Here's Why Americans Don't Trust Government, Tech, and Media

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Trust is already gone in tech and media and people are screaming for somebody to step in but do we really want it to be a government entity? The government and tech companies are already cozying up to one another but what will this mean for Americans? Glenn weighs in on why he thinks the marriage of tech, government, and news is a terrible idea. ► Click HERE to watch our Glenn Beck videos! />► Click HERE to watch our Glenn Beck Chalkboards! />► Click HERE to watch our Pat Gray Unleashed videos! />► Click HERE to watch our The News and Why It Matters videos! />► Click HERE to watch our Pat & Stu videos! /> ►Click HERE to join TheBlaze TV! /> ► JOIN our NEWSLETTER - /> Connect with us on Social Media: /> /> /> Business or Media, please contact us at: [email protected]

John Gates
It's REALLY simple......QUIT FINANCIALLY SUPPORTING THEM. Don't like the NFL's stance on the Kneel movement? Don't give the NFL a single DIME of your money. Don't like what MSNBC or CNN or FOX is Saying/Lying? DON"T WATCH THEM. Take away their REVENUE/MONEY and you take away their POWER. While there is a PROBLEM with ALL of them.....News, Tech, etc.....the BIGGEST problem is with the American PEOPLE. It's like they're ADDICTED to all of this CRAZINESS. Turn off the TV, DISCONNECT from Social media, STARVE them of their $$$$$.
Jeff DePuy Sr
18% 18% are you serious 18% trust the government?? And we want to let them run healthcare maybe only the 18% want to let them run healthcare but we better keep the government out of healthcare.
Jeff DePuy Sr
I hate to say it but 😀 I trust you Glenn, maybe not as much as I would trust Stew, but I was with you when you were in Tampa so, I know your heart is with the truth👍 keep it up 👌
Because Jamie
Our media outlets only care about ad dollars..keep a watchful eye for the snake in the grass.
Major Victory
he's been saying for a long time not to take anyone's word, not even his and to "do your own research". This is why
Denim Lowe
Letting the corrupt government censor free speech is like slitting your own throat. Let people figure it out.
Nktcie Amazon prime movies ones that used to be free like Agenda 1 and 2 and all the other non liberal docs thry make you pay for and their videos are free. They always find a way suppress other info. How do we protest them? Send emails complaining? We need toget on the streets protesting all media and social media Google too. Signs saying thr Media hates the American people, Hollywood hates the American people, social media hates the American People.
Paving the way to total slavery.
judy Christian songs
Glen beck you are awsome ! I watched your shows back in the day and I knew you were right about all this snd I defended you lots of people that thought you were a wack job ! Glad to see your at least on utube keep up the great work !
Thomas Wery
California's government proved they cant mange toilet paper consumption in porta pottie!
All of this mistrust and corruption is due to a ruling class in Washington that colludes with big business, media, education, tech, Hollywood, etc. The answer is to destroy the ruling class. The first step is to have term limits and no pension or benefits to any former politician. Secondly, you place a limit on how much money a politician can fund raise or use for an election. That should bankrupt K street. Third, you ban any former politician from working for a lobbying firm after they leave office which is basically legalized bribery. They must go back to their old job or find another one in the private sector. No public jobs for any former politician. That will completely decimate the ruling class forever and force them to live like the rest of us.
Marcus Halberstram
Conservatism has become a joke. It's not conserving anything. What we need is a third position revolutionary movement with traditional values. We need to get away from thinking of the left-right wing divide solely in terms of free market capitalism. We need a movement that puts its people above money, without embracing godless destructive communism. Forget neo con Zionism and degenerative disgusting liberalism/communism.
I felt that way.... Who's minding the store...
Daniel Jones
Deliverance..boy u shore gotta a pretty mouth on you..L.O.L.
There is no God or Devil greater than I. You stole my fire. Is it going to blaze? Nothing has all power. I am nothing. I know everything because everything is nothing. Nothing is what everything is. I am atheist. There is true and there is false. I am anti falsehood. Truth will be revealed. Satan is defeated. Christ is defeated. Truth has all power. I am truth.
Siobhan Greene
Glenn, I know you know that FB was a CIA project from the start. Already a combo platter of big govt and tech.😣
The US government is a Satanic cult.
The Dashing Rogue
I don’t trust any media at face value including the blazeTV(due to weird hiring practices)
How about instead of all this regulation etc, leave it up to the individual person to make their own choice about what's news, fake or otherwise? There's too much trying to treat people like some herd of simple cattle when in fact they should be left alone to make up their own mind and decisions.
Sookie Girl
I’m beginning to wonder if those in Government pushing for these collaborations, are diehard North Korean Groupies...? Every week our Government is proposing yet another North Korean regulation/law for the United States to follow and/or surrender to. What’s with this obsession to emulate a enslaved country!?
Chris Garza
These are very sad facts but in reality, they are true.
mike lanford
Lowkey is not a terrorist honkey peckkkerwood
Baigandine L
Fake news is a problematical phrase, because it generally fails to distinguish between manufactured facts (which is rare), and a mere opinion slant (which is inevitable to some extent).
Km Van
Is there anything they can do for cable news or online. Why do we still have the FCC
When people Wake up .The fake news is branded liers.And blessing is those that woke up to this truth, are now alert for true news. Jesus Christ is Lord.
Km Van
You are a master Glen. I remember on FOX News I had on auto tuned to come on everyday
Maybe it's far better to create an alternative to NewsGuard as it's irony is being put to light. Short answer: independent third parties determining which source is reliable Furthermore once they find someone making fake news, they should talk to the writers, editors and suggest any corrections to increase credibility. Maybe it's even about what sources are being used
Novella Nurney
Wicked web of silken deception. We need a big broom and a few competent cleaners.That's the quandary.
Gregory W. Johnson
I don't trust the polls.
Scotty Cameron
Glenn don't barrow terms from Alex Jones. New World Order.
m beginization
Nevertrumpers destroyed the last bit of trust left
Ludwig Feuerbach
Media should follow 1 rule Do no harm
I’ve been losing trust in even my Main man Philly D! He’s kinda gone to the left and stopped being there to report news.
Bob Martinez
Yeah, bring the govt in and we'll have operation mockingbird on steroids
Silver Man
can't remember the last time I had the news on my tv or took their articles seriously. I just follow their bullshit through youtubers who can break it down much better and provide me better news
Bob Steenson
Here is why people don't trust men who look like Colonel Sanders 🤣😂🤣😂
Matilde Torres
yes johnny am with you on that, cut off ALL OF THEIR FUNDING$$, until they START reporting the REEEAL NEWS. so they'll be reminded of what their journalistic DUTIES are. because they putting $$ MONEY$$,ahead of PRINCIPLES.
G. C.
Beck, there is no conundrum. I reject your framing of the choices as the government can step in Besides that what choice do we have to control media. Gee Beck how about capitalism, free market forces, reducing regulations, lowering barriers to new companies entering these spaces and flourishing. How about Lowering costs to businesses i.e. regulations, taxes and compliance costs Beck you run a business why don’t you Give these solutions? Obviously you’re aware of them.
Brian Ellis
Philip Accaria
Therefore Glenn, you recommend what?
I dont trust KFC colonel ?
Armed Infidel
Glenn Beck should do a show about why conservatives shouldn't trust him