Chuck Jones - The Evolution of an Artist

If you grew up watching Looney Tunes, then you know Chuck Jones, one of all-time masters of visual comedy. Normally I would talk about his ingenious framing and timing, but not today. Instead, I’d like to explore the evolution of his sensibilities as an artist. To see the names of the films, press the CC button and select “Movie Titles.” This video also had a wonderful animation consultant: Taylor Ramos ( /> For educational purposes only. You can donate to support the channel at Patreon: /> And follow me here: Twitter: />Facebook: /> Music: Raymond Scott - “Powerhouse," "Minuet in Jazz,” “Twilight in Turkey,” “The Toy Trumpet" Carl Stalling - "Scentimental Romeo," "Guided Muscle,” "Feline Frame-Up,” “Rabbit Seasoning," “Duck! Rabbit, Duck!” Milt Franklyn - “One Froggy Evening,” "Robin Hood Daffy,” “What’s Opera, Doc?" Interview Clips (from Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Vol 1): Chuck Jones Interview: ( />Chuck Jones: Extremes & In-Betweens ( />A Chuck Jones Tutorial: Tricks of the Cartoon Trade ( />It Hopped One Night: A Look at “One Froggy Evening” ( /> Recommended Reading: 9 Rules of the Coyote and the Road Runner ( />Chuck Amuck: The Life and Times of an Animated Cartoonist ( />The Noble Approach: Maurice Noble and the Zen of Animation Design ( /> Help us caption & translate this video!

Csiklós Miklós
"I'm a snake and you have charmed me, no?"
both chuck jones and hayao miyazaki, renowned masters of their craft, have stressed the importance of cartoonists studying real life humans. for the sake of animation's future, i hope that more artists will take this advice instead of just continuing to mimic other cartoons/anime/movies etc, saturating the market with tropes and cliches. draw from life! experience life! it's the only way to make something new.
Ahmar Saeed
This just reminded me of how great Looney Tunes was!
Dan Bull
I'm on a mission to watch every Looney Tunes cartoon ever produced and this video has given me more of an insight into them as I watch them. Thank you :)
Definitely Catherine
Was I the only one chuckling at the clips.
Lol XD. I lost it at 6:37. The look on Bugs Bunny's face while he is doing that massage is priceless!
Chuck Jones is like my kryptonite! I managed to hold out the whole video, but as soon as he said, of inspiration "You can find it anyplace ... You can find it anyplace", I got this big teary-eyed smile on my face. Just found this channel through Nerdwriter1, this was the first video of yours I've watched, and I feel a channel binge coming on :)
Rebuild of Eva is shit watch the original instead
I hated that singing frog so, so much when I was a kid. I'd like to meet that guy who owned it, and tell him: "it's ok buddy, I've also seen the crazy shit you saw"
Davin Bertelmann
All humor comes from two things - human behavior, and logic. This is so enlightening.
Really focusing on the face of Bugs in barber scene, got the biggest laugh from me of all the clips used.
Pikapetey Animations
earned my sub
Jason Johnston
I'm a better human being because I grew up watching Chuck Jones-directed Looney Tunes short films. This episode was great; I laughed the entire time.
The many fourth-wall breaks are what I love best about these classics.
Filmmaker IQ
We have always been huge proponents of the idea that you can find inspiration any place.  Watching movies IS NOT enough to become a good filmmaker. Thank you Tony for a wonderful video!
H. W.
"To avoid this problem, Jones did something. This is one of the defining aspects of his work. It's a word that he uses and that other people use about him..." "MEEP MEEP!" I don't think it was intentional, but that timing was hilarious XD
This man's one of my heroes. Chuck Jones, Don Bluth, Hayao Miyazaki, Terry Gilliam, Satoshi Kon and Hideo Kojima.
Garilee McGlumphry
Chuck was a genius in his field of work, and you did a fantastic job breaking it down into its basic elements for viewers. Great video!
Esha Chadha
This is one of my all time favourite video essays.
Niklas J. Rosenberg
3:37 Aaah, the good old times, when cartoon characters could still light a smoke.
Thanks for making this. Chuck Jones was a true artist in every sense of the word. He influenced not just modern cartooning but also motion pictures as well.
Amazing work again, thanks for your time and effort. One thing I think we need to put up and re-examine is the "reading" idea. I think what Chuck Jones was trying to tell us, is to spend time not only putting out, through working, but also to take in, through learning. Whether it is reading in his time, or story-telling for our ancestors, and now video content in our time. I believe reading is crucial, especially the great works, but simply learning is key here, whether it is through watching, listening, or reading. Only as we learn can we work, and vice versa, then the other way around, and so on, and on and on. PeACE
Mike Bartlett
I heard Chuck Jones give an illustrated lecture many years ago. It was incredible to hear stories of the Warner Brothers days. One thing has always stuck in my mind, next time you see a road runner movie and Wile E Coyote goes of a cliff, he will disappear for exactly 2 seconds before the impact and cloud of dust. Always 2 seconds. Why? Because it is the funniest interval. Chuck told us they literally changed the interval one frame at a time to get the perfect timing and it can´me out as 48 frames - 2 seconds. Such amazing dedication to the joke
Trey Lowenthal
Hey Tony, I was wondering if you could do an episode about Monty Python and how they delivered their jokes and what influence that had on modern comedians.
