KING KTF | Tool - Parabol + Parabola - REACTION


turkish for blue 🔏
Law of Attraction brother 🙏
logan Thomas McKnight Logan Thomas McKnight
"Tool might be the greatest band ever" - he gets it. We have succeeded
Christopher Murillo
Your reactions to Tool are the best. It really does let me relive how I felt when I first discovered them.
I've been putting Holllllddddd onnnnn Bruuuuuuuhhhh into my everyday language lol. Tool is one of my favorite bands.
Ross Hotard
King, Tools last album was in 2006, Maynard says that the new album will be on shelves in 2019, possibly April next year, cant wait. Tool Concert brother. time.
Let’s be honest now. We all knew exactly where that HOLD ON BRUHHHHH was gonna hit for this song. You never disappoint Preston
Ozro Howard
You named Pink Floyd as your #2 yet you've only done 2 or 3 videos, I think. Therefore I am assuming you've been cheating on us & listened to Dark Side of the Moon & The Wall albums on your own. Preston, you can admit it. It's us.
Carmen Mendoza
scoot toolfan
"The details bro..." YES! they really do craft their music into perfection. my requests: H No Quarter Push it - live version from Salival
"Tool might be the best band ever" - FACT! I actually yelled out a "HOLD ON BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" when I heard you say that! In my humble opinion they are the best band ever, just slightly edging out Led Zeppelin
Denny Spark
Tool - THIRD EYE WILL BLOW YOU AWAY ! wanna see your reaction
J.t. Orem
Best reactor on YouTube. I love that you don't criticize any song and give us the best lines out of a song. React to life goes on - 2pac
Cool Coyote
tool arent afraid to make you wait.
Core Puncher
Tool is a genre.
Kwame Hayes
Mate love it I'm telling you you don't listen to tool you experience tool
scoot toolfan
"TOOL might be the best band ever" no sir...TOOL IS the best band ever love yr reactions dude. spiral out
Jovanni Ruiz
Once again, WHEN are you going to start watching the actual videos? If you think your mind was blown hearing this jam here, then imagine how it would have imploded had you watched the video in HD. Take it to the next level young blood, start watching the original videos. By the way, your first original music video for TOOL should be STINKFIST. You'll thank me later.
Paige Allemand
hey umm... they are going on tour. I'm going to the may 8th one in Louisville ky. GOOOO!!
ha my mind automatically started playing Ticks and Leeches when the track ended
Go old school TOOL, with Cold and Ugly or Sweat, or Hush, or damn it Opiate!
thats a pretty solid top 3 bro. ive listened to tool since i was 14, im 31 now...never use to get into the lyrics or appreciated the details till i was like mid 20s...i was blown away by wings for marie pt1 and 10,000 has so much personal meaning to maynard, the lead singer...he was an atheist and his mom was super religious. he couldnt wrap his head around how she was so faithful through cancer, stroke, and being in a wheelchair. she said up until the very end that this was gods plan. sad. have to do those two songs together, and get into the lyrics. its so fuckin deep bro, when i understood the lyrics, it would make me tear up, nothing has done that to me. just going to throw this link out there to a live performance for anyone who is curious how he sounds live. he is on another level. god level. is something everyone should witness
Mickey Rube
Kingdom by Devin Townsend. You will not regret it, bruh.
Gregory Held
Liquid Tension Experiment: "Acid Rain"
Dude I’m not stopping till you do the grudge...!!!! You owe this to yourself..!!!! Awesome video as always buddy
Tarantula Fangs
Dude!!! About time you reviewed this song! I've been vocal about it since I saw your first couple of Tool reviews. This song is straight up fire🔥 I crank it on at the gym and that's it.
Eric Lemieux
Man, I was the guy who needed to hear that. Appreciate it man!
mac and cheese
Positive to negative.. hold on bruh!!! Electricity
Triginta Tres
I love you bro <3 and all you in chat...
