Go to sleep AMV

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Karma is creepy, but Nagisa is freaking scary. He is one of those folks you never twig as a danger right up until the moment he shanks you in the throat.
soy el unico que le dio like porque es el puto amo ?? xD
HDA MusicVideo
Eminem + Ansatsu Kyoushitsu= Drug, but not like an ussual drug, MY DRUG
Thug Assassination Class 😂👌💯🔥
Aza Ellie Quiñero
i feel like that song is making them feel like thugs the student
Nagisa Shiota
Is this anime worth ?
Cthulhu The WigglyBoi
When he really went to sleep and then your sad :(
•A L E X •
I am a simple man I hear Eminem i leave a like.
Kitty Carbajal
1:52 koro sensei you look like karma...oh wait that is karma never mind
Scar Trick
But its still 7 pm :(...
John Doe
SL3YT3R Games /Team Dragons Gaming V
Esta serie tuvo un triste final pero no deja de ser uno de mis favoritos 😢😁😁😁😁😁
Smokey Monkey
this fits to damn well
No Name
The thing with Karma and Nagisa is that everyone realizes immediately that Karma is dangerous, like Itona did. Nagisa on the other end seems harmless until the moment before he kills you which is much more dangerous when trying to kill someone with surprise
Sergent Buttercup
Lol japenese thugs i love this anime ( assassination classroom)
Dawson Sannes
Even tho karma is powerfull nagisa is the othwr side of karma so he is as powerfull as karma
Omer Baskayalı
Aaliyah Masters
Anime is amazing
i can't believe u made an amv with rap sound awesome
Diego Zarza
el pibe que lo subió esta confundido por qué la mayoría de comentarios son en Inglés XD like si tus personajes favoritos son nagisa y karma
ivan kukov
The cuts dont match with some parts of the song
I keep re watching this <3 love this song AND this anime
Natalia Livshits
thets like my 30 time watching this video
Sinan K
助けて蛋白ろう出性胃腸症ple 治療法くださ
Raymond Kai
yo when they all brought out guns and then the best dropped right on time 🔥🔥🔥🔥911
Dawson Sannes
Also d Nagesa is faster then karma to so so karma vs nagesa.nagesa will always win (also i forgot how to spell there name)
Hayato Adachi
That's what I like about it
Monstruito Kawai
Me ha encantado, like nwn
April w
After 3:56 is literally me on Destiny during a raid. 😂😂😂😂
Sjdue Maceofsky
congratulate my friend ;) 1.5M. ...
Rosa Martha De La Campa Granados
Lo ame, seria bueno tener maestros de entrenamiento intensivo en la escuelas desde primaria
valkerie mafyboy143
Damn son this is actually one of my favorite disses from em and this SHOULD BE THE THEME SONG FOR THIS ANIME
#We all know that one kid 😏
Jeff the killer sings this song every night 😂
Ben Luvs Trains
Ironic sense it’s basically 3:00 in the morning
Kathya It means something
Esta genial, no ah pasado un día sin que vea el vídeo xD Además amo el animé del vídeo
Andi Claire
Jeff, I didn't know you could rap that well
Nisa Kurt
Sen benim kuzenimin videolarını paylaşıyorsun
Nour Aladl
this amv made me think that anime is a bit extrem but after watching it is children friendly LOL
jeff the killer: go to sleep his brother (liu): wake up
Dylan D
Lie my real fave rza and he still true but that's space out of the park LVL art
Would die for some bread
*reads clock* Oh boy 4 am... One more video *clicks on this video* *reads title* Ok...mama...
idk why but this title " go to sleep " reminds me of jeff the killer from creepypasta 😵
Anime Otaku
3:01 - 3:12 this is just one of the many reasons why Nagisa is my second favorite character (with Koro-sensei being number 1 of course, how could you not like Koro-sensei)
Vapmpire GİRL
Jeff the killer -Go to sleep-😍😍😍😍❤❤
Happy AF Kitty
Why isn't there a public School for Thugs? 🤔
I love karma and Nagisa so much and I cry in the season 2 you no why right 😭❤️
Kryptek Godz
Holyshit I LOVED THIS, newsub
Dylan D
DMX still good and em when he started was revolutionary
Vanessa Haurein
fairy tail clickbait xD this amv is so epic you wouldnt have even needed it :D
do you know da wae
Ohhhh ma goshhhhh😍☝🏽 Edit: why did YouTube not recommend me this sooner xc
Xyi Anderson
This song was made for this anime.
