Learn how to Boogie or East Coast Swing - Part 1

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This is the free Basic Step for the Boogie. Female Male & Together. Shown from all angles for easy to follow learning.

Who cares if it's not really East Coast, her legs alone are worth the price of admission.
came for the legs, stayed to point out its not east coast
Hris Gorgiev
That is not boogie woogie nor East coast swing don't mess them with sport dancing, what you show is nothing like the style mentioned in the title, change it
Stefano Morandi
dem legs!
Ceci n'est ni du West Coast Swing ni du Boogie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On peut appeler ça du "Rock 4 temps"!!!! Pas très professionnel !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Et on ne danse pas le Boogie avec des chaussures de latines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not west coast swing and not boogie !!!! Maybe "rock 4 time" !!!! It's not professional !!!! We do not dance boogie with latine shoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's nothing with any kind of swing, in every swing dance you have this 8 step basic, or at least something that fits on that kind of beat, thats latin dancing on the spot
Franco Ghezzo
Please don't share wrong info... This is not boogie woogie or east coast swing You should modify the title of the video
80% of the comments section is talking about her legs😂😂😂
Steve Turok
I was looking for BOOGIE-WOOGIE (kind of swing dance) and this came up. This is NOT boogie-woogie. If it's just some particular East Coast Swing step called boogie, then they should make it clearer. If it's the BASIC step of ECS, then call it simply ECS Basic, not to confuse others.
That is not east coast swing.
Noooo this is not boogie....
Tobi_ 698
DAMM them legs!!!
Adam Kuhn
I hate when they try to ballroom up swing. Their terminology is not typical and same with their posture and flow. swing is suppose to be more relaxed and free flowing. Not prancing around. Very misleading and their needs to be more definitive clarity in the dancing communities and taught as such
Rand H
This foot pattern needs explanation for its awkwardness., i.e., man's left foot all the time even though balance cries out "RIGHT foot now!"
This is actually the basic stepp of swedish BUGG but the male does not have to do these stepps. Oh and also they take the stepps to big and no one dances bugg in high heels.......
Bogdan Kalchev
Just.. Dont mess the boogie with that, please!
Rockin Robin
nice legs and a sexy top :-)
Back step squeeze that spot.
Luv that back angle shot at :29.
Tiffiny Wine
This is so white it hurts my soul.
Barbara Serwitz
Watch later
Nicole Zarillo
how rad!
Dwight Andmike
Nice legs, but horrible tutorial for boogie woogie.
Le Boogie le plus ringard sur You Tube...
Israel Resurreccion
that's a fiiiiiiiiiine woman :O
ITs amazing what Robots can do these days !
mymona vw
Wow, she has nice legs 😻
Lieutenant Spookie
I like arm flapping tho. It looks more fun.
Wha-a-at?? Watched it five times, didn't find any "boogie". But legs and bum excuse anything:)
Nancy Bisset
Now I added a new step to my already fantab dancing.:-))) Oh so much fun. Thanks for this lesson. :-))) Guaranteed to remove you from the pain-challenges you may be facing at the moment.Thanks snookerham once again. :-)))
She forgot to put her skirt on.
Surely, the only point of this video is the chick. The ungodly presence of the chick simply had to be first and foremost as the primary narrative focus in the mind of the director. I can't fathom what else this video is about -- there's some mention of a spot, but it's completely irrelevant.
I Try and be Nice
You're not right in the head, mate.
those legs though !
John Davies
On-The-Spot would make me want to triple step.
Exactly. Not East Coast Swing.
Klé Furi
Its not east coast swing its call a boogie (danced in South Africa) derived from the hustle.
Badass legs girl
this is crap
i couldn't keep my hand still in a low hip line position
nice legs..............
Farang Korat
Who gives a damn WHAT she's doing, I just replaying this video because of HOW those sweet legs and hips of hers are moving. Talk about HOT LEGS!!! Aiiiiiiiiieeeee Mamacita! She should makee a solo tape showing her walking down the street and then just bustin' a move or two sloooowwwly every few steps or so. God is that woman HOT. Heck, I still have no idea what her face looks like. =;-p
That's not east coast swing. What a bunch of crap.
hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaa ... lol
Nigel Mooney
wow, those lady pins are phenomenal... I've watched it 5 times and I still keep missing the foot work :)
pancake booty smh
Béla János Tóth
a lépéseket,a a 10-éveseknek! mutasd el! én tánciskolát végeztem!!!!
DAMN! Best set of 'Gams' I've seen in years.
Shawn Maclellan
wish i could you more thumbs up lol
Joshua Lapuz
the legs is the attraction -_-
Béla János Tóth
na,ne! a táncot,nem lehet iskolában tanulni!/legfeljebb,csak az alapokat/ ! aki tudja, annak, a zsigereiben van!!!!
Marco ocraM
Can't watch the steps.........just can see legs !
Uhh....4 count hustle with a bit of styling borrowed from Jive is what I'm seeing...
came here cuz of the song boogie by geto boys dirty south but i guess im kinda wrong^^ someone maybe could help me
guy looks like he is stepping in cow dung!!!
dude what is with your arms???
This was better than PORN!!
mike vall
Great job good technique--best legs ever
now i undertand the rap /watch?v=-JNxF9GobPk or not...
But by doing so, you're doing more actual harm than good in the learning process as these formative habits become more difficult to break. It makes it harder for the dancer to recognize good rhythm and form. You're also not teaching the rhythm correctly as part of what makes Swing so distinct is the 'triple' count and 'bounce', both of which are missing here. You've shown something closer to modern jive than anything Boogie or East Coast Swing.
Each dance style has an aesthetic, and when dancers conversant in one style try and teach another which they are not nearly as experienced, they add elements of movement that are not stylistically appropriate. In East Coast Swing.. Latin hips are really not part of the style. If you wish to learn real ECS, then check out the DVD advertised here: Jitterbug For The Total Beginner - Trailer ?v=uNc74lyfYHM They cover the single time, double time and triple time basic with moves.
Yeah... even absolute beginners can learn the 6 count ECS pattern very rapidly, even without prior dance experience. Furthermore the basic ECS is rock step slow slow which feels far less rushed for beginning dancers, and allows for dancing a wider range of tempo on the social floor. Variations of basic ECS allow for triple steps, which need to have a swing feel to properly characterize the dance with the music. Finally, what is with the Latin hips going on here?
tommy dle
step or no step just look at da EGS I MEAN LEGS ..LOL si dale
Jive, boogie, east coast swing, west coast swing, jitterbug, rock'n'roll, and so on... All these dances belong to the same family and are all very similar... what was shown here in the video is single time boogie. If you look at the basic steps, jive is the same than triple time boogie, just the body movement is different. That's why I'm a bit surprised that boogie is shown here by latin dancers...they haven't got a good boogie movement! If they dance boogie, it looks more like jive...;-)
i'm a bit confused..this is not ballrom jive?? If not it's very similar..
@mrfazim While I agree that it's unfortunate that ECS doesn't match the music signature of swing music, I feel that teaching 4 count will only lead to confusion for beginners. When I have to teach beginners, normally the hardest thing for them to get is the timing of the 6-count basic, and often regress into 4. If you teach a 4-count basic you're validating a dance that affect their learning in the future.
I thought east coast swing is supposed to be 6-beat (slow, slow, quick, quick), not 4 steps evenly spaced. Doesn't that make it just walking?