Men's 200m Individual Medley | Rio 2016 Replay

USA's Michael Phelps wins his fourth consecutive gold in the Men's 200m Individual Medley. Watch the FULL Finals and Semi-finals here: /> Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: /> Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end:

Goodbye legend, the swimming pool will never be the same without you.
Thumbs up if you want Olympic channel to upload other full swimming replays!!!!
The Frozen Waffle
I swear to god sometimes I think that Phelps was born in the god damn ocean.
Someone give this man a medal! What? They already did? 28 medals? Well then.
Jack Sayer
The guy is an absolute machine. At age 31 still picking up 4 golds and 1 silver. You have to give it to the man.
Maria Ansari
That's not a human. That's a living mermaid.
Lydia Gonzalez
Michael Phelps the legend
Fernando Men
2019 someone??
Lochte and Pereira went out too fast trying to keep up with Phelps, bad strategy, if they kept themselves calm they might have gotten a medal.
Layla Askar
i wish he would swim the next olympics. i mean he is getting a little old but he is such an amazing swimmmmmer! he has got to be born in the ocean
Rodrigo Meireles
Happy and emotioned the ones who could see Phelps in action, lucky the generation who will see in videos! A legend alive!
He is so grounded that even when he got gold he himself went ahead to shake hands with the othe two.WHATTA LEGENDDD😍😍
Phelps had an amazing freestyle leg :o
Hoang Le
Poor lochteHe crawled like he was out of breath in the last 25m
Bishshoy Das
The master finishes 2 whole seconds ahead of his students.
the best way to beat Phelps is by not racing him at all. lmao
Riley Houghton
Thank you very much Micheal Phelps
Suzi M
Sorry Michael, sorry media. But the 200IM, not the 200 fly, is Phelps' best Olympic event. 4 straight gold medals, and the races weren't close as you can see: Margin of Victory over Silver Medalist 2004: 1.64s 2008: 2.29s 2012: 0.63s 2016: 1.95s
Byakuya Kuchiki
Why dont you upload the 200m butterfly??
That final breast to free turn and free leg is one of phelps great moments. Over 30 and he still has it in him to turn it on and bury the best the world has to offer, and he looks so smooth when he's doing it. When that stroke rate increases the final 25, the greatness is just undeniable.
Dasha Glanz
I’m not very good speak eanglish but it was very good and it was very fast
juan gonzales
este tipo es unico 23 oros olimpicas, hasta batio un record mundial q se hizo en el año 154 a.c hecho por el atleta Leonidas d rodas, que tenia 12 titulos, michael phelps tiene 13.. es un legendario Michael Phelps.
Cassie Corona
usa does it best.
Desmond P T
3:46 Hear the din from the crowd dies down when the results show that Peirera didn't even finish top 5. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan but he just couldn't overcome his weakness in the final freestyle leg :/
Even the last place swimmers are extremely talented and very fast
Sister ShoOk
“Micheal Phelps is miles ahead!” *literally a 2 second gap*
B _Beast
I just get goose bumps every time I watch this, phelps truly was the greatest of all time.
Chaosmos Space
1:45 ~
Took them long enough
Annie Wong
3:50 When you just finished the 200 IM and the lifeguard goes "GET OFF THE LANELINE!!!"
Hoang Le
I remember the first time he broke 1:55 barrier was in WC 2007 (1:54.98) and after 9 years he still went 1:55 sub (1:54.66) at his age of 31.... Incredible !!!
Sam Supriyasilp
On the breastroke to free turn right befor, Phelps did a breastroke strike with no kick? So?!??
SoCal Transportation Spotter
Both Lochte and Pereira fell for Phelp's game, which is to go fast and dare the competition to keep up the blistering pace. They paid the price and didn't even make it on the podium.
Jordan Scott
Come on Lochty you could've done way better
Micho Phelps es bien pro
Gui Seb
Ok but both the Japanese and Chinese swimmers were really behind and got 2nd and 3rd place, respectively Just, awesome And Phelps is also awesome of course
Jonathan Wahono
Phelps will be the never forgotten legend
HeyYou MyNameIsJarred
Phelphs Is The Best
juscelino teixeira
Sensacional 🏊!!!
petix len
Alot of swimmers are challenged and motivated to beat the son of Aquaman , michael phelps.
william walsh
hello if you recorded all the swimming finals at the rio olympics could you please make me a dvd copy and I'll buy it from you .There were so many brilliant races that I missed because of the times.Especially all of Michael Phelps races. THANKYOU Billy
Your Girl Jane
In IMs I hate how freestyle is at the end!!! It makes it so much more tiring! (My opinion and ability)
Mayank Chauhan
Michael a Swim legend
Dizzy Eggs
That comeback from wang shun thou
irene birgita
that M.P logo on the swimming cap 😍
R Lee28
Wow! Phelps is really amazing! He seems like he’s about to get beat and at the end he creates a significant gap...
