Muse - hysteria lyrics video

Muse Hysteria Lyrics HD

a tip for anyone making a lyrics video in the future: Make sure the stupid god damn transistion/animations finish before the signer starts so we can sign along with him..
Lord Bloodoath
This song's just... Epic.
Tony Gin
My english teacher listens to this all the time . Thats how I love him haha
Shant Shinde
If you see 'loose' instead of 'lose' you're being hysterical XD
Amar Haiqal
Oh God that solo part...what an eargasm
I swear that this is one of the only songs ever that is centred around the bass guitar that hasn't messed it up.
As soon as that tune starts you know it's gonna kick ass
Michele Compagno
I can't find a Muse band's song which I don't like. I'm hitting the like botton evey time I listen a new song
As a bassist, this makes me moist
when you play dark souls
Fucks sake. Lose. You "lose" control. Loose is a completely different word. I'm, not Iam as well. I know it's being picky, but it's a lyric video, literally all you have to do is get the damn lyrics right.
Bianca Padilla
Love the beginning of this song!
Hannah Garcia
I would really love to throw an English book at somebody's face right now.... but great song!
Lingura Gaming
Actually thought he'd come in and scream " Looooooong musiiiiiiccc"
Caradh ras
the bass gave me orgasme
Didi Existancial
that bass
2:14 *amazing music
Shant Shinde
Well about that stupid slide transition. Well i decided against it Cuz that brings you back to the moment, b4 you become hysterical and break someone's head..... XD
Larissa van Waardenberg
The tune of this song is so amazing. Muse never ceases to amaze me.
Amir Omar
2:42 drum transition into second solo-after-chorus, dont tell me i am the one with this part for my phone ringtone
i Think this song along with our time is running out sounds better live, like the one at wembely
the vid has been added in my birth day and i luv it ! *no body care but huh dhu ma bd *-* *
john derom
muse is perfect for me et ca c clair
Eliana Magro
Some lyrics are late. You only had one job.
The Forgotten official
Im addicted to muse!
Camille Marie
This song <3
this is my song
Estefany Rodriguez
Give me your heart and your soul! 
Nicholas Stott
Not enough breadcrumbs...
Brandon Harwood
Best... Love song... *Ever...*
ramisa rahman
too damn good *-* <3
Sean O'Reilly
Good Stuff! I have a Muse cover that's worth a watch as well. Much appreciated. =)
Ultra Nova
To all the people complaining about the mistakes in the video, the person who made it is human. They make mistakes, and these mistakes are fairly minor (in my opinion) . I get why some people get annoyed with it since it’s a lyric video but you also need to remember that people make mistakes.Just my opinion on the matter.
The Cold Pop Gaming
I was playing this song on guitar and my friend told me the song name and band, so I looked it up, I've been playing this song for years just on memory and never actually really listened to the song
Thanks for uploading!
Fabiani Ramos
Puede haber una canción mejor que esta? lml
Gio Erze
Why do you hate capital "I"?
Jordan H
Takes me back to planet zebes & SR388
Savanna Perry
This song is the end of the drum core show I'm in, and it's so epic. Our bassist gets to stand on a marimba to play his solo. This song is epic
never witch
Muse's vocals are not my style, but damn that bass and drum and instrumentals are just...WOW
Fizry Rejab
lovee this song......
Seth Nowac
Step 1: Right click on video Step 2: Click 'Loop' Step 3: Enjoy life :)
Donuts McGee
I've listened to the 2 Cellos cover of this before the original. I clicked on the vid out of curiosity and said to myself multiple times, "why does this sound familiar? Oh yeah!!" Haha! Love both versions!
Máday néni <3
Andrew Harper
who else likes A7X and Dimmu Borgir
Nathan Marks
Um spelling much?
kenz ouille
I adore !!! It's a beautiful sung !!! *-* wow
HELL YES. muse makes me so
wahyusaputra lurah
Omar Palma
so beautiful song!!
Bradley Landau
This when time has run out...don't ya know?
A Guy
I love the guitar solo. It's awesome🙂
Ezad Along
try akim & majistret - obses
Elise Flores
I really love this song because I used to listen to it all the time in Chicogo
diyan nystick
This Song is My new Inspiration ^_^
Soumik Sarkhel
dat bass....dam feels... :v
george w
Loose is the opposite of tight, lose is the opposite of win.
Pondering Panda
I know this is mean but.... Focus on when he breathes. You'll never be able to forget it.
a normal day in los santos
Elena Ilinca
Im digging it, btw thats not my real name...
Eliana Rios
:''''ooo Porque me gustan tantoooo <3 
"Give me your heart and your soul"
Fiorella Limay
Came here thanks to Insurgent. No regrets<3
Yes,they are Satan's worshipers and so are we,keep in mind you have been cursed for eternity,bye.
Bruno Barreto
the chorus is wrong, the correct is I'm breaking down I'm breaking out and, waht is cuz?
Cooper Smith
I already have. That was the second song I listened to. I now know most of their songs, and their history as a band.
go listen uprising ;)
as i said..ignorance lives on ;)
ignorants live on
* MUSEGASMIC I mean...dayyaammm my keyboard needs cleaning...I'll get my ma to do it immediately as if....shes a lazy bitch hahahaha JOKE I am the lazy mofo
MUSEGAMIC....fucking lllllllllooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee MUSE...awesomest band EVER
Oh for fucks sake...
Jadyn Just
this song is from 2003 and its the best one
you are very funny.
i know exactly.the same thing satan wants you to do :)
Shant Shinde
baby that's the loosened control..... that's HYSTERIA
averla sentita live.... che soddisfazione! *_* great satisfaction that hearing it live! *_*
Matt Shah
that what they call hysteria
give me your soul?? what is this satanic?
Isabella Ferreiro
hysteria is my fav
Punky Girl
Love muse <3
abdee kece
Roger Franky
My favorite song!!!!
Mine was Supermassive Black Hole :) Gotta love Muse :D
You simply have to ;D
Cooper Smith
This is the first Muse song I've ever listened to. I think I'll go listen to more songs.
I don't think that there is another song which has better bassline than this.
Ubcs Victor
this song makes me want to randomly rape a virgin, take a drugs and drink to get drunk >:')
Kenpachi Zaraki
Jean-Louis Ropers-Beckmann
Thank you for the video, but pleaaaase : I* + I am* + It's* + 'cause* This song is worth an effort!
Raquel R
im the only one who heard this song because of insurgent aint i?
Me and my headphones are proud. <3 Thank you for the effort!
hermawan awan
Is very Good is song hysteria lyrics ! ^_^
cows with controllers
Thanks so much I love this song I have thins like this on my channel
Portal of Sanity
Amazing track, if you like to see a "hysteria" HD lyric video with guitar cover please check out my channel. Thanks and peace, Portalofsanity
Francesca Crispi
It has an amazing quality!! Thank you :)
Megan Simpson
Bilbonche le Haut Bite
Dat bass
Miguel Maldonado
I am soo in love with this song ((: