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America's Got Talent finalist Brian Justin Crum takes on Freddie Mercury hit, ''Somebody To Love'. Were you as impressed as the judges? Let us know in the comments below. Got Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world. Watch more America's Got Talent: Watch the original, full length clip: /> Subscribe to Got Talent Global: />Watch more Got Talent Global videos: /> Facebook: />Twitter: #gottalent #talent #gottalent #talent #gottalent #talent

Mai Neim Is Tuputamadre
Thumbnail: "Freddie Mercury?" Me: There's only one room for an histerycal queen.
Lunnel Paloma
He's Close to Adam Lambert not Freddie Mercury 🙂
why can nobody in the comments spell ‘freddie’ smh
Autumn Blair
He's good, but not even close to Freddy Mercury
damn why can't puberty do that to me
Jim Pickens
He's no freddie, no one is, but damn booiiii im sure you did him prroouud!!
That was impressive! As everyone knows, no one is like Freddy Mercury, but I certainly love Brian's take on Somebody to Love :D
Gabriele Tebaldeschi
where's the golden buzz? u crazy?
Ignacio Arancibia
True he has a great vocal range, but he doesn't have the raw power that Mercury had. Still one of the best voices I've ever heard, Queen songs are really hard to sing at such a high level of perfection
Sec Account
Marc Mertel: Excuse me, You think you sound like Freddie Mercury? Ehm
Everything Fangirl
Anyone NOT here from Superfruit?
No where near Freddie Mercury... More like Adam Lambert. Marc Martel sounds more like Freddie. This guy's a good singer though.
Sarah Loulaj
why didn't he get a golden buzzer?!
Diane Jennings
I feel like the opposite of most of the commenters. I'm heading over to the Superfruit channel now from here....
"If I wasn't married and you were straight, we would be in love" I DIED!
aodhan cullen
i think im gay now
Aleah Poole
I personally think thats not freddie at all. Freddie has more vibrato and the other guy was a heavy breather. I mean he was ok but i didnt really like it apart the fact that freddie was in the title of this video
Gerardo Pulido
When he sings creep. Damn
Max Vermeule
Freddie would be proud
Mr. Perry
The first 10 seconds I thought he wasn't going to sound that good,then halfway through I was like dang I wish I had a voice like that!
Is it me or anyone else notice how almost all of the good singers turn out to be gay or bi?
If freddy mercury was alive he would be really really proud
Brunt Penguin
I did not came From SuperFrut I came From Queen
The Cowardly Paladin
Singing starts at 2:26 You're welcome
does the B in mel B stands for BooBies?
Meg Igarashi
HE'S SO GOOD :D I came from his Rise cover XD
- FigTheCat -
Send shivers down my spine, that is what happened to me
Grace McClung
Pagerino Mercury
Darling, there’s only room for one hysterical queen 👑
Quem Liga pra Análise
RISE (Katy Perry Cover) by SUPERFRUIT, Mary Lambert, Brian Justin Crum, Mario Jose :)
Dean Nederhoff
freddy Mercury would have been proud of that performance. dont know what everyones talking about superfruit but great job
Ever wondered if this show is rigged? Like do they do this special cut-away scene talking about the persons past etc for EVERY contestant?
Noey Yang
He has a beautiful voice but he is no Freddie. Freddie have a very unique voice and it’s very hard to replace. But overall his voice was very beautiful and and calm
Ngure Ndiritu
I wonder how his haters in school are feeling now 😂
Zoey Manninger
Rise, Superfruit?
Who came here from the latest SUPERFRUIT video? :)
Ben Sisko
The first time I heard him singing that song it made me cry, the second time I just sat there with my mouth open... I bet this will go on like that till the 100th time I listened to him doing that song. That is true talent (and it is true emotion!)
HOLY CRAP (in a good way, of course :D)
Freddie would be proud
This was a spiritual experience
Wow, this guy can sing his ass off, awesome audition!!
