How to reduce fire damage | vanilla Minecraft 1.11/1.12 [English]

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▼Open description▼ ►Commands: -setup: /scoreboard objectives add fire dummy -loop: /scoreboard players add @a fire 1 /scoreboard players set @a fire 0 {Fire:-20s} /effect @a[score_fire_min=5,score_fire=5] fire_resistance 1 0 true /scoreboard players set @a[score_fire_min=30,score_fire=30] fire 0 ►Become a Patron: /> ≫------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------≪ ►Music: -Soulfy - "Skyfall" ▷Download: /> -Aire Atlantica - "May" (Outro music) ▷Download: /> ►Resource pack: -

Nice trick! Lol the "I need healing" thing made me laugh :P
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I'm early for once!
I'M SO HYYYYYYYYYPED! :D Great work! ^^
Might be asking a stupid question, but are totally green when it comes to command block, i just recently tried to use this on my vanilla server that i have hosted, and put in the commands and placed the blocks like you ( i asume, since im not sure on how yours are placed, noticed that they can be place diffrently?) im running 1.12.2. si there anything changed so this isn't supported in 1.12.2?
The Hype is Real :3 i need healing too :v
Just a random question ... What is the utility of the boomerang, if there's an hookshot ? All the things done by the boomerang in Zelda games are also done by the hookshot (except maybe the multi-targeting) ...
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Great video 👍👍
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Hast du schon ne idee wann die map fertig ist
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As always, your vids are inspirational. :)
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You're so awkward at talking. You should really work on that.
Can you increase it also? Also #1