Violent Nomad
No joke, I absolutely NEEDED to hear what you said about keeping your thoughts positive. That hit deep, bro. Thank you.
chris freeman
go see them live it will change you forever
Erick Hdz Ruiz Kagua
Hi! I from México, great reaction. Please react to Porcupine Tree - Arriving somewhere but not here \m/ (Progressive rock ) 🔯
Farbod DV
Pls react to pink floyd - comfortably numb live at pulse
Shona Anderson
I think you should check out a band called "Karnivool" from Australia, I think you'd get into them. Some epic songs to start you off... "Simple Boy," "New Day," "Sky Machine," I could keep going, but that's enough to start :)
Rosetta stoned/ lost keys 15 min version next... might want lyrics
Manuel Mesa
You want a Tool collaboration check out Deftones - Passenger. It has Maynard from Tool singing on that track. It’s epic!
ThePillager Pirate
How you react to Tool warms my heart It reminds me of how I felt the first time. Thank you for that. You are awesome.
Vladimir Erfan
Rush - 2112. Details for days.
I'm interested to see how you would react to Godspeed You! Black Emperor. It' differet from what you usually have, but if you like detail... these are your people. Check out "Piss Crowns are Trebled" or "Anthem for No State (parts I II & III)"
i love seeing someone have that ‘first time’ with a tool song. vicariously.
Mundo Productions
React to some Muse please You will love them.
Levi Brand
This is my favorite tool song. My top 3 list would be (1) Pink Floyd (2) Metallica (3) Tool
I felt that HOLD ON BRAH! coming like an earthquake \m/ that was awesome, love your reactions, keep'em coming!
The Regressive Progressive
*THIS IS MY THEME SONG* I've lived with Chronic pain and over 10 surgeries since I was 20 and I'm 38 now. big ass chunk of bone sawed out of my knee, bilateral mastectomy, two back surgeries with disc removal and rods and plates installed, appendix removal, two inguinal hernia surgeries, sinus rooto rooter turbinate surgery, spinal facet joint nerve cauterization, and more. Wrist surgery coming up soon...degenerative joints and arthritis all over. All while being a college athlete, getting a dual bachelor's chemistry/biology then working 12 to 16 hour shifts as a chemist in a power plant. Hard not to say fuck it and go on disability sometimes, but I will be a productive citizen until I cannot possibly work anymore damnit. I throw this song on when it gets real bad. TOOL is the best band ever. There are a lot of great bands....I listen to everything from Tove Lo, Major Lazer, old school rap, classical, Led Zeppelin, Slipknot, Sia, Sade, Disturbed, APC, Puscifer, anything but country basically. I can't fucking stand country and I'm a white dude gun owner living in BFE, MO. Stereotypes say I should be rockin' banjo music. But there's TOOL, then there's everything else. Nobody is as creative, experimental, complex, and consistently amazing. Nobody. People come close, but nobody reaches that level IMO. Maynard's voice is aging but he's the best vocalist and lyricist ever and his bandmates are right up there in their craft as well with Danny being the best rock drummer as well. Of course that's all subjective/opinion....
I just said yes so loudly after seeing the notification for this.
Jeffrey Burnett
Thank you for being an inspiration. Keep up the good work. God Bless you, brother.
Kenny G
Love these reactions man. Reminds me of when I first discovered the masterpiece that we know as Tool's music. You get it.
I see you reacting to Tool I click like before watching. Actually I just do that for every video lol. But I click it so much harder for Tool
Dude.....ive been so down, so hurt, so lost. Its been soooo hard to look at the few positives i have in my life. Seems so dark. But Preston, i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your message tonight. I felt as if that was said just for me. Shed a tear bro. I THANK YOU
Moryc Żółw
Obviously you have to watch the video clip too. Tons of metaphors and overall amazing imagery.
Yes TOOL is the best. They're a transcending experience. They're big fan of Pink Floyd.
The patient tool the patient tool the patient tool the patient tool the patient
Tommy Wojcik
Bruh you had me watching your videos for two hours, awesome shit stay 👏
Stopped a different video just for this one
Now we can proceed! Man, you should watch Meshuggah - Clockworks. They are by far one of the most influential bands of our time! They are similar to Tool in a way, odd time signatures, polyrythms and great technicality. I actually saw Meshuggah open for Tool while they were on their Lateralus tour. By far the best thing I have ever seen in my life. If you do watch Meshuggah - Clockworks, please do yourself a favor and watch the drummer play through of it. You will not be disappointed! Keep up the good work my man!