Alyssa Costa
He should've wonn tho, but instead grace V did;-;
"You really Gayve everything and I felt that" - haha Kappa
hello my superfruit fam :D
dayvid tv
Singing good =/= sounding like Freddie Mercury But nonetheless, this is an amazing performance and he has a really REALLY good voice
He sounds like Elton John more than Freddie mercury
I am Inevitable
Freddie is smiling at him now
Jane Doe
You do not have to worry about being a singer, you are more than a singer you are an entertainer. ! You remind me of Adam Lambert one of my favorite artists
mmh :/
no one can sing like Freddie, BUT he is so good and gives off some vibes. hope he makes it
Dennis Arge
God bless him
Sophie Rodriguez
Who came here from the super fruit video
Ethan Bennink
4:47 that’s all you need to see, folks
Yaima Martinez
And since that day, I'm in love, *cough* with his voice
Danielle L.
another beautiful rendition of that song, thank you Brian
Katee B
This is my favorite Queen song.... What an amazing job he did WOW 😍
I was a fan for Grace, but I he's brilliant. I do believe that Scomiche fans will put him over the top to win.
steven vollmer
damn mel b is looking yummy
Chester Bacwaden
am i the only one here who read it as Justin Cums?
Alex bona
I'm with the Original Freddie Mercury's Somebody to Love but his own version is really hard to sing thou.....
Wtf did they not use the golden buzzer!?! Had all the judges already used their chance?
Anyone else just skip their boring irrelevant backstories
SkechersKid 4
Wish he fell in my cage he sings beautiful
CrazyLittleThing CalledMotleyCrue
came from superfruit
Reagan Sheets
Me: *reads title* he can't pull this off Him: "cAAAAAAAN" me: 0:
Atlanta Dazzler
what did gay have to do with it? How was phenomenal, period.
lil boi matt
Hi got talent global
Berri Flood
is there some other, shorter video of this that has the millions of views? cuz i can't understand why this only has 24,000
Laura Singss
Oh my gosh Brian is such an amazing person with an amazing personality❤️he will come a long way in his singing career, I know it!😊
Roberto Gonzalez
The only person who sounds similar to Freddie Mercury is Marc Martel
Stfu Greg
Sure, he's brilliant but nobody can imitate or replace Mercurady. He'll forever be the biggest Rock God !
Alfee Rahaman
He deserves a golden buzzer
Rin Rin
His mom is awesome😍
Juneand Ruth
*Marc Martel sings "Somebody to Love"* *Simon smashes the Golden Buzzer*
He's a good singer, but he doesn't sound like Freddie Mercury
Sarah Louise Campbell
Brian is bst good looking at the at the X factor stage being confident
Mr. Mercury
Freddie Are you mixing him up with Adam? No where CLOSE to Freddie, but still really good. Proud of you man.
Audio was a little low on this vid.
Bob Shaw
He nailed it ! Great job Justin . I love your voice .
Akarshit gupta
Fantastic Mind Blowing
Arthur Iets
simon: winks,points,laughs at someone viewers: he's going trough 100%
mia lauren brent
He's got an amazing voice he is close to Adam lambert
*Sees thubnail , Fredfie Mercury?, * Nobody could ever have the voice of Freddie Mercury. He is unique and will always have a special place in our hearts . We will always remember him as the legend of music although he is gone.
easily my favorite agt act of all time. chills every time he sings
Victoria Reel
I love his voice and persona. I don't know how he didn't win. I would go and see him wherever he would be. I hope someone sings him. He would be a superstar.
Nico Benty
He's very good, but Freddy Mercury still be Freddy Mercury .
Dan Marc Castillo
He did the song justice. Stop comparing him.
Anonymous Account
He’s a good singer but he sounds nothing like Freddie Mercury
Akarshit gupta
Best audition I've ever seen
Alejandro Guerrero
*4 judges on their feet, that's talent!*
Tamara Bukta
Oh. My. Goodness!!! This guy is amazing!!!!! I need more
Alejandra Mendoza
how did he not get the golden buzzer or win?!
Andie Mesina
freddie>marc>this guy>adam
There’s only one room for an hysterical Queen.
Mikee Games
Scrap the fours yes' what the hell guys. Did you forget where you put the golden buzzer. That was absolutely incredible. Dude you get a golden buzzer from me, who needs the judges.
Eddie Beaty
Thanks Brian for taki g me back so many years. Always enjoyed Queen. Keep it going 😉
Ritankar Chakraborty
He not close to marc martel.... how does he close to Freddie??
Alejandra Mendoza
his forehead is wider than my future. but great singing man.♤
while everyone came here because of Superfruit, I went to Superfruit because of him :)
Pubity won with this one ❤️😍
bishal poudel
hello got talent i enjoy your all videos ....thanks for uploads