Adam and Eve

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Another terrific Central Beheer commercial from 2008. Not quite in accordance with the Bible. The garden of Eden filmed for the first time. No wonder Eve bit the apple ! More commercials :

The expression on her face... how are going to go forth and fill the earth?
It's LeviOsa, not LevioSA!
Is that Rafael from Jane The Virgin?
We all know eve wasn't hite
howdafk shdino
Don`t even go to comment land on this one folks I barely escaped with any belief that humans actually write some of this shit.Just enjoy the videos fantastic humor it contains.The womans facial expression was so right on the money.Good actress.
Shyann Rowe
so eve bit the 🍎 now we on our periods and it taste like snapple😂
End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wildlife
This is how the 'non-consummation of marriage' grounds for divorce all started
rebecca jetta
Adam acts like a girl hahahaha
Tibi S
if this was the first story.....then where the adam & steve come from...... electricity,sound,light,the pentagram (not made by man),gold,water,Helium,....they all been in the nature....from billions of years (earth revolutions)..... .. 🌏 📡🌏 👣🕕💎👽☠☼☾☄ェヽ・ㇺㇾㇽ₪ɨʈɨЬɨʀа₪ヽ・ェㇺㇾㇽ✶☥✨🌛🌄⊀⋉🐺🐾☆🐜🐜▲▴◭
So the fruit was God's insurance policy?
Miller's Mad Designs
wow talk about blasphemy
Abel Lewis 27
How do you know it was an apple? The Bible says it was a fruit. Genesis 3:6
Tiffany Daniels
This is hilarious!! I wonder if ppl really know what the fruit really is ! Lol
Santosh Khodke
oh so this was that what actually happened
Shalisha Thomas
Get rid of your Adam Eve Curse Acts 2:38 St. John 3:3
so people say these are the first humans on earth.. is that true?
Diana kitty
OMG im like so wait what why is it so smoll channal
Ben De Weaver
I'm here from Top Trending
Timothy Gill
The gay agenda has affected every domain.And they can't even get it right when it comes to biblical account of history from the beginning.Gays.Think.Understand that this is a woman. She is blessedly sexy and beautiful curvy creation of her maker and creator God.
Damn that guys a fegit
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Aivaras Zilvinskas
A small remark: they were not supposed to have hairdressers in that garden, so Adam should have hair of around the same length as Eve.
*So much for being fruitful and multiplying.*
Adama Coulibaly
Mais vous êtes singlé !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vladimir putin
Thats Steve not Adam.
Leo Taft
The end of mankind as we know it
See? Born that way!
Autumn x
isnt it eva?
Stephen Tong
Adam Vasi & Evan Vasi. Adam create Alien from his mind. Adam hate Evan as if he was too weak to defending. Adam want Evan to be strong like Adam. But it don't work out so as Adam order Alien to kidnapping Evan from this world because gay couple is so disgusting. They tried to transform Evan into lady. Her name was Eva right now. They returning to this planet. Adam seemed satisfied they did. Eva freak out what she have. She didn't know that Adam is ally to alien. Borning male is worst to live because present time, there's has UFC and more that cause high stress pressure.
Quyet15 Nguyễn
tre cái tầu lá làm gì gỡ ra cho đẹp😂
graciela caceres
Jajajaja buenisimo
HRuth J
Mohammad Naim Ghojash
Lmao this video is so funny
Ha Gay
Gamer Girl
Guys this is not funny
Chavely Martínez
Florian Coulon
I realy like
Hye Kang
Geeeeeeeeeeees jajajajajajaja
Madd Hatter
Why Eve would not have meet Adam
Loreta Smith
olafursson kyllian
Tomas Parra love your comment ! love it !
So it wasn't Adam and Steve. It was Steve and Eve. Humanity is doomed.
Amjad khan Amjad
Schachter Factor
And that, kids, is why Adam has no descendents and Eve had sex with the Serpent instead.
luar argenies ortiz torres
W K Pattison
After what Eve did to mankind for leading man astray, this would of been fair.  But women's punishment for Eve leading mankind astray, is that women suffer pain in childbirth, and can not hold the priesthood.
Étienne Fromage
I love how many christians and bigots are offended by this commercial. Get over yourselves and your fictional story of Adam & Eve.
Dani Lyxell
junaid ali
lyzba adyahceb
Lol.. i did not see that coming :)
ok pooky bear ^_^
Luiz Gustavo
kkkkk e eu achando que a eva que ia ser lesbica
is she Casey Labow?
