What Makes This Song Great? Ep.41 TOOL (#2)

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feroui hamza
rick tool just shared this video on their facebook page
Pondering Presbyterian
I used to play in a band called The Cosmic Trigger. We tried to write Tool inspired music with interesting tempo changes....but we failed because we aren’t aliens.
Fuff Mcduffin
Tool was a really good band before Justin. He was the missing piece that put them on a completely different tier. He instantly became an irreplaceable member of the band
I think you'd probably blow up trying to do Rosetta Stoned
Andrea Boma Boccarusso
thank you Rick, these videos are pure gold
can you just do Tool songs from now on? We dont need anything else.
Jesus Christ
You should have had 46&2 at episode 46, so you would have had What makes this song great episode 46 tool nr2.
Filip Luburic
That whole album is an undisputed masterpiece. I've been listening to it quite frequently for almost 15 years. Blows my mind every time
Shadow 3091
What makes this song great? It was written by Tool
unholy roller
I enjoyed the schism vid so much, that I've probably watched it 7 or 8 times. I've never been so excited to click on a vid. You should do Tool's entire catalog. 👍👌
Nicolás Riveros
Can we all agree that "Lateralus" is one of the best records of the 21st century?
So what you are basically saying is... the guys in Tool are musical geniuses :)
Mete Mercan
I loved how the majority of the video's second half was mostly Rick just rocking out and having a great time 😂
Spiralout 5142
Yr awesome, man! Could you please do more Tool or maybe even some Alice In Chains, too!! 🤘
The GreyJedi2112
every TooL album has something special but this album for me is their best work.
Tool definitely deserved another good in-depth analysis! Great video my man!
Nicholas Bennington
I need a Rick Beato "Bobblehead" doll on my desk!
Tommaso Piovesan
At 4:44 my brain played the lick
William Filipovich
Instant Sub! 👍 As a drummer, bassist & vocalist. This is by far the most comprehensive, Incredible analysis & breakdown of a very engaged, integrated & Intellectual band! Very well done! Thank you! Have you considered doing a similar analysis's of perhaps any Rush? Preferably from any album, pre-1980. Excluding their self titled Debut Lp.
Russ Wilson
That 3 over 4 thing: TOOL perfected that. They were getting that element into focus on Aenima. At that point, a few of us suspected that was as tricky as TOOL was going to get. By then Soundgarden had all but given up on all conventional rhythms. TOOL wasn't quite done exploring sophisticated rhythmic groove. But on this song, they probably outdid themselves in perpetuity. It's not the most tech thing they ever did, but Jesus -it's effective. Lateralus is the only work they have along these lines that is perhaps more powerful. It's their Stairway to Heaven.
Akhil Masih
Please do "The Dance Of Eternity"- Dream Theater
The Tired Horizon
What I love about Tool.. the drums utilise the WHOLE kit in an almost melodic feel.. so he's not just playing with the kick and the snare, the rhythm is almost jazz like. The bass and the guitars are counter to each other, the bass almost being another guitar line but lower. They're as tight rhythmically in places as the early thrash bands were too! IIRC they did have fuzz pedals during this (I want to say Boss or EHX but no way I can remember that far back haha). There were interviews about it but they were typically cagey. Photos of the live performances exist so there might be something to discover there too
Jmack 4275
I can't wait to see an in depth breakdown of lateralus and ticks and leeches!!
Maybe it’s too much to ask for a third Tool song for your channel, BUT I’ll do it anyway 😇 JAMBI would be fantastic, The Pot or Vicarious. We TOOL fans need something to take our mind off the excruciating wait for a new album 😉😢🤭
You should do "What makes Tool's entire discography so Great?".... you know, just an idea..... keep it up, love these!
Darth VVaida
Schism. Parabola. Please good sir. We've waited long enough. It's time for Latetalus.
Le Tabarnac
It's cool to watch someone dissecting one of my all time favorite songs... that said, what I have always loved about Tool, and you reinforced that with the comment about Maynard not necessarily constructing his melodies by thinking of what mode he's in, is that while being constantly changing time signatures and subdivisions, it never feels like it's complicated (to my ear anyway). It's the most natural and "organic" non 4/4 I can think of. It doesn't feel forced, it doesn't feel mechanical, it's not a technical demonstration... it just flows like a jam session, and it seems to be built purely on emotions... all fined-tuned to hit you in exactly the right way. Fuck I love Tool. Nothing they play (except for Carey) is even remotely hard to master, but nobody can build a song like they do. Masters of their own sound.