Maaahtin Cartahh
Omg. Yesssssssss!!!! He gonna snap!!! Lmao (just started watching it. Waiting for the magical part lmao)
I waited with bated breath for this album release. My reaction to Parabol/Parabola was basically the same as yours. Mega powerful music with mind-blowing lyrics. I love these reaction videos. Five hundred years from now, they'll be teaching Mozart, Bach, Zappa, and Tool in music classes.
Chris Lain
Need to check out Tool's "Opiate" album..Great from start to finish!
Robert Thompson
05:16 "TOOL might be the best band ever, man..." You're almost there, man....almost there...
Spirit Rider
"Hold on bruuuuuuhhh!!!" - gets me every time haha. Genuine reaction sir
Alex Ruslan
Just when I think you can't top yourself lol. Nicely done dude, congrats!
Dustin Greene
Tool - H
Abraham Esparza
React to Pearl Jam
Dragon Face
"Keep your thoughts positive, bro. I felt like somebody needed to hear that!" Thanks Preston. I did need to hear that. :)
David Bradford
Totally agree with your Tool is the best band ever call. So damn good! Great reaction too bro!
Khaotik Harmony
Time to expand to A Perfect Circle. React the the noose. Expand to Puscifer. React to Grand Canyon.
Jeremy O'Meara
Such a fantastic reaction man to these two tracks, possibly my 2 favourite tracks from the best band that ever lived 🤘🏻 Thanks for the video
Christine Fritz
37 thumbs down? Disconnected from their own soul. Pitty!
Tool G.O.A.T
Joshua Smith
I needed to hear that, bro. Positive thoughts.
Your speaking some truth brother! Masterpiece!
The Artist J
Theocracy- laying the demon to rest!!! A must checkout song! One of the best intro screams i know of
Love your reaction dude. That's how all us Tool fans feel about listening to them. Masterpieces at work with inspiring lyrics.
Angelo Bravo
4:30 the best reaction ever bro, thanks for your videos, regards from chile 🙌🏽
Can you pls react to Tool- The patient?
Three good pics my friend👍 And yes stay positive😀
Northern Thai Garden Guy
Maynard did say that the new album is due out in 2019...when is still the question (still very hush-hush).
I don't even have to watch the video before giving you a thumbs up on a Tool reaction bruh! Keep em coming!
Adele Wright
KTF is now eternal and all our pain is an illusion - I'm wide eyed and hopeful..
Nate Fontana
The Patient next :)
William Fenton
Dude watching your facial expressions literally brought tears to my eyes at how genuinely you received the power of this music
React to more Pink Floyd. "Time", "Money" "Shine on you crazy diamond" "Dogs"
jason norris
I'm enjoying the reactions, you need to give RUSH a try!! I'd start with Tom Sawyer or Working Man. Thanks keep it up
YUSSS, you did it!!! Massive Tool fan, and big fan of yours now too bro.
you didn't do killshot reaction video ? what!
ManlyMan TheMan
I feel you bro, i've been stuck on tool ever since i first heard vicarious :) I even learned to play guitar just so i could play their songs lol
Idk if this is my fav by tool but def top 2/3
Steve Graves
I'm like a proud papa, you make me so proud Preston 😁... Tool is the GOAT, and it's awesome how much love u have for them. thanks for your reaction videos!!
RMAC 001
I love your passion for good music, I feel you bro, not all people appreciate and really hear and feel good music to some it's just background noise in their lives
Yo Preston I've noticed you haven't reacted to Eminem mockingbird yet
Chris Griffin
Once Maynards soul touches yours. You never lose that light, it's a great thing.. modifies you in the best of ways.
Elkin Cardona
Great thoughts Preston... "We are energy, be positive, thought positive because your thoughts become reality" I like that.
Free living
TOOL is my favorite band, and it’s easy to see why!! REQUEST/ Metallica-Harvester of sorrow Intro is straight fire 🔥 bro!!!!
Clayton Duncan
You ever liked a video before you watched it
I think you're ready for another one of their masterpieces... Third Eye
sean Saville
nothing wrong with that statement. Tool is THE BEST EVER
Loki Lyesmyth
Preston.. "Thoughts become things." :) You are spot on.