Apple Music Event 2001-The First Ever iPod Introduction

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the very first iPod at a low key event in 2001. The rest is history.

Joanne Campbell
To think at some time apples slideshow looked like my 7th grade PowerPoint in 2007
"160 kbps is a very high compression rate of mp3. " oh the times
Wil Z
Steve jobs can sell anything, he can sell water to a fish if he wants to.
Magpie Grun
No overbearing chorus of applause when he unveils the device? It was just the beginning!
Joel Austin
Only thing sad about this video is that I didn't buy their stock @ $7 bucks/share
Insert Redletter Media Meme Here
I'm watching this video on my 1987 Casio cassette player
Alvaro Parra
Apple is not the same without you steve :'(
Mike McDermott
Jobs was talking about fast charging 17 years ago. And here we are getting regular charge bricks still shipping with thousand dollar iPhones. 🤦‍♂️
Steve Jobs is one of the best presenters that ever lived
Luke Smith Throw money at the screen
The beginning of everything
Watching this on a potato.
Ionut Nicusor Dragomir
now we can have 100.000 songs that can fit in your buthole :D
Man, we just take his stuff for granted now...
Tobi Damaris
Magical words:"... Holds a thousand songs, and it fits right in my pocket"
Collin D
that's a terrible font
Alex Root
I feel like watching a " prehistoric documentary" about dinosaurs. My God... :D
Daniel Li
Its amazing how much the current design looks like the original despite being 15 years old. The original iPod still looks modern today.
I wonder how much better apple would be if this man didn't die... It's really sad to just think about it...
Apple Cultists!
The press... "right, no big deal, an MP3 player"... You were WRONG
Stephen W. Phillips
The saddest part about this video is the Comic Sans -ish font that Apple used in the presentation. WHY?!?!
Jose Guilarte
Chills. straight chills.
Soni Prihutomo
Watching this on my iPad Air 2 😄
I was born a couple hours before the ipod was announced. :)
He was the kind of guy who could've sold a steak to a vegan
When he said, "it holds FIVE GIGABYTES" and it was like, WHOA thats a lot of memory xD
Mikkel Jensen
They dont seem very excited about it....
It's funny how thick it looks to me as he's showing how thin it is. That thing is a brick by today's standards
Dr. Gregory Haus
9:03 So... This wallet holds all your money... And it goes right in my pocket :)
joseph Land
It's too bad this never really caught on
just watching jobs first scene and came here to relate to it :D
cweih C
RIP iPod. Thanks for decade of fun and companionship. You will be missed. 
Alisha Eckert
He really used Comic Sans... omg
This is fascinating! The crowd didn't know what to do when he said iPod!!! Wow!!!
Shiny Things
You have to remember Akio Morita founder of Sony back in the day used a marketing strategy for it's first small radio and used the term "it fits in your pocket". Of course it didn't, so they had their sales reps wear custom dress shirts that had the pockets just the right size to fit their "pocket radios" and the strategy worked. Steve loved Sony creator Akio Morita and you can see a lot of similar ways he used Morita's marketing strategies. If you want to learn who steve learned from it's best to check out videos from Morita on youtube. Both him and Steve really were great! Like all companies once the founders die it never seems to have the same magic.
Such a special moment.
Eric Simpson
Gehrig Harris
15 years ago today, Apple changed the face of music for ever. All these years later, they've only gotten better.
X Cuber
My dad has the first iPod and still didn't take it out of its box!
Aaron P
I know IPOD 1st generations still running its original battery with no issues in 2015
Most important moment in recent electronics history. iPod revolutionised the music industry, and then iPhone the smart phone industry.
You guys remember what music was like in 2001? CRAWLING IN MY SKIN
J Lock
I'm not getting the math. How does a $75 price tag for a CD player equal $5.00 per song on a CD?
