How to reduce fire damage | vanilla Minecraft 1.11/1.12 [English]

▼Open description▼ ►Commands: -setup: /scoreboard objectives add fire dummy -loop: /scoreboard players add @a fire 1 /scoreboard players set @a fire 0 {Fire:-20s} /effect @a[score_fire_min=5,score_fire=5] fire_resistance 1 0 true /scoreboard players set @a[score_fire_min=30,score_fire=30] fire 0 ►Become a Patron: /> ≫------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------≪ ►Music: -Soulfy - "Skyfall" ▷Download: /> -Aire Atlantica - "May" (Outro music) ▷Download: /> ►Resource pack: -

Pixel Musical
Nice trick! Lol the "I need healing" thing made me laugh :P
The Hype is Real :3 i need healing too :v
Andrew Haralambous
As always, your vids are inspirational. :)
I'M SO HYYYYYYYYYPED! :D Great work! ^^
One Epic Stone
Great video 👍👍
Just a random question ... What is the utility of the boomerang, if there's an hookshot ? All the things done by the boomerang in Zelda games are also done by the hookshot (except maybe the multi-targeting) ...
Korra 228
You're so awkward at talking. You should really work on that.
Might be asking a stupid question, but are totally green when it comes to command block, i just recently tried to use this on my vanilla server that i have hosted, and put in the commands and placed the blocks like you ( i asume, since im not sure on how yours are placed, noticed that they can be place diffrently?) im running 1.12.2. si there anything changed so this isn't supported in 1.12.2?
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Hast du schon ne idee wann die map fertig ist
Funny Happy Studios
I'm early for once!
Can you increase it also? Also #1