5 Scary Toys Caught On Camera And In Real Life

Top 5 List of SCARY toys caught on tape! And in REAL LIFE. The weirdest creepy toys that you can STILL BUY today! Some very bizarre and strange toys caught on scary video in another of our freaky lists. Furby: /> Okie Babies(scary dolls): /> Ouija Board(supernatural or scary toy, you decide): /> CLASSIC 1960s/70s Ouija Board: /> EvilStick Wand: Just have to find this one by luck. These scary toys can still be found in random discount stores, but they are going for up to $400 on eBay now! :( Fugglers (scary toy with TEETH): /> If you want more scary toy videos, you can also check out - 5 Creepy Dolls MOVING: Haunted Dolls Caught On Tape! /> Subscribe for MORE Nuke's Top 5! /> Twitter:

Ana Br OFC
I just noticed that I have a doll (not baby) that her eyes follows me when I walk . . . . . 1 like = save me
big smoke
Anyone else look through comments while video still playing
Jose Guambana
So let me get this straight.... You have to be 21 to drink. 16 to smoke But 8 YEARS OLD TO SUMMON fOkIn SatAn????
Alfa Cahnbley
1 like 1 evilstick wand in the trash
Wanna know something scarier..... SCHOOL!
Maddie Stull
Nobody: Nobody at all: Teens with a ouija board: *On gRanDmA*
So do you think the ouija board is a portal for demons to enter you WELL BUY ONE IN THE DISCRIPTION
Llamas In The Bahamas
You know that moment when something is terrifying?? I laugh to keep things positive when it isn't This whole video I was laughing awkwardly 😅
Aesthetic GachaGirl
Wanna know something scarier... *The teacher calling on you first for the presentation* 😨
0:52 Girl: “What’s that??” Me: “YOur WoRsT nIGhTmARe >:3”
Ellie Potadosnake
my Furby won't shut up so i murdered him ( i stepped on him)
Man, props to the guys in number 3 for coming BACK to say goodbye.
Rhyn Mallari
1 like to survive Comment if u easily scared This is so scary I terrified 😱 all toys and I will not buy thx for asking this video and im ankid nine tears old I'm really scared..
Global Villager
I have to agree with the shop owner. Who gives their kid something called "Evil Stick"?
kittylover 9876
3:02 Sounds more like the new child's play movie coming soon
Ella Winkles
One of my new furbys started to stop working so I took the batteries out....well at night it started to talk by it's self I swear it was so creepy...😣
Simona Haav
I have furby Ouija board is super creepy
elvish necromancer
Mom: *Buys a toy named Evilstick* Toy: *makes child cry* Mom: *gasp*
i already have a furby, had it for 9 years, no creepy experience!
justt plaan weerd 5353
Me and my sister both have Furbies (I most likely miss spelled Furbies)
Long Xue
lol ,they're even using Sakura as an anime mascot for the evil wand :3
snowy snowolf
WELL YES I DID HAVE A FURBY WHEN I WAS YOUNGER sadly my mom had to get rid of it since my mom was AFRAID 😂Anyone watching in 2019? Edit: omg almost to 1k <3 Tysm! I thought I would have been ignored xD
It’s your gurl Sienna
I had a furby but like I never witnessed anything strange about it 🤷‍♀️ but I threw it in the bin bc the batteries in it leaked
TimYoung 69
*Going full screen at 3 am with headphones on at full volume, in the dark, wish me luck*
Edian Edian
Me:this is scary i hope theres a comment that makes me feel safe *scroll down to comment* *sees the reccomended section* Me:im never safe
Saizuk RBLX
My cousin have a furby toys he say furby will catch me in night
Furby is still creepy.
Chelsey Sprouls
1:43 hat at least your Ferby has a built in alarm clock 😂
KLance Cosplay
The furby I had stayed in my closet. And every night at frickijg 3 AMMMMM IT WOULD GO OFF SND KID ME WAS LIKE "FRICK NOOO MOOOMMMMMMM" And then I'd hide under my blankets crying.
