Real time video showing a house fly 'hatch'.

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This real time video shows a sinlge house fly 'hatch' from it's reddish caster shell. The video has no sound and limited comments. Not a lot happens as it takes nearly 6 minutes for the fly to force its way out of the shell. The emerging fly escapes from the pupal case through the use of an alternately swelling and shrinking sac, called the ptilinum, on the front of its head which it uses like a pneumatic hammer to break throug the case. This sac disappears once the fly emerges. Unfortunately the fly shuffles to the edge of frame as it fights to free itself but if you look closely, it is possible to see that the fly does not have wings at this stage. These will slowly expand from close to the flys body over several minutes before the fly is able to...well, fly...

Always thought them were mouse poop. BURN EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IKS Exploration
How crazy is that ! Thanks for sharing :)
Dennis Stevens
Gross. HATE them, All!🔥
MrTempus Vernum
Had these in a container for fishing bait, came home one day and they were hatched...
Billy Buttlord
spray can + lighter....asap
Patricia Hill
Chapter One; I born
I just wanna step on all them at the same time
rika miku
Had a bunch of these in my house. Fantastic
shagy yy
papa bless
Malik Obeid
Gasoline fire yes hahahahhahahahhhaahahahahah
Electric Pikachu
I think I'm going to be sick
I thought house flies laid white eggs?
bryan cowing
Thanks! I hope the little guy got away okay! He seemed to be kind of stuck to the table :(
some guy
Sly Fox
These ones are good compared to the ones that want to borrow and infest your living flesh for that, I am thankful for this fly. Plus we need flies for medical purposes I believe still.
burn them btw there great bc they fly slow and i can swat them :)
Bacon Doe
Looks like more of a cockroach
Lovely Joy Targado
what call in fly egg?
Trey Stephens
Aww, they're so cute. ☺
ranie king llorca mitra
Patricia Hill
Gross little thing!
ew gross