CHASSIS: MST FXX-D S IFS (RWD) Thanks to RCMART 2mm Carbon fiber sheet: /> Music: OBird - Comodore & Calme Beat link:

RCSparks Studio
Always loved your style, and always will. Dirty & RAW! So creative is your ability in fabricating.. Super cool to see. Thanks for the HUGE efforts you put in to making an awesome show. I for one understand the hours this took.. 5 Stars!
SpinningDronez Photography
I lve yr wrk, i miss blding my crs & trcks, stil my fvrt hbby even tho i hvnt blt one in a few yrs!
I saw the little skateboard man amazing 2 thumbs up man.
Дмитрий Захаров
Will a piece of 200mm by 250mm be sufficient for the job?
2 manyhobbies
So love your vid's just wondering why you cut and pasted traced that chassis o am i missing something
paolo de pablo
wow, what rc engine kit is that? i want to know!
383 chevy
What discs do you use to cut the carbon fiber with the dremel?
i like this video but are you why review the rc car ??{'ㅡ'}?
Veron #12
Pls tell me how to buy carbon fiber
I would suggest, Don't Try This at Home unless you wear the protective gears all the time. Carbon dust is highly carcinogenic (lungs)..... It may not give you any symptoms right away... but in the long run, it will get you....
that's great and beautiful.
rashawn lunsford
nice vid bro i have a drift car i turned it to a drag car
Rayhan firdaus
Bagus banar anang nih berapa beli ha nang harap di belikan dadah anang
xtreame gamer
too slow ? and why
Real Crazy RC
Luving ur work dude
poola theja
If u make in easy way everyone will try to do
Syed Irfan
Make car 190speed car
Mia Neo
Zaid bin Hadi
you are creative You are an artist you are crazy Honestly you are wonderful
Mohd Faizul Mohd Sany
I love it cause it is lowed rc how to make my rc look lowed
_unknown .survivor
How to assemble that motor? Bcos i tried to build my drift car from cheap rc car..and it does not have that kinda plug..can i email u and sent picture for help?
JaRCo de Rover
04:30min Had to stop and ask, Do you watch Roadkill? :D One of those hosts does the same trick with bougie leads, never thought of using it on RC's like you did here! I like the motor mount and suspension from this model as well, when i'm finished with my crawler my focus will be on a drifter, this one or the Bulldog/Fijon. Nice work man!
I am digin that chassis, front motor and rear drive is pretty sweet. And your fab skills are always top notch.
Никита Боронин
Красава, но пальчики уже стареют =)
Slanted - RC Drifting SA
Well done! Kudos to you for inspiring others to think out of the box and be innovative. RC drifting has never only been about taking a chassis out of the box and sliding around cones. Building and modding is a crucial and fun part of the hobby. Hope to see more of these vids soon!
Ma belle auto
Merci pour l'astuce des rislans pour le câblage moteur. ;)
nice car man I love your custom e10 I have one too I modded rwd. I hope maybe when day when I get bigger we can drift together and make a drift video. Run some tandems. Up hill and down hill battles.
Really enjoy your videos, definitely inspiring me to make some of my own RC parts. That being said, I really hope you are using a respirator when you cut your carbon fiber, it can really mess up your lungs and give you cancer!
Roi Fauler
good! sign up a friend! Thank you!
Azazep 333
Man this Channel is awesome. Beautiful work.
le 13
Nice i love it!!
Exottiic Clan
You just gained yourself a new sub from making an awesome video
Stephen Williams
What is up with the figure in the opening ? ? ?
Jahmen RC Building as One
You my friend you are nothing less then a Magician with know how and ability. Thank for putting on the music track with the piano. That to me is Olive Rc theme song.thx again.✌
Rodcognito 00
Still Loving it. Out side the box.
Bunsonm Noiraksa
Bunsonm Noiraksa
sick build, but from the looks of it you need alot more weight in the rear to make a drift initiate and hold better. with that motor being in the front it puts alot of the weight on the front tires, almost prohibiting the rear tires from giving the car any sort of control mid drift
Mr Remo Chiddik
Nice toy How much this toy
Joe Nudd
Your videos inspire me to think,create, and achieve things with my RCs thank you so much for your time and effort !
Paulo Marques
muito bom
Colby Speaks
How long did it take you to build the chassis of the RC car?
Mark Miller
How did you do the hell jeep?
7:18 Coincidence 😂
Can I have that plastic chassis?:D
Eddie Mack
Those Yeah Racing wheels/tires suck. MST makes great tires. You're gonna want yellow, red or green soft cs-r tires for the rear and gold medium fr-f tires for the front.
Fred Varillas
Gustavo Nunes
só pra saber .....quanto custa um carro personalizado desses hein??
Lucas Pimenta
mano Makes a Steep face
Nadir N
where are you!
Benjamin Kaplan
This is something I've been wanting to do on my mst forever. Seeing that someone has done it, and done it well is giving me that motivating push! Love your videos man, keep up the awesome work!
Samurai Rider
Wow !!! So amazing!!!👍🏾 thanks for the good videos!!
Sydney Segovia
the best
Renato silva
Ralf 2269 I am right there with you brother
you know this take the whole meaning of thinking outside the box when it comes to building an rc. I for one as many of us do including you (I would believe) always have parts left over from taking rc kits and rtr rc' s and have often wondered hmm what can I make with this? I have boxes on top of boxes of part pins lol I just wanted to let you know that this has got me thinking about what I can make the word custom one off just makes me smile so one day I can look at my accomplishments thank you once again for keeping it fresh in the rc world keep it up can't wait til the next one
Mahesh Madiwal
Nice job
koni san
hello olive alors après six mois toujours aussi content de ce petit châssis MST ?
Dadi Eka
Beli yg bisa dirakit kaya gini dimana..?
Phantom Wind
Damn! your chasis rocks but, the bodies are ugly as they can be.
My spur gear did that too, but it took me a month to ruin it. might want to go ahead and get a new drive shaft too. Get the reinforced one.
Mia Neo
Wow so cool ride
Paulo Marques
Brasil man
awan service
Good luck
Chris Setyanwar
does it have brakes? Apakah itu ada rem?
jeffrey narbaiz
Where did you find the wheels at
Indransh Sharma
Survivor in the zombie wild
c est pour ça que je n aime pas les pignon en plastique lol ^^
hadef nabil
Win tatba3
Roberto Latković
I like and lurn how to work with carbon! I will work with carbon soo...thenks man 😉!
Jbl bass tester
again..... A pro job!!!
Βιβη. Πετροπουλου
Jam Ayub
jam ayub
cesar muños
Que pro we
Desi Kurniawan
Budidapati Ravi
naimar jr
Fgtldyjxg Zyjxriceicr
love your vids
guellali Guelguel
Murjanatu Usman
What kind of material is that
₹kya hai
Pratham Kumar
Sick rc car man. I hope one day you can build me a rc drift car.
Mohd Faizul Mohd Sany
Good videos
Nice vid and great job dude. Abo and like for you. Maybe you look on my Chanel. Thx 👍🏽 👍🏽
Alung Fitrah
Rayhan firdaus
No nice
akuk ngabrett