Dean Harlow
Furby:screaming and screech Me playing Minecraft: SHUT UP FURBY
Rata Bite Dragon sis
my furby was my sister's enemy but dis was a furby BOOM!
This is why I would buy Legos instead
Chloride Sodium
*GOODBYE* **SLAPS BOARD** *This is America*
Salem Saberhagen
Well, the shop owner is completely right: That thing is called EVIL STICK.
mudkip bros
Ok you have to be 21 to drink 18 to smoke but 6 to f*cking summon the devil
Gamer Pug
5:55 Girl:whats that? Answer:Your mom with a slipper ready to slap you
Nuke:Did u have any Furby experience urself 1998: Furby was invented 2010:Me born After watching that part Me: I regret it I’m not going back in time
Isaac Mieras
I once lost my furby in my room and whenever I went to sleep it would say "hello,pet me" and all kind of other things 😱😱😱😱
Charlene Lutton
If Flowey (Undertale) Was able to be summoned,Im gonna summon it one day.
cupcakes and donuts
Hey holo squaf where you at?😂😂😂💿💿💿
Straberry Gamer
Katerina Mars
My furby would wake me up at odd hours of the night talking to someone that I couldn’t see
Cupcake Salad
I have a furry connect and it talks while I put it into sleep mode, it also speaks even when I'm not interacting with it
Maddie House
At the Ouija board end of the game you’re supposed to say can we say goodbye
The Northern Beaver
Doll and electronic toys are scary but the most creepy doll is summoning chucky
SuperFnafLogan !
OUIGI Board is creepy. 0_0 Anyone agree????
Heather Mcmichael
Quija boards nope nope nope had one experience and I wasn't even touching the board . Nope.
Ally Pumpkin
My furby was saying Eat me Eat me Eat me
expertgamer 4165
What do u do for a living make creepy dolls that wacth you
Had an Ouija board when I was a teen (yes, bought at the board-game section of a Gemco) on the recommendation from a friend on how fun they were. Long story short, I believe it opens a door using your own kinetic energy and anything, good or bad, can come through. Sold it to a cocky friend, who claimed he could handle it, for $1 to get it out of my house. They are not toys. Now the Spirit store sells them.
Roses are red Elmo is too I came for the thumbnail! And I bet you did too
abolfazl toreihy
I had the first toy and some time is randomly makes creepy sounds
Pavka Freeruning
I have the 1999 furby and its so cute!
Jaded Ramella
I used to have a furby that would activate without batteries.... Well until i skinned it and burt it. Death to the Furby!
RandyRandy Hoover
One time I had a furby and I took the batteries out and it screeched forever and it would not stop. I had to burn it and when I was burning it it was like: ahhhhhh!!!! *screaming*
SteamLoco SteamLoco
The doll is not look at you when you go around is just illustrations that the eye is following you
Jessie And Chip
In my story, I had a hachamal and it literally walked and talked on its own, and it’s eyes followed me, I was traumatised 😂
On the first video about those toys I used to have one but one day it just disappeared When I was little I keep hearing sounds that I never of before
My best friend's furby started up in the middle of the night, screeching. We got so scared.. [ Edit: This is the most likes I've ever got holy god ]
Furby can be scary couse their can be turn on without batteries
Cole Christides 2
Hasbro: makes beyblades Also hasbro: makes oujia board
prettyandsavage 1
3:38 what did you put inside of it Ouija board?
Bentley Damrell
Sent my friend a Woody doll for the furby
Phew I got no CURSED TOYS around me but PLEASE LIKE for me to be PROTECTED from GHOST
strucid team 2019 pro
i have furby my furby doing this sound and i punched furby face
dj loop pads
one day my parents ask me for a furby and Y say no there so creepy and they buy it and next day I burn it.