Probably my favourite Tool song(s). This series is great.
After watching your video on Schism, this is *exactly* the song I wanted to see you do next! Awesome.
Oisin McPhillips
Tool are a rare band where every member is an absolute master of their craft.
Desenova 913
Been listening to this album since it came out, and loudly, and I never noticed how layered that chorus was and it makes it even more hauntingly beautiful and transcending into the ethereal.
Traffic King
You forgot probably one of the most amazing endings to a heavy metal song ever... the harmonic notes played after the dirge drifts away. Leaves you shivering after all the intensity. A masterpiece of music to be sure.
Please analyse a KARNIVOOL song. They use so many layers of sound. It would be extremely interesting!
Иван Воронков
What Makes This Song Great? song : Lateralus Please!!!
Charles Chambers
Certainly no one would mind if there was a Tool #3 vid 😁🙌🏻
Wolf Silver
Heber Diaz
Rick, PLEASE do a video of What Makes This Song Great :LATERALUS!!
Santiago Topali
Holy crabs! Thas bass, please Rick tell me son compresson/eq tip for that sound!
Handsome Squidward
It really sucks Tool isn’t on Spotify
Rick is like that TV magician in the 90s that was giving away everybody's secrets.
Paul Maurer
Can we get a Mars Volta song next?
Michael O'Leary
Tool is perfect. And now I understand why. Thanks Rick.
ᗩᒪOYᔕIᑌᔕ ᔕᑕᖇIᗰᔕᕼᗩᗯ
Will you do a Frank Zappa song? I’d love to hear overnight sensation
Andrey Gaiduk
hey Rick! how about "What Makes This Song Great? Ep.?? Dream Theater-Home ?
Thomas Friese
When you have to get up in 5 hours but Rick Beato releases another video about Tool...
Mo Bee
Love these videos. Please do LATERALUS next!
Edgar Cetina
Rosetta Stoned or Lateralus my man! Nice stuff.
Deli H.
Great Video, especially the filtering of the single instruments! What software is this? i need to know! Justins Bass tone is fking amazing.
Sid R.
Rick is a goddamn treasure! This is crazy inspiring
Never clicked so fast.
Phillip Blount
All songs on new album at least 10 minutes long.......I'm like a kid in a candy store. 08/30
Proof that Tool is such a tight band.
Craig phantomV2
My mind was blown by the 'schism' analysis, this blew it again shortly after I put it back. Amazingly, Rick answered the question I was about to ask at 7:04. Clearly the guys in Tool are incredible musicians - but it's re-assuring to think they jammed this stuff out without thinking much about the theory. Maybe.
Ben Kurka
4:09 that's the intro to Roundabout
I love hearing musically inclined people talk about great music. It makes me enjoy the creativity of the music even more
Flip Jupiter
My favorite Tool song. I always got a Van Halen feeling from the guitars on this track. Especially that awesome solo. Thanks Rick. Love all your videos.
Zoath Nutter Buggets
Jesus that bass at 11:00 holy cow that was so sexy. That tuning is so bizarre and wild man. This band is just so full of genius.
Martin Ratcliffe
Rick, I just found your channel by chance and I think this series is absolutely epic, you are a great man doing great things. I know its a slightly different genre but could you maybe 1-day breakdown Superstition by Stevie Wonder for us?
archibald salyards
Thank you Rick B!!.. Music appreciation 10,001!!
Swiss Army Knight
That's great. Could we get some Tool after this?
Michael Richards
More TOOL please! Also... -Dredg - Bug Eyes -Clutch - Electric Worry -Karnivool - Deadman
Tom Johnston
I love these breakdowns. The more you dig, the more layers you find. Great work
Joe Creitz
Tool has an amazing ability to play in 4/4 and convince you that it's not, and to play in obscure time signatures in ways to which you can still bang your head. It's not just the crazy time signatures they use so well, but their gift for sucking an infectious groove (with a H/T to the band of that name) out of any time signature.
I remember learning this song on bass, I played a 5 string, it was very fun.
