European Journal | Italy: Sikh Cheese Producers

Indian Sikhs are perhaps the least known of Italy's ethnic minorities. But the country is dependent upon them for their cheese production. Several thousand Indians have taken up residence in the Po Valley, where they tend to the cows whose milk is used to produce Italy's famous Reggiano parmesan cheese. One of Europe's largest Sikh temples is located in the town of Novellara.

I love the Sikhs, I'm a christian because my mother is one but my father is a Sikh so yeah, Sikhs get along with everyone so very well, they have great social skills but are often mistaken as Muslims and are attacked by anti Islam groups which is very sad.
Krishna Krish
Sikhs & Sardar & Italians,, good combo
I'm an italian nationalist and I have no problem with sikhs workers in my country, these are hard working, laws respecting people and I'm more then happy to let them live in Italy
jaswinder ahluwalia
Punjabis are welcome anywhere. They are by and large a diligent hard working and obliging  lot. They are not trouble makers genereally  and can be found all over the world Canada US England Scotland even commuunist Russia . Punjab is relatively peaceful l and a well to do state . There is a relatively lower push factor for people from there to risk their lives as illegal immigrants into Europe by land or sea. This is not so for many people from other parts of the Indian sub continent. A large number enter European countries  as illegal  migrants NOT from the PUNJAB but from elsewhere in the Indian sub continent which includes bangladesh, pakistan , afghanistan bhutan, tibet Once inside they try to merge with the PUNJABIS who own businesses farms and try to pass off as Punjabis from Punjab. Europeans cannot t tell who they actually are ...Unlike the English speaking people who had a long presence in Punjab , and had Sikhs in their armies in their colonies, Italians have had very little historically to do with people from Punjab. They  do not know any better just as as Asian will not know a Sardinian from an Eritean from the north of Italy 
nice video! but, just to put it together, the picture at 3:57 has been taken in Milan, that church in the background is the Duomo, btw nice video!
I am a Muslim from Iraq AND Proud to say I Love the Sikhs & the Peaceful Sikhezim, I only had & have Good experiences my Sikhs friends And indeed Sikhs get along with everyone so very well, they have great social skills Hospitality, every time I am in Southall, London, my god how Nice & gentle they are with me but the thing I do love most is there community boundaries and great work ethics thank you, my Sikh friends
Slap on the face of those who say in India that Punjabi don't work shame on hindoo fascist
Gurvinder Singh Parmar
not all having the same blessings of Waheguru ji(God) 😇😇😇 And who having the blessing of that never ending God will never been seen on any liquor, meat and barber shops, etc which will make our always playing mind away from God reality. (Means a true sikh always been seen by doing HARD WORK, SOCIAL WORK and SEWA in Gurdwara sahib)
Shah Sekhon
very well said
I will agree to disagree with you. Maybe i am a different who eats meat and drinks but i consider myself Sikh." theology based on experience and fact. " stop riding the high horse. ' Consider revising " Dont make choke when i am eating .My experience is different then yours.What makes you think you are right buddy.Stop preaching.
Jujhar Singh
Really, you find that behaviour congruent with Sikh spirituality? Maybe you should consider revising some of your theology based on experience and fact.
Sikhs dont eat meat or drink? !!!!!!!.......that's a joke......most of us eat meat and drink too.
Varinder Sidhu
not all
Jaydan Rana
its called security dilhole, cant accept their standards... then u leave
Jaydan Rana
1:30 "the dont drink alchohal" Are you kidding? Come to India all the Sikhs here in Drinking and eating meat! Same in Canada, the ones that dont wear turbans are always fooling around.
now youtube search "Sikhs Argentina"
4:00 Italy is NOW their home? I thought it had been for 20 years already.. I like how they are telling the audience to accept it that it is their home now.. very subtle..
Davan Mani
I didn't think Sikh's were all vegetarians?
I've only heard of parmesan. The US has crap cheese, like American, god I hate American cheese. Only time it's good is when you can't taste it.
A Champ
Hundreds of years ago when all human race were hunting and eating meat, one of the wise person looked around and found that some animals do eat meat and dont. So what category is he belongs to. Then he further obererved animals around and found the conclusion that those who eat meat, when they drink water with tongue, and those whoe at vegetables, do drink with lips, so then he thought how does he drink water, and he found that with lips, which means his body was made to be a vegetarian.
Pardeep Parmar
as a species we are anatomically designed as omnivores. not eating meat is non conducive to human evolution.
Pardeep Parmar
there is no archaeological evidence to suggest aryan migration. the tamil culture outdates dravidian and european cultures by thousands of years. archaeological evidence backs this up
Pardeep Parmar
amritdaries are as far removed from the teachings of guru nanak as possible
sim sood
did you know that there kilts (tartans) for sikh people that live in scotland? if interested , go to google ant type in 'singh tartan ' , 'sikh tartan' and 'ryan singh'
yea they r called amritdaries
sim sood
Yea i know . being a sikh is awesome cause there's not much restriction compare of being a hindu or a muslim . And our believes and such is way different from hinduism and islam. However there are sikhs are in this society which they do not eat meat / egg products and do not share any food with other ppl. I forgot what they were called
yea thats what ive been arguing with jasingh88, he doesnt believe me...and beef we r allowed..beef is prohibited by hindus, but we aint hindus, so we can eat it too..
sim sood
sikhs can eat meat if they want. its really their personal choice if they want to or not. Most ppl will eat meat but stay away from beef
And ive done alot of research on whether meat is allowed in Sikhism..And what the results show is there is no preferance for meat or vegetairna consumption, its your own choice, you can eat what you wish. So meating eating is not prohibited in sikhism, meaning we are allowed to eat, its our own can continoue to believe that we r vegetarians, but my mum has the granth sahib at home, but we still cook meat at home, almost everyday, meaning meat is allowed, its your own choice.