Frexelin Ledesma
Number one:*furby old trailer shown Me:CHRISTENE MY QUEEN IS HOUNDED????
Jimmy Alahondro
Yes I had a indan doll that each night it moves to many places around the house
Dracogirl Gamer
8+ So you have to be 21 to drink beer But 8 years old to summon the devil
My sister has a fugler lol I think fugler stands for fing ugly 😂 jk jk jk I just had to
Makenzee Montgomery
I had a furby and it Would go off randomly at night
The Annoyed Mr Floyd
Why would anyone put Cardcaptor Sakura on a toy called Evil Stick?
Niamh Baszyl
Luv how ppl think there are actual rules to communicating with ghosts. If its going home with u its going.
Brite bomber
*so let me get this straight you have to be 18 to smoke 21 to drink but 8 YEARS OLD TO SUMMON A DEMON?*
Addaire Morris
Do you ever look through the comments and wish you said that
Jaden Barnes
my furby haves a scary eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee when i turned it on
Killer Clown21
I had a Christmas Furby, and it opened a chest, which was closed, then stood... BTW no one messed with it, and it stood on it's own... And it was a furby that we got at a yard sale....
kate The basic girl
3:11 When I was younger I had a phurbie (dont know how to spell it) and we were changing its battery and when we took the batteries out it was still talking, moving its ears, and stuff
Random Dood
who plays with ouija board ontop of someones grave, the disrespect wtf
martha griffith
My friend bently has one of the teeth doll
I accidentally called a R18 star while playing OUIJA 😤😥😅
Koryne Beckett
I had a furby when I was younger and that stupid thing was possessed or something! I remember I had taken the batteries out and threw it in my closet, which had a bunch of other toys. After a while I forgot about the furby, since it was covered by all the toys. One night I woke up from some strange screaming noise I searched for where it was coming from and eventually I found the furby. It didn't stop screaming until the sun came up and I told my mother to throw it away. I thought she did, but a couple night later it happened again. Only after it was smashed with a hammer did it finally leave me alone!!!
Lori Morrison
So like my friend had a ferby when it says I’m hungry and you actually give it to much food 🥘 it goes evil it’s eyes turn red and says you fed me to much my tummy hurts it’s your fault but the ferby yells when it says it’s your fault
Jakesmad 4it
I hate dolls I have a fear of them because one blinked at me no joke
Am in Scotland I can't get it but in the middle of the night I can always here my telly go on so I go down stairs and then I can see like a little girl sitting on my couch it was terifying
Reynaldo Santiago
Wait furbies arent from black mirror
Mary McGowan
My roomates say that our house is haunted but I’ve lived here for 376 years and I’ve noticed anything
3:46 that actually looks kinda cute!
Dalila Campos
Am going full screen.... Pray 4 me....
Hugo Moreno
Nuke:anyway,did you have a weird furby scary toy experience yourself? Me:YES I PLAYED TATTLETAIL
PJ Smith
Perhaps it's Grandma LMFAO 🤣 🤣
Jessica Berry
My furby got really hot and I had to toss it in the trash
Yuki Gatsune
Do not play oujia board
Luca Nackowiz
Once we took the batterys out of a furby and it kept talking. I almost pooped my pants
Queen Cloverpaws
I have a furby connect but it isn’t creepy in any way and I absolutely loved to play with it and still do sometimes
becky petrinovich
My frebby woke me up at 3 am and I woke up outside
Stephen The brother bear Fan Productions 2007
The ouija board i don't want demonds is my house
Daisy Lee/bindy28
One time I had a hatchimal (I think that’s how you spell it) I had it for a year and then it disappeared Til this day I don’t no where it went or if it’s in storage
Who the hell sees a toy on the shelves called "Evil stick" and thinks "Oh! let me get this for my kid!"??
sean mccory
The quija board is definitely no toy. Yep 18 for cigs or baby sacrifice, 21 for alcohol and 8 to summon a demon. Perfect example of America.