Joe Bonamassa - Tour De Force - Dislocated Boy - Hammersmith Apollo

Joe Bonamassa - Dislocated Boy is taken from Joe Bonamassa's newest release, Tour de Force - Live In London - Hammersmith Apollo. Joe Bonamassa - Tour De Force -- Live In London, is an unprecedented live concert event unfolding over four DVD/ Blurays recorded earlier in 2013 at some of the most famous and iconic London venues: Royal Albert Hall, Hammersmith Apollo, Shepherd's Bush Empire, and The Borderline. Formats: DVD/BLU-RAY/AMP BOX SET The Amp Box Set Includes: - All 4 concerts in DVD or Blu-ray format - Collectible, hard cover photo book including 48 pages of stunning photography highlighting the March 2012 London tour. Photos by Christie Goodwin. - The collectible "Miniature" Vintage Marshall Amp is A One of a Kind Box Design. The entire outside surface is covered with a leatherette to feel and look like a real amp. The "speaker cabinet" is real screen-printed cloth to give the feel of Speaker Mesh. The official Marshall Logo is used and simulated exactly how the real Vintage Amp would have it. The top of the amp is complete with all knobs turned to 10, just like Joe likes it. Joe's Gold Signature is printed on the back of the Amp along with all the Beautiful Artwork from the Tour De Force- Live In London DVD's. Designed to Fit all five products for safe keeping. Order directly from our store: />Amazon UK: />Amazon DE: />JPC DE: /> />Facebook: />Twitter: /> Visit our website! /> MLG on Spotify: />Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:

Abenezer Manaye
TBH I like the acoustic version of it down at the Vienna better...
Philippe GTR
Musicians are awesome !!!! ALL are perfect !!! My favourite ..... Carmine Rojas Bass ...... HUGE !!
Still the baddest mofo's ever!!!!! No body can touch these guys! Own my heart!💖💖💖💖💖
bob robinson
Sweet Joe you Rascal! your using the Grolsh rubber washer on the strap. Well done.
e bob
What a show. Such professionals, I just love it.
Tyler Durden
All the solos were absolutely INSANE!!!! (bow)
Donna Rice
We have all four of the Tour de Force dvds. This one is my favorite!!!!
Amazing performance!
J Fred
Love what Alan does on this song with his C3. Amazingly awesome!
Amaaaaazing show! :D
Yeah, that was a pretty damn awesome version!
Tjitte Bouwhuis
Love it!
Dave Tone
holy mother of god
Dave Marlow
Donna M
Who is singing with Joe here??
I can't stand him, his voice sounds very weak to me... guess i'm the only one.
Travis the Great
Who's the backing voice? He sounds a lot like Chris Cornell!