Samurai Guitar
Puta merda, que timbreira! Que pegada! Que composição! Vida longa aos mestres!
My favorite song from that album.
You are the Mr. Myagi of rock. Can I wax your guitars? You promise teach music. That your part. I promise learn. You say, I do. No questions. That my part.
Tool shared your video on Facebook....btw. Great job.
I didn't think I could love these songs more.... Wow, thanks!!!
James Bargar
I'd love to hear you do "Rosetta Stoned" by Tool.
Ashton Steptoe
Would love to see an episode on "Space Cadet" by Kyuss. (Or any Kyuss song.) An episode on "Sonic Youth" would be amazing as well. Anything off of "EVOL" would be a dream come true. Keep up the great work Rick! Hope to have a record produced by you one day!
Watching this has made me appreciate Tool's brilliance even more. Great vid!
Alan Mora
We need something from Steven Wilson or Porcupine Tree please!
Brandon Parker
Mr. Beato. Can you agree Tool is the greatest band ever? Why or why not?
Remote God
DAMN this was a sick analysis. The voicings and orchestration of Tool's music gets such a "thick" timbre that without this video I don't think I could ever have processed all the stuff going on. This is one of THE coolest rock songs ever written. Thanks for tearing it apart and showing the wiring... only increases my appreciation of the music to see these secrets exposed...
Nick Harmonic
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club deserve a breakdown of one of their masterpieces
Rahul Roy
Amazing track, amazing breakdown. Can we break down some Meshuggah, Baroness, Porcupine Tree & Mogwai Please :D
Jason McLaren
Laterallus is literally the only album i listen to in my car. Over and over again. Masterpiece. Darkside of the moon for a new generation
Ben Rice
How do we campaign for an analysis of Jambi from 10,000 Days?! I could listen to him dissect every album, and I think it is fitting he chose two from their masterpiece.
Botrill didn't produce the two previous Tool Albums though, he did Aenima, but Undertow was Silvia Massey
Jason Shermer
Hey man. Was wondering if you’ve ever dissected any Dillinger Escape Plan? Maybe Farewell Mona Lisa, One of Us is the Killer or Milk Lizard.
You literally have NO IDEA how cool you are Rick! This is so friggin' amazing!!
It's incredible to see someone who is extremely musically proficient, still getting giddy and excited listening and breaking down tool. Great videos man!
Kenneth Albert
I was hoping to learn something from this but it is way beyond me. I guess I need fundamentals first. I do know that Tool Rules!
Kenneth Albert
7:00 That is the kind of info I have always wondered about.... Do the musicians analyze in this way... Thanks
These video series are amazing! Thank you so much for them. You are like the Anthony Bourdain of music. The world needs people like you to help us truly appreciate all of the wonderful things we sometimes take for granted. Thanks Rick.
Krispynachos 99
Do Intronaut analysis
Sylvain Ellis
As always, a dope episode. This song is heavy as hell, and it's clear in the video how much you enjoy Parabola and Tool in general.
Dan J. Boyd
Chopin used flat 6 a bit
Jayanth Avasarala
please do a song from The Incident by Porcupine Tree.
Cristiano Fontana
With this you made me buy their CD hahahhah
frank alfar
Could that end part be 3/4 to 5/4 instead 3 3 2? Btw love your vids...
Please do this for PUSHIT 🌶🔥
Wookie Laney
TooL! Could we get some Kyuss? Maybe some Catamaran or Demon Cleaner
Patrick Foster
What makes this song great? It's Tool!
Marc Gamble
Great Video! I would kindly like to request Russian Circles and Indukti. Thank you, love this video series!
Yaongingy Fmm
There is no other band that ravages me, the way Tool does... Outstanding breakdown, thanks Rick!
Tommy Fraz
Lateralus is a top 5 album for me, possibly my all time favorite album. I was 17 when it came out, and fair warning, don’t fall asleep listening to this album. You will be in for a nasty surprise (during the final track) like my entire house was when I left it on my stereo. If you want to know what sleep paralysis is like, this is pretty damn close.
Scott Guthrie
Rick, What equipment are you using to solo the parts? Just curious
I heard Danny Carey sleeps in non conventional hours throughout the day, following the Fibonacci sequence. Also sings "happy birthday" in 17 while washing his hands to know when they are clean.