Why do they have such an intense competition at near midnight, won't they feel sleepy😂?
Rudrastuti Vaja
Michael Phelps had a great talent for 🏊
Dominic Rivera
Are they playing seven nation army in the background at the end?
Ungke Suleh
0:19 *S T A N L E E C A M E O*
Philip Sednev
if Michael wanted to he could still swim in the next olympics and still win medals
ceylin inan
Love Michel PHELPS
stephy dahl
never in histroy will thr b a swimmer like Phelps
Miseop Lee
I am speechless like the first time 😍😍 dude he is awesome
midun hok ya hokya
Legend of swimming in the world
Best ever u will see. Phelps!
Ibee Flaw-sin
*this guy gives me so much inspiration in swimming wow ty mike i know you do it for me man*
Vasiliy Kogut
Phelps Is Cool.
Steven Turner
2:45 Lochte takes small but probably illegal extra dolphin kick.
I started swimming because of this man. Tough to see him go, but he went out with a bang.
Scolopen omar
Does anyone know the name of the song played in the background in 3 47
Charles LaMonica
Michael Phelps always gets cold
Bineesha K
What a man he is!
Karla González Cid
his "uuugh" before the race 😍
Marco Antonio Pradopaz
this Men its a freek bye Phelps we Miss you
Tinh Apple
He's Aquaman! The king of Atlantis
Lillo Costa
Shape of a shark! MP, immense athlete. We all miss you!
Mark Boice
that was a pretty fast time too, not far off the world record, clearly superior to his butterfly swims.
This Guys all skips leg day!!! Chicken legs!!! No just joking!! Haha
Sergio Barreda
4 time 200 IM Champion. Only the great michael phelps could pull an amazing and incredible feat
wow michal was good at freestyle!!
dawei liu
Superman Phelps!
Alejandro Gómez
Natación traducida al español
William Sanz
so Mrs Pan mesmo né Thiago hahaha
Dusan Milojevic
I'm the world record holder in 50 IM!!!
Paul Kryder
Actually it was the breast stroke leg that won this race for Phelps, and that is normally his weakest stroke!!
Nick Anthonny
2018 alguien?
Soumyodeep Karmakar
MP is not a HUMAN, he is the AQUAMAN... <3
Dewa Movie 21
_. babygolbach
this video was posted on my bday, go Untied State❤️💙🤞🏻
Duck Patreon
These guys swim faster than me running on land. Respect
Maybe one day ı be michael phelps🇹🇷🇹🇷
Dias Neto
Thiago Pereira uma decepção.
Carol Stearns
Always brings a smile to my face watching Michael and off to the gym we go!
Douglas Sanches
Impressionante! O thiago pereira morreu nos últimos 50 metros, de 2º foi para 7º deus me livre
XxMilliexso45 C
You can see phelps has had cupping therapy
Chris Tsuma
Phelps goes like....thanx guys for keeping me company the last 3 laps bye!!
Marco A. Cruz
I am surprised that Phelps has returned since he retired in 2012 ... I'm glad you're back.
If you win, you win a medal.
Jocelyn Lo
It's already hard enough to do a 200m sprint...Talk about doing a 200m swimming!!!!
Angelica Rosales
love😘maicol phles..
Yahira Yahuda
nice to see them happy, but our governments trying to make us hate each other.
Stéphane Aaron
First. ISSOU
Adnan Nasution
Amazing Video helps the people who didn't catch up to the Olympics and also Phelps if you're reading this I'm a huge fan PS: Don't ask about my Avatar the bullies in my school changed it and I can't "Change it" as proof of evidance to my mother
katu o
Aljon Acebron
it means m,phelps in good position of all time , 28olympicmedalist
Dani Star
and then there’s me *cant swim a 100 fly without stopping*