Watching on my MacBook! Thanks Steve! :D
mintico snout
Watching this on my Xs max with 512GB.
visto desde mi iphone 7 :V
Lara Núñez
After watching jackfilms' parodies, can't take this seriously xd
I can wear to all of you that this devise looked the sexiest shit around during those years
Ulysse Florentin
A genius! Steve Jobs is simply a genius!
"companies like sony never managed to pull it off" hahaha yeah okay. Sony walkman one of the best ever made a legendary product.
Amazing, incredible, stunning!!!
Ale Zuvic
RIP iPod.
The_Jeep_Driving _Gun_Nut
I'm watching this on my iPod touch 5 :)
Marcel Tesche
FAST CHARGE - 2001 ...think About when Smartphones first introduced fastcharge as a feature.
"Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the very first iPod at a low key event in 2001. The rest is history." Here we see people in 2006 thinking they'd history. Let me tell YOU, 2006 people. The REST is history.
To this day, I only have about 30 songs in my mp3 player/phone lol...
Hector Naquiche
The product that changed mobile music players. Awesome stuff
Eduardo Saucedo
Watching this on my Alcatel :(
Samuel Sanchez
Watching this on my Commodore 64
Watching this on my iPod Touch.😊
john connell
fits right in his pocket
Jake Chadwick
This is amazing! Watching this from my IPhone.
When people didn't clap for every word said
Abinash Rabha
18 years ago he did fast charging in ipod Ultra portability. High quality hardware + software. Superior in every possible way. Lithium polymer battery. He was 20 years ahead of his time.
so the iPod right now would be super mega ultraportable. Hahaha, I love that the crowd finds it funny
Ryan Seo
Old days.
a revolutionary moment. todays technology pretty much only upgrading the previous version, almost nothing groundbreaking anymore
DennisRodman172737 Cool
2018 anyone?
Crazy how he’s talking about 5 GB’s like that’s a lot of space LOL
who else is watching this on iPhone 14?
Dan Harrison King
cd player costs about $75. lol, i work in retail, they're about £10 now.... just shows how things move along
Pedro L
Apple talking about design using comics sans xD
And now IPods are discontinued.
Newcastle utd 1892
Watching this on a iphone 12 plus
That's called the Showmanship. It was the beginning of the Future.
Watching this on my ipad mini!
Youtube Recommandations : 2006 : no 2007 : iphone 1 released ? no no 2008 : hmm no 2009 : no 2010 : no 2011 : no 2012 : no 2013 : no 2014 : no 2015 : no 2016 : no 2017 : no 2018 : no 2019 : YES WE ALL NEED TO WATCH THIS 18Years after
Max Ukas
The revolution :o)
ok, you got me
Haha, is not Comic Sans, is Chalkboard, a really best font than Comic Sans, Mac don't includes that font because is from Microsoft.
Jack S
Is that Comic Sanz?
FilmCraft Productions
He got cancer in 2005
Matthew Urbanski Jr.
Not sure if most people realize this... but this Keynote is amazing. The speech/ presentation is what started the world we live in today. No matter if you have a windows phone, droid or iPhone. This is what started it all. Absolutely amazing.
what a boring audience!!
Tom Rimmington
5 gigabytes get out of here that's amazing
I liked the video because of your name
Johansus ElNoble
"Contents a thousand songs... And goes right into my pocket" this will be in story books.
not bad of what kutcher did..
Frank Ouwerkerk
By watching this movie, Steve Jobs just sold me an iPod. Even though it's 12 years old.
Just A Wanderer
i wantched the movie! haha
Josh Swayze
Watching this on my iPod touch 5th gen and it made me realize of how thatnful I am that I wasn't living in that time
ha! ultra thin...
Jesús Martínez Mendoza
Come here, watched 9 minutes and only be here for the last 10 seconds
nice movie , recomended
Jobs movie brought me here
Watched this on my 5S... Thanks Steve
Shen Sui
me 2 its good.
Kwanghoon Han
This is so much better than "Jobs" in every way.
i just watched Jobs the movie lol
Zulma Rivera
msjuicy ツ
watching jOBS right now ! lol