Dark Crystall
the best AMW that I ever watch
Jean's Gaming
they could've done so much more with Nagisa in this anime
Epic Anime Epic Song
Damian Matias
like si conose la serie ansatsu kyoshitsu
Sr.Kenys tu Senpai :3
El video es de un Latino y solo gringos comentan xdddd •<• ste men
DAMN! I was looking for another song BUT THIS IS AMAZIN!
spike GC
Y un minuto de silencio por koro 😭😭
inci calis
eminem go to sleep
foca foxxi
this is awesome
I'm planning to watch the anime soon, but i have something to ask The Wolverine-looking dude (probably teacher), is he cool?
Samuel McMillin
Can I say that this anime made me cry for a soiled episode
ann gleeson
Nice especially Nags walking to DMX
Not gonna lie I can't stop imagining Koro-Sensei bobbing his head to this song. And I can't stop laughing.
todos karma karma nono nagisa en modo asesino era el groso sisi y muy bueno el vídeo lo e visto varias veces ^_^
FINALLY someone made this. Thank you.
Fernando Mena
de puta madre tio ya puedo trollear en rankeds jugando urgot ap jg
Eminem feat. Obie Trice & DMX - Go To Sleep REP =)
Aditya Chatterjee
Guys watch Great teacher Onizuka. It's similar and dope
Ravadee Siengjang
ทั้งภาพทั้งเพลงเเม่งสุดยอดว่ะ OMG 😕😕😕
Otaku Collector AMVs
I Din't find it that much interesting/ but everyone's got their own taste
Ninja doge the 1st
Koro-sensi the best at lens flair meme
AnubisFox chaosmoon
What's wrong aww you dead devilish lol
Dylan D
Shouldn't use harsh words no animosity just the feel. Like snoop my fave rapper and cube but we all reach a point I guess
Lol love the song and I LOVED the anime/manga!
no te salta el Copyright???
Artashes Isahakyan
amw must not be so long
Dinasty 936
hahahaaa aah perfect
Le queda muy bien la música a este anime , Buen AMV
kyla my
Jeff the killer usually say " go to sleep"
Joshua Kalor
This song works perfectly for this anime like I mean perfectly great job seriously there is not that many AMV's that can be even on the same level of greatness as this one so you should be very proud
Feyra Hide
Nagisa... WhY must you always be so BaDaSs
Yukihira Sōuma
Como cuando respondes comentarios de españoles por que no sabes ingles :V PD: me encanto el amv
Ernest Mc
Great job this shit was on point o.o 👍
Uncaring Gamer
am i the only one who thinks this would be great with angel of death this amv is godly too but i feel that anime would bring out this sounds full potential
SquirtlesNotATurtleYT owo
It should only be karma :3
David Womesldorf
Good song Eminem and Bass anime fighting videos 😎 👍👊 👌
Ian VanAntwerpen
You should listen to it in x2 speed
Эддара Хомавна
Я люблю Карму❤ I like Karma❤
Alguien que juega más :v
la musica no el queda para nada el resumen del anime v:
Doki Doki Games Studios
I Know The Anime It's Assassin Classroom
demone chara
1:25= me
One of my favourite amv's! so good.
Yuki Silver
This is just perfect! 😙
Sabrina Jerèz
😲😲😲😲😲😲👏👏👏👏🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶sin duda es muy cool y tambien el puto amo 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Dr When
The music lines up with the video cuts well, good job