It was widely claimed that the Aryans were white people who had invaded India in ancient times,[15] subordinating the darker skinned native Dravidian peoples, who were pushed to the south. - Wikipedia. And if you look at the population of iran they mostly look white/olive only some are brown. Indian aryans r brown cos they intermixed and also the hot weather of india played a big role in darkning the skin..
everyone has different beliefs about meat eating u think its wrong to eat meat i think its perfectly fine to eat meat..God created animals right? he created sum animals that just eat grass and created others that need meat to survive (lions, tigers etc)..Now why would god create animals such as the lions that kill and eat other animals if god didnt want this to happen? We r on top of the food chain for a reason,, we can eat both meat, vegetables etc. from what ive learnt meat is allowed in sikhi
genes disapear, if the aryan genes didnt disapear dont u think we wud still be white? if ur a biology student u wud know weather especially hot weather does alter genes,,,also intermixing with other races mixes genes...
Yea its the same place but its a different time frame...Aryans and scythians came to india at different periods..Aryans came and mixed with the locals...and over generations most aryan genes have disapeared in india..scythians came at a later date so the genes were slightly aletered (look up the indo-scythian kingdom), even today punjabis still have alot of west asian genes..And u know gypsies of europe or romani people they r believed to be decendents of jatts and other punjabi people..
again like i said before..U are eating langar in the house of god..god made animals, so if we eat something that god made wont seem right...So the langar should be as pure as possible..But if u step outside of the house of god, feel free to eat anything u want. I know gianies that do meat eating inside the gurdwara, but when ever they go out, they consume meat
No its not dumb ass..Only halal meat is strictly not allowed...Our 10th guru gave us permission to eat meat...and as it says in the granth sahib..only fools argue over this...which translates too..humans should not argue about what they can and cant eat..they should just eat it...Sikhism is all about being natural as possible, not altering the way god made us right?? Well god gave us certain teeth that are designed for chomping on meat, so god designed us so that we can also eat meat.
yea let me explain why there r two different names aryans and scythians..Aryans came to india very early on...scythians came to india on a later date...Aryans came to India so long ago, that most aryan genes have disapeared, due to intermixing with dravidians and other natives, and also due to the role of the weather..Now indo-scythians still carry the west asian middle eastern genes, thats why most punjabis can easily pass for middle easterns, due to some of the central asian genes still presnt
Mr Singh
I am sikh I never drink. Last time I ate meat was 25 years ago
its common sense why meat isnt served in the gurdwara, because its the house of worship..meat isnt served inside a church either, that doesnt mean christians dont eat meat...Yes it is recomended that sikhs eat meat at a last resort, but we still r allowed to eat meat we r not compelled at all. Only halal meat is not allowed (ill send u information to ur inbox, check it)..Ive seen gianies eat meat, most sikhs i know eat meat..
Also brother,meat eating in sikhism is allowed. Guru said what is the difference between the flesh of an animal and the flesh of a plant? Nothing..both feel order for the human race to suvive we must eat.. Although we r Recomended to eat vegetarian food such as daal, lentils etc, but meat eating is still allowed..My mum has the granth sahib at home and from what shes read meat eating is allowed..we r not allowed to eat halal meat (cos it was killed in the name of god) besides that we r
wrong brother, There r two is the indo-aryan theory and the other is the indo-scythian theory. Most historians point punjabi ancestory to indo-scythian ancestory (Ancient persian). Most punjabis are jatts and jatts are indo-scythian. Secondly the Sikh empires population was majoritly muslim.. demographics were 80% muslim, 10% hindu, 10% Sikh..However the Sikh empires army was 100% Sikh.
HamEid RafiStar
Sikhs are very hardworking and entrepreneurial. Sikhs in addition to some other communities in the world are an example for other communities around the world to follow and progress as they did. All these Singhs who have risen to the level as is described in this video rightly deserve to be called 'Singh is King'.
Malkit Singh
Sikhs r great
Gurmat Dhaliwal
u r right
just goes to show what a myopic existence you lead
sikha haveen apart of italy since the first world war
SHER E PUNJAB!!!! i love this truth of SIKHI is finally being shown
Eric Pinto
All humans east of the 40th longitude, from Ethiopia to Suoman(Finland) are Semites. The languages are a mix of Asmara Sanskrit and Tamil.  Greek is a mix of both.     The basque language, vasc/vaskan, is 25 % tamil.  Half of Finland is Karalia, very sanskrit language.   The Armenian's first claimed to be "arya" but some in Armenia are very dark skinned. Most have Ethiopian hair.       So remember, we are Semites.
A Champ
lasog, you are really negative. Go behind the craetor of this video and try to remove the name Indian after each sikh. Do not forget that your identity is as Indian, so either move on by ignoring mistakes done in past by x-politician and learn to respect to those who are happily leaving in India (sikhs).
P.S. Grewal
Interesting video...I never knew there were Sikhs living in Italy.
vin x
Apart from hard work trust me these guys know how to party and dance. A Sikh can also Drink, Big Time. And also, my girlfriend is Sikh. She's a tigress in bed. What's not to love about Sikhs😊
Carmen Peters
But it's still an Italian recipe!!! Just because I'm making Indian food doesn't mean it's going to become Italian food.
Italians are good people.
are they talking of manmohan singh and sonia gandhi
Punjabis who dont drink? Thats weird!
Humans Of PUNJAB
lots love for my people,,,,,,........