Fahrizan Mefiba Hidayat
if it's true, how the humanity created?
me either
very funny.......
her pussy
I don't see a beard on Eve's face, but if you meant a haircut, then yes I agree w/ u.
eve needs to have a shave
This is kinda perfect because I love Casey Labow and I'm from the Netherlands
Insulting to what?
D. Ryan Gore
yep... still fuckin insulting
Martin Novak
do you know name of that actress ?? please :)
There are more women being born then men in the Western World.
like the amazon rainforest in a slightly smaller package
i want to break her anus
Abele Abbey
BWAHAHAH!!!! didn't see THAT comin did ya??XD LOL
Sarah Torres-Alexander
is this casey labow?????
andy barns
cuz he IS GAY!!!!!!!!!
adrian Lavy
WOW. Eve is SOOO HOT!!!
John Christie
somehow i don't think that footage is real, they only wore fig leaves AFTER they took from the tree of knowledge
Gotta love the point this video makes lol.
Kevin Sullivan
this is my favorite commercial ever.
baztad son
hahaha fuckin brilliant
Dinos Malcreados
Lutar livre e porque adaam vs eve
Tony apLa
and what about lesbians my friend?
Justice Vanpool
I and many others are aware of this as a silly charicature, at best. It's just an extremely funny to act, so people laugh at it. Cheers.
fernando bueno
I´m Gay but I dont act like that.... We are been label so much.
Eliza Whittemore
hahahah she was probably thinking, God seriously just screwed me over...
Justice Vanpool
Hilarious. She was like, "yeah, baby, I'm ready right now". Then she was like, "holy fu--, he's such a queer!"
Eliza Whittemore
HER FACE!!!!!!
i understand and respect you opinion my friend, i do disagree on having a soft heart, you can have a soft STRONG heart, you just have to guard it, know what to let in and what to keep out of it, but having a soft heart helps you be able to show love easier to others/have understanding when someone believes things that you don't (in my opinion of course :P) i won't try to prove anything to you cus unlike stereotypical Christians, i know only God can do that, so i'll pray that he does, God Bless:)
i dont take this as an insult im not a stereotypical atheist im open minded and i have a few religious friends of my own the only time i get mad when when they ether try to prove something no one understands or try to force it on me but i will say this however, a soft heart is just a sign of weakness it will only hinder you later on, heh this coming from someone who is studying to become a veterinarian
my friend, i know how you feel,i know you mean well, but please, TRY not to condemn, i know it's hard because i'm sure you love the LORD and want to defend Him, but remember, our God doesn't need us to defend HIM, He defends us, pray for those that don't know His love, don't pity them, they're living in the world, just as i have before He saved me, i still struggle, and i KNOW they do and will as well, so Pray for them, don't PITY them or show dismay for there earthly way of thinking, God Bless
i know you'll likely no appreciate me saying so, i'm sure you'll likely say you don't need it, i HOPE you don't take it as an insult, but i WILL be praying for you, i know many like you, and I MYSELF have wondered the same, but the Lord has shown me alot since i gave my life to Him, i pray that something happens to soften your heart, so that you can receive that truth of who He REALLY is, take care and God Bless, whether you chose to receive it or not :)
fuck god he hasn't done anything in thousands of years when i was younger i was naive enuf to believe he cared , now i know, he long since left us to kill ourselves
Hung Solo
I found it funny....its not actual truth but entertaining nonetheless.....for all those christians who are upset some of us laugh at humor...forgive us.....:p
Wendy G
i know why they are naked but the leaf in their you know what is kind of weird
Gay Adam: hi! Im adam
Dan Burdick
Batman vs Superman
Miku Zatsune
She's just like da fuq just went on!? Is he a bone headed monkey!? Oh wait I think he just tasted the rainbow on a monkeys as
jake mozzy
Good-looking guy: Hi! Im Adam *Said gayly* me: O_o WTF?
So all yall got to do is bitch bout religion on a YouTube comment, lol, religion, whether it's true or not, provides values that people should live by, without the bible you coulda been put on a stone slab and sacrificed to make the sun rise, ya jackasses
Maurice Westbrook
Love it
Gay people include LESBIANS too... so, NO girls for you! Girls for the Girls! LOL
The Korean Jesus
who does anyways all guys care about is "love" in a "different way"
The Korean Jesus
=more girls for me =]