Dro Torres
Oh my god, I watched the entirety of the video and my eyes widen with realization. I was always inspired by Chuck Jones since I was a kid. Now as an Artist his words of Discipline and Inspiration are true. Thank You for allowing me to revisit an amazing artist and explain his craft.
sam signorelli
Chuck Jones: Suuuuuper Geeeeenius!
Looney Tunes is a masterpiece. I also grew up watching it. :D
No matter how many times I watch it, that barbershop scene where Bugs is massaging tonic into Elmer Fudd's head makes me fall over in tears. That single expression is amazing.
Harits Andhika Nugroho
it kinds of interesting that some of the most well-known animators/ figures in animation industries always suggest to didn't recycle themself too much with their animation world. Like this Chuck Jones and Hayao Miyazaki
Duck Amuck might be the best cartoon short ever.
sayan roy
Anyone else filled up with nostalgic melancholy right now?
It's really a shame how traditional animation is going out of style over CGI and 3D models. I recently re-watched the The Emperor's New Groove and I was surprised at how pretty the animation was. Of course you can go back to any classic Walt Disney animation and marvel at its achievement, as you can Akira and Studio Ghibli films. It just feels like some magic is lost in modern 3D animations such as Pixar films. I'm not saying the detail achieved is not stunning, but I feel like each film doesn't have as much of a distinct art style to it when compared to 2D animations back in the day.
Think you can do an Evolution of an Artist for Bob Clampett too?
6:28 that was hilarious
Jamie Conway
Chuck Jones is the reason I want to become an animator. One day, I hope....
Mr. Running Man
Tony please do an episode on Miyazaki, the world needs to know his greatness
Am I the only person who notices small audio issues with your videos tony? For example: at 8:25 the "and" is flickering on my left speaker, before your narrating track goes back to normal. This drove me crazy in your fincher video.
Trevor Phillips GTA V
I liked how Chuck Jones redefined the personalities of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in the early 50s. In 1948, Chuck had Bugs in a situation where Bugs didn't fight anyone until someone comes and tries to take Bugs' life in Long-Haired Hare and Bully For Bugs.
absolute brilliance, his animation, the characters, the stories will last forever
lewis Nunn
i wish i could like it again
Ryan Khanna
I cannot find a single channel on youtube that consistently gets better with every new video and provokes new ideas in entertainment. Great job!
Antony C
Tremendous work. Thanks for this!
Four Leg Films
How does someone reach over and click 'dislike' to something like this? I dunno. Another brilliant video as always. Kudos.
Anthony Zaragoza
Golly Tony, this is super smart shit, I love every episode I've waatched and I thank you for your most excellent work!
No mention to Tom & Jerry?
Evan Khan
Ok, I always wondered why Chuck jones never had the acclaim he deserved.
Atrijit Das
love how Tony takes one point he wants to share and makes a video about it while sharing plenty more. Must take days to edit this stuff.
Satya Panigrahi
Boy, do I wish this channel was still active!❤️
People like Chuck Jones are in extinction.  Our only treasure now are pix ar directors, i hope they live a lot. Thanks Tony this video gave me a smile today. And also a tear by remembering all of these
Jeffrey Margavage
Brilliant and insightful. Excellent video. Thanks for making it :) Chuck was an inspiration to me ever since I was a kid.
Ðash Majesty
It would have been a crime not to finish on the "That's all Folks!" screen. Thank you for satisfying my anticipation.
I'm asking this on this video since it's the last one you posted. But do you plan on, eventually, making a video on Hayao Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli? I saw on your about that you don't take requests, so it's just something I'm hoping you do because I think it'd be great or an idea. Just subscribed, your channel is definitely one of the best on YT :)
This is so nostalgic. And Chuck Jones talking, goddamn, I'm gonna cry :,,(
Brennan Sullivan
This is an amazingly well put together video. reminds me of a piece NPR would do. Very well done#
Roger Aristizabal
hola Tonny,saludos desde Medellín Colombia....e visto estas caricaturas durante años...y jamas...jamas le avía puesto tanta atención a esto detalles....mis hijos morirán de risa al verlos desde esta perspectiva....hasta la vista bebe Tonny hello , greetings from Medellin Colombia .... and seen these cartoons for years ... and never ... never Avia will put so much attention to this detail .... my children die of laughter when viewed from this perspective .. ..hasta la vista baby
this is my favorite channel
Facial expressions is what I LOVE too. It's the faces they make that always get me.
Loved this video. AWESOME. Chuck Jones is the best.
