Minecraft: NUKE THE TOWER MISSION - The Crafting Dead [7]

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Ben Sloan
everyone knows that pat does the storylines right?
11 Seconds_TEG
more crafting dead
Natedowg 25
I know why Jen was randomly dying she sick from drinking from the toilet
Matthew Potter
I shot the thumb off the like button
DarkShadow 997
This is billy🐡 Billy has no friends 1 like=1 friend
bodacious bobby
Planes fit in chests. That's how physics work, kids.
Ryan the Beaster
That explosion was insane
Mermaid Girl
What happened to the crafting dead? When will it come back?!?! #missitsomuch
I can't wait to see how many enchantment levels they have at the end of this series
Mystical VSC's
Pat: I know this is dangerous but I am gonna build with C4 Me: Nah, it sounds pretty normal to me!
Tyler Hoeflein
Joshua Collins
This is the harry potter school.
I think Carter is in love with Jen
Random Blaise
6:14 was when I heard about the school shooting, what a coincidence? (AR-15 was the weapon...) (p.s. I've been planning to write this for the past few months, but I'm forgetful.)
Avin Trytsman
After I shot the like button... you know with my 9mm My IPad stopped working, and the last words I heard were... “Stop humping me”
Supernatural Fan
Is it just me or does Jen sound different in the beginning
klein TAku
One like for 2018
Sindi Binti Mustafar
Pat why can you stay in the like the tree house
Srikar Baru
No like buttons were harmed in the making of this series
Me:can I just skip 1 episode? My brain:NEVER!
Michele Jones
You guys are the best if you think so to like
Call Ca
Nuclear Bombs during The Walking/Crafting Dead Boi
Ariana Baeza
At 11:48 pats like this OH MY GOD ITS THE LEADER
Georgan Happy
I shot the like button with my Nerf gun and it actually worked
AdaandGretaAnimations and more
I love this series!! So fun. My favorite part was earlier when jen got a tank. Comment and like if you agree!
Candice Chaylt
I actually shot the like button with my nerf gun
Sally Sentance
I love the bombs :)
inCluTchabl 3
John Clotfelter
Pat is a pencil Jen is a highlighter pat drew the world and Jen made it brighter
Rafa Alaric
Jen: I will blow up pat Pet: don't you dare Jen Me: yo chill
Shayan Lamppost
😍 that’s me watching your vids pat and jen
Anastasia P.
I'll just like my own comment because nobody does
MC/RobloxGamer_Aurora X.
Ohhhhh! I get it now! Conclusion: TNT+C4+Nuke+lighter=world destroyed
Knightz Of Gamez
Epicccc mission impossible at the end
Kim Smith
Pat do a challeng called the best house building and put a unicorn in it😘 I love u pat and jen❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bridget Talbot
I know that pat altered the game a little Or is it just a coincidence that there’s 2 of everything?
Kamila Celes
I had a dog at my grandpas house named spookay
N Judt
Why does the castle look like the symbol on a USB port?
Shawn Franklin
Pat /Carter:we believe the zombies have made PLAINS Me(screaming)PLANS!!!!!!!!!!
Lord of Trash Gaming
that blew up like half the map
Jackson McCagh
You should add in the lucky block mod
pat- lets put a trail of tnt! me- USE SA FLAMETHROWER
Phạm Lê Minh
pat: i loving the death machine me: *in my head* IM LOVIN IT
Johnelice Ro
i love ur vids imma ltle bit late srrry BTW I subed!! too lazy
Mackenzie Hays
Pat:I'm thirsty too. Me: That's what she said 😂😂
Grave Wolf
Your videos are so ausome! The Crafting Dead are the best videos you've made. Can you please make more?
Pats old voice is a bit higher than he's current voice. Jens voice is not as cheerful as her curent one. Still love you guys
I saw a swap for five cole you cold get TNT
SniperPro101_YT _
Pat:I know this is dangerous but I'm gonna build with c4 Me:naw its totally safe to build with a c4 that might blow up
A random gamer 2112
Pat:I tried to get one guy but got the other one. IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE!! Me: BECAUSE THERE BOTH GONE!!!!!!!!
ImClueless ?
This series is too good to stop watching!! REWATCHING IT - 2019 :3
ATTACK by FuriousDestroyer ...
John paul Hizole
Jen: OH MY GOD it's huge Me: that was she said XD
This episode is EPIC!!! Thank you for creating it Pat!
