, in order to overcome what must have been incredible stress.
brian bowes
nothing can stop rev.6 : 4
Nicholas Granat
Im hoping the world does go for such a folly!
Mohammed Qasem
Now I learned, how to Launch a Nuclear Missile
Shishir Datta
Magic Morgan
*Kim Jong Un wants to know your location. Allow Deny*
Ictpilot Ictpilot
Can't wait to go in person to see this.
Instructions unclear Fallout 76 happened
Pavel Mecer
Can't help but remember Dictator - "it looks like a dildo, it will rebound back at us"
First I watch a video on how to build a nuclear reactor, and now how to launch a nuclear missile. Hey NSA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Charles Kong
I’m amazed how they built these systems before things even got digital
These equipments looks really old.
If the US turns their keys Russians turns theirs If the Russians turn their keys US turns their keys
Ducks Are Great
650 times larger than Hiroshima. *CAN WE GO LAUNCH ONE*
Nick Guhr
You created such an atmosphere at the moment before launch, an atmosphere so scary that it gave me goose bump...
Very helpful tutorial. Have successfully ended earth! Thnx bro.
Indronil Palit
Music from 5:38 to 5:45( till the launch) gives an eerie feeling about the end of life on earth. It feels like we really launched the missile
Vince T
I was secondary support (HF/UHF radio repair) for the Titan systems in Kansas in the late '70s. Many a time I was in the command center working on equipment when a launch alert came in. We knew the alert 'Skybird, skybird..... this is SAC airborne Command Post...." With that, we knew to immediately leave the control room, normally to level 3 where our equipment racks were, until the drill was complete. The launch process was repeated over and over and over again until these folks could do it in their sleep. I would hate to be in their shoes for the sheer responsibility, but proudly supported them knowing the reason we were all there. It is sad today, as I ask young adults "Do you know what the Cold War was?", and got blank stares from 25 year olds.... What ever happened to history lessons in school? I guess because my era didn't spill blood it wasn't noteworthy...
Tarmo Saluste
No target coordinate input? Just launch it randomly?
John Markey
"How to launch a nuclear missile" Welcome to the NSA watch list.
This looks like an intricate way to an Easter egg hunt.
Robert Wheeler
Nice production using historic footage and it almost looked like they fired a missile. I doubt NK gotta get much from this.
Imidasui Xerodam
nobody: Vertasium: HoW tO lAuNcH a NuClEaR mIsSlE
4:22 He's feeling the power, lol
Nukes 'R' Us
This was very helpful, thanks. Kept forgetting to hold the keys in place.
Ben’s #1 Cultist
I feel like I probably just got put on a list
david maison
TBD stands for what ???
Xz Sabre
Wow, very helpful. This will be helpful in my takeover of my friends Minecraft server!
Devil's Offspring
Wow, interesting! Thanks for posting this. The old dude was real icy about it all, wasn't he? Straight Gangsta.
Nemesis T-Type
Is it done Yuri? No comrade Premiere. It's just only begun.