Асланбек Каиров
Let's do episode about Tex Avery
Wait so it's THIS guy we have to thank for spawning the greatest video game franchise in history - Big Chungus?
Kaiseki Sakizuke
Man, you should make a video about animators in general. The importance of making the viewer know a lot of feelings with just one second, or feel the struggle trying to feel sucess. Tarktovsky is a beast for example, one of my favourites.
today is a good day :)
Nick Austin
big fan of looney tunes. bought golden collection worth every penny
Michael Christensen
Some great improv lessons here as well. Assumption+Reality, Character wants, Movement defined by attitude, "Discipline" (ie character restrictions) Behavior and logic - I refer to this video while teaching improv often!
Most animation historians concentrate on Chuck Jones early days and how his style progressed through Disneyesque and experimental stages before he hit his stride. Thanks for focusing on his fully mature work.
Khadeem Wilson
great informative video. you should make documentaries man. I laughed at 6:36
Mc Ynno
6:35 man, this make me laugh everytime. The face and fingers, this is hilarious.  Good video as always Tony :D
Kyle Browning
As a visual artist, I always find your videos so profound! If you take most of your sentences, and abstract them, your commentary on human behavior, the nature of motion as expression, you encompass the whole universe. The spirit of the molecule is a whirling dance unto the galactic spiral, and the interchange of facial expressions in a human conversation. Your sentences are True in an aesthetic sense because of their immense reinterpretability, and the understanding of nature that underlies their wisely short phrases. I really can't thank you enough for your excellent works! If you put together a book on this stuff, I'd snatch it up like a starving eagle plummeting towards a helpless dove.
i wish this was feature length
Bridge Entertainment
This video brings back so many memories. Great video Tony.
Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin.
Joel Murray
beautiful video. thanks for this!
How many Saturdays I watched his work, but I was a kid. Every thing is so funny !!!
Chuck Jones was the best cartoonist ever!
Leo Miles
Great watch. Nice job 👍
Marcela Mahur
you should have a tv program!
That bit about finding inspiration anywhere reminds me of an interview with Robin Williams where he was asked if he ever ran out of material for comedy and he said "No. There's a world out there."
Noah Brewer
Great video! Have you ever considered doing a video on Alejandro Jodorowsky? That would be awesome to see.
I grew up watching Looney Tunes and still consider it the best cartoon series ever. Chuck Jones is a genius period. Thank you for posting!
Mr. ClouDark 787
The only thing I didn't like of him, was his Tom&Jerry version.
Crozzwolf Drummer
Chuck was the man, I loved his cartoons
Thadeu Ferreira
One of the greatest names of cartoons in history, and my favorite. Love his style of drawing, comedy . a genius.
Brydon Sinclair
Chuck Jones = Absolute Genius!
Very Well done Tony.  Inspiration definitely comes from the oddest places in my experience!
Dan Jackson
Chuck was brilliant, and I love his work... but he's not my favorite Looney Tunes director. I still go back to Tex Avery and Bob Clampett.. they both quit WB in the 40's but those 2 guys invented the Looney Tunes style of humor back when Chuck was still doing cutesy Disney knockoffs like Sniffles the Mouse. Chuck eventually picked up on their style of comedy, and bent it to his own drawing style, the same way Hannah and Barberra started imitating Tex Avery with their Tom and Jerry cartoons when Tex moved over to MGM.
Another thing that makes Looney/Tiny Toons so great is their use of music and sound effects, full bands playing well known tunes, and exposing kids to some of the greatest classical music their parent's would never play for them otherwise.
Kahldria Leighsun
These OG Looney Tunes will always be number one for me. Top tier. Best of. Champions of not just cartoons, but comedy. Long may they reign.
i really liked the looney toons cartoons he made, but i gotta say his tom & jerry's were kinda terrible. but the bugs bunny stuff, oh man, keep the crazy coming :D
Jon Evans
Chuck Jones...a true artist! My favorite line from Mr. Jones was, “Bugs Bunny is an aspiration—Daffy Duck is a realization!”🙄😀
Brittany Uecker
this channel is one of my top 5 favorite youtube channels
Benjamin Cerbai
+Every Frame a Painting Wonderful work ! So much great inspiration there, and advices that could seem "obvious" or "simple", but you have to stick with it through your artist's life ! Thank you for your awesome videos.
MNN TNK You've done an awesome job Childhood just flashed in front of my eyes..
Documentary worthy.
Please do one on Stanley Kubrick! He's one of my favorite directors, aswell as one of my favorites to study.
The mannerisms of the Looney Tunes characters make me laugh so much! Still, after 13 years!
I thoroughly enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Cheers.
Chiraag George
Brilliant man, loved every second of it. Looks like I have a long binge of watching all your other videos ahead of me. Keep them coming :)
man this brings back memories! awesome work BTW
obri fajardo
why would anyone even dislike this.
PapaChillo Zapped
Can you please do a episode on Bob Clampett
He screwed with Tom n Jerry, meh...