Carla & Stella - Starla final kiss


Cecilia Nall
I loooove Carla and Hannah. I think they are the most beautiful couple on youtube..Great song too. Many, many thanks to Sismofyt03 for making the video and posting it...
luzia matias
parabéns  carla i  stella
fantastic vid!
Lynn Forsey
Where can I find a playlist with the above episodes with eng subs? Would love to watch this couple evolve..
BuBu Mgeladze
Could you tell me the name of the film?
I am glad that this couple had a good end finally , I liked both of them and missed them . The song and the video you made is wonderful , congratulations !!!
Me too...:(
CJ kin
their relationship is the relationship i would really want to have.. :(
B-Flors-patito F
OFICIALY IN LOVE WITH CARLAAA!! THE MUST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN(after my mother and my girlfriend lol obvious!)m :D
wachata !!!!???!! fhemt kasbokom ya yhod ??? hal fahmi sahih ???
Cecilia Nall
Love this couple, so much fun to watch
thats one hell of a flower
lxandria visa
thank you Sismofyt03 this is so romantic i love it :-)
Joicy Fenty
love the song
@amazingpony Go to Mittag1234 channel here on Youtube. She has all the clips and most of them are also subtitled. These clips are around "Folge 3498". Enjoy:)
@jbberjws1 Damn that took me a while to find....hehe:)) But it's epi 3488.
which episode is at 0:28 - 0:52???
Daniela Morales
was ssssssooooooooooooooo great i really love it i almost cried haha thanks for made it
Thanks for your sweet comments! You can watch the story with english subs on carlafreak4ever. They are not married yet. Right now they are back on the show together but only for a short guest visit. After that I don't know if they will be back. I hope so! Love them too!
Solis- Gonzalez
Okay so do they get married?? N do they take the baby?? N please , please tell me if they still on the show?? thank u thank u!!!!!!!! MariluG
Thanks for the sweet comment! And you're very welcome! I love making them! I know this one says final kiss but as you might know the 2 of them are back at the show right now....just for at short while.....but I'll be making a vid.....can't stop myself......haha:))
Du hast Recht.....sehr Schade.....aber Freitag kommen die Beiden wieder zurück. Nur für eine kurze Zeit, ich weiss. Aber ich freue mich sehr!!
rianne koenen
@Sismofyt03 thanks:P
They will be back in epi 3551 january 29. Can't wait!!
rianne koenen
do you know in witch episode they will make a quest visit? love it btw
Melissa Lacey
is she not taking her daughter with them? :)
Well they got engaged and went on a world trip! They will be back in the show for a guess visit in january. So that's good news! If you wanna watch the whole story with english subs go to Carlafreak4ever!! She just had her old channel suspended but she is re-uploading!!
Well that's not enirely true, cuz at the end Carla wanted to but Hanna stopped her and then she died!
Melissa Lacey
yea they were a good couple with chemistry but lets face it it would neva have lasted because carla didnt want to go public:/
I think u dont see carla & hannah those two were the best couple cute & so nice together ohhh
Thanks a lot! The 2 of them will be back in january for a guest visit....yayyy:)))
Melissa Lacey
i love these two together in my opinion the best couple with chemistry by far :D
I'm glad Carla had a happy ending and she and Stella deserve each other they are both very beautiful.
You are very welcome! And yeah I really miss them too!!
Carla tells Stella that when she is looking for her passport she should also find her birth certificate because she doesn't want to wait.....she wants them to get married on their worldtrip! Ohh yeah I miss them too!!!!
I am glad too that their love affair has a happy ending. Finally Carla found the love she deserved.
Hey sismo, your videos of this beautiful couple are so well-made! wish I know how to make videos like you. I miss these two so much, hope they come back to VL soon!
I will really miss those two!! They're soo beautiful togehter!!! I'm glad they got a happy ending! They both deserve it!! <3 Thanks for the vid!!!
I miss them so much:( Thanks for your beautiful video:P !!
Thanks for that nice comment! And you are so right.....This song is like made for them!! I will miss them sooooo much:((
Yeah I miss them already......sniff:((
Thanks! Sad to see them go but so happy we got a happy end!!
Yeah no more VL for me either.....not without Carla:((
Thanks girl! Yeah this is just so sad:(( And it gets worse for me too the more times I see vids of them leaving:((
Thanks sweetie......yeah I miss them too....sniiifff:((
Okie, dokie....Sismo, I just watched it again at 1 in the morning...IT'S GREAT!!!!! "looks like they made it."
Hehe:)) Well I totally knew what you meant Jo!! THANKS:) And I really would love for it not to happen either:((
Wonderful video...I'm crying right there with you. At first I was like, I can handle this...then the more I see them leaving, the worse if gets for me. I miss them. Never stop making videos!
Good Gawd. I must have been typing with my elbows. What on earth was I trying to say, except Thank you. aaagh.
Ahhh Sismo I was waiting for this. I had a hunch youd use Shania as she is perfect for your vid. I started to watch and then stopped like the Carla leaving I hoped if I didnt see it, it wouldnt happen, but it hasand now your videos are little treasured memories of our sweet couple. Thank you, thank you.
THANKS!! Yeah I can't believe they are gone........sniiiffff:((( Will miss them so very much!!
THANKS a lot Renee!! Indeed STARLA FOREVER!!
THANKS SWEETIE!!!! You're too sweet!! Yeah that song......I just found it perfect for Starla! Love ya girl!! HUGE HUG:)))))
Huggies to you sweetie!!! And I'm right there crying with you!!
that is relle cooooooool nayss song and work
Gloria Ayala
just like my love and me
Craig Lewis
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Alex Kiss
It would of been nice if they had Carla visite Hanna’s grave sight some times.....
Maria Nida. E. Desantores
wow we love❤😘
somethings never get old,,this series in one of them,,thank you,,,carla is so sexy,,,
frankys Cortés
If you want to fly and find the love this it's the rest is BANANA WOW!!!!!!!!!!
Inger Jacobs
Having followed Carla through a number of relationships with women - she sucks !! I blame her for Hanna !  ...or the schriptwriters :)
Hilaria Tatis
Hay fin con quien quedo Carla tan bella pareja que hacia con stella
Nice Almeida
Muito legal gostei e uma capacidade s em tamanho
kate castillo
Could you tell me the song´s name?  its really nice this couple :D
Sonia Silva
Alpha Xw
Someone tell me the name of the song plz
Alpha Xw
Someone tell me the name of the song plz
Regina Idricio
Filme completo
What tv series or movie was this taken from?
Guli Xamraqulova
BongAll In1
nice work...too bad i cant find those episodes with eng subs.. :(
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