Immersive Engineering: Making a Max Power Water Wheel Look Nice! Minecraft 1.10.2/1.11.2

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Welcome to another modded Minecraft series showing you all about the mod Immersive Engineering (for Minecraft 1.10 but may also apply to other versions)! Vallen shows you how to max out the power generation of the water wheel and gives some set ups on how to make it look nice at the same time! Immersive Engineering: /> You may also like some other Minecraft series: Witchery: />Roots: />Intangible: />Thaumcraft 4: />Thaumcraft 5: />Random Things: />Tinkers' Construct: />OpenBlocks: />Botania: /> Minecraft (1.10.2) mod Immersive Engineering (version 0.10-42) owned by BluSunrise and art by Damien Hazard. Please leave a LIKE if you enjoyed this video, COMMENT if you have a suggestion or just want to say something to us, SHARE with others you think may enjoy this, or SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more of the Mischief of Mice content! It all helps the channel and it's greatly appreciated! More Mischief of Mice: Patreon: />Discord chat invite: />YouTube: />Reddit forums: />Google+: />Facebook: />Twitter: /> Outro Song: "Alternate" from the YouTube Music Library

Awesome video Vallen! It's a really detailed video!
Forest Strider
Great detailed video as always, thank you Vallen!
it looks nice i saw 1 of your videos of this mod and i subbed to you :)
Hey Mischief if you finish Immersive Engineering could you check out Matter Overdrive.I think is based on Star Trek or some other sci-fi series.Plus you can become an android in the mod.Love the videos
You are a new favorite of mine. Great work!
I just like making a huge column up the side of a flat cliffside. This column is full of waterwheels, and water comes down from the top and turns each trio of wheels in the opposite direction of the ones before and after. Keeps me powered for a while.
thank you
Vicky Van Waeyenberghe
Love the boat launcher. Having fun with that! Thx <3
Boofy Bee
Hey! I'm new to Ie, do you know if I can make this without being near a river? (Windmill and all)
Axe Meagain
looking at your build... you could double the width and then have power output on both sides and it would still look nice
Akasia tiew
I'd heard that with microblocks it's possible to get a few more bits of water moving in the right direction on there somewhere. Any truth of that? also, what modifications would be best if you where trying to stack these on top of eachother, can the same water power two wheels, one above and one below?
Is this still good for 1.12.2?
Forest Strider
Awesome tutorial on a water wheel setup Vallen, I really enjoyed setting this up in game. Thank you!
Dylan Armstrong
I could fall asleep to your voice :D thanks for the cool vid
Wassim Dandachi
Sow Yeuleu
how do you put a fence on a slab
Müller Botelho
very good tutorial well complete but in my case I am updating, I do not play since 1.7.10
Excellent series MoM! I have one question regarding the output, I followed this exactly but only capable of getting 81rf/t any idea as to why this could happen? No custom config just using it slapped onto vanilla.
Working in 1.7.10 too
Working in 1.7.10 too
Working in 1.7.10 too
Heero Yuy
wow, O.o nice, ty for video!
Congratulations on 2,000 subscribers
ji ribu
very bad video tearing