DJ Hiatt
Is this series still going on? I have been been watching now for the past 3 days of my weeks vacation.... Love this series, y'all are awesome
Selena g 1732
I clicked the like button with my fake minecraft TNT toy
Clumbsy Levi
Omg!!!! The intro!!!!!!! the Guy Who made it is Amazing!
Phil Shepherd
Is jen her name in rile life of in the game Love you best chael
Jen: There might be a fire... Pat: Oh no... Jen: *puts out fire with C4*
Red Fox1835
I didn't hit the like button. I took a nuke and blew up the like button.
05:39 yep it would be a CAT-astrophe, sorry, I just got here from the undertale fandom😆
There breaking up now this series is my only good memory of them playing mine craft together
Dirpy Cat Kitty Meow Meow
LOL did you hear how Jen sead O my god at the by saying
StealthyCharizard 21
Pat, u make such good videos also I subscribed
Wes Wakeman
Omg 😲 I tamed a horse 🐴 first try and I am your biggest fan
Joan Gavani
Pat: Theres some good stuff in this chest. Jen: what? Pat: some iron gear finally! Jen: Yay! Ooh and some canned fish!!!!!!!!!!
Islanie Ginjauma
5:33 . Pat : it's gonna be bad Jen : it's gonna be so good One thinks it's bad while the other one thinks is good
FireShotgun75 Bedrock Edition
I shoted the like button. It broke me tablet :( Wait logic, if tablet is broken how am i writing this comment WRITING
Chase Sharp
Hey pat why won't you take my idea on making a new series where you open lucky blocks then fight gigantic hoards like the animatronics from fnaf it would be the best bday wish
Jillian Ericka Enriquez
12:29 The book said ATTACK By FuriousDestroyer. Pat is the killer :o
Today4 Real
pat why in crafting dead jen is always in the picture
XD yur_Boi
Plane FOKKER 👌
Trailered System -Osdd and us
I managed to fit five people into a queen size bed, I'm sure you can make it work 😂
Hazel ArchFoot
I don't have a gun so I'll punch the like button lol
Joshua Peterman
that's a good damn awesome sniper rifle
Zero Playz
darkness the minecraft pro
pat jen is dying from hunger when you think it bugs out
• Uni •
When Jen said "is this gonna make me crash?" I literally crashed! Btw whos watching in 2017?
The Best
12:29 when pats mouse went over the book, it said by FuriousDestroyer
Riolita Bautista
Jen:I hope you brought your hiking boots. Pat:I bought my boots . Me:Whhaaaaaaaaattttt did you say???????!!!!!!!!!!
Haobin Zhong
Disguise man jumping on Pat Pat: You really have to hump me right now
Ryan Lee
"Oh, oh my god what are they doing to me?!?" that's what she said
Pat:oh there’s water over here! Me:BRUH OF COURSE THERES WATER OVER THERE Jen:I love bazookas!*Jen exploded the whole Minecraft world *
Meredith Moore
Wow they hit bed rock that was huge 😮😮😮:O
Lillian Mielke
This is Alex 🐸 Alex is a noob 1 like 1 chance being pro 1 dislike - 1 chance of being pro Let’s see how many chances Alex can get
Chiefio 453
I love how Carter went from sarcastic and insulting to super happy and Jen like in later episodes
Saif Khan
I've been staring at your channel for hours, finally a video❗️
Mikasa Ackerman
Pat Jen i love you the Best i'm a fan of you two
Catalina Echevarria
I love your videos I love you guys you guys are the best I've been watching your videos since I was 4 and I'm 9 thank you you guys enspire me so much
Why does the book say by: Furious Destroyer
Ak47 is also use an Ar15 ammo beacuse they r both assult riffles
has anyone else realized the book said BY: FURIOUSDESTROYER
Logan Stevens
That was amazing 😓😚
Phạm Lê Minh
fun fact for all you fan pat and jen actrully use this castle in their moded survival s8
Slytherin girls Books
Pat: I didn’t even mean to kill that one, I meant to kill the other one. The main sign of a killer.
Clarissa Dennise Charmin-Valadez
When will Bobmy be born. Idk how to spell his name.☺️☺️☺️😇😇😇🤔🤔🤔
Antonio Ruiz
If you pause on time it says on a book ATTACK by FuriousDestroyer
Chloe&Shea BananaSisters
I <3 you pat and your channel like if you agree
you can zoom in with the M40
dr. cree
Pat: that was the structure Me: what structure?