whisky review 598 - Benromach single malt 5yo @ 40%vol

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Ossie Weinert
Never boring at Ralfystuff in the Bothy! Fantastic review! I'll be looking for this one. Thank's Ralfy!
I would love to get a bottle of this, but knowing the LCBO it would be no cheaper than other age statement malts. We just got Glenfarclas 8 yo for over $70. Speaking of the price of whisky becoming extortionate, I have seen lots of comments on articles online saying don't worry, it goes up and down in a 20 year cycle. I was wondering if you could share your experience. Does the price ever actually go down or does it just level off and wait for inflation to catch up (maybe while offering better whiskies bolstered by more mature stocks blended in for the same price)? Since I've been into this for the last 2.5 years (thanks to your videos actually) I've seen the prices of older single malts (which were already up a huge amount from what they were a few years before) rise so shockingly that they would require at least 20 years of inflation to bring them to what I would call a good value. Which brings me to the next question , could this current (with no end in sight) boom in whisky actually be consistent with a theory of a repeating cycle or has it reached a peak of demand (real or imaginary) that is unprecedented?
My Toy Channel
how about a re-review of the single malt whiskey Glenlivet12 ? or VAT 69 blended scotch whiskey ? cheers my man !
Jeffrey Lyons
I need to figure out your diet so I can still drink beer and whiskey and lose weight.
Jason Reipold
ralfy your review of Benromach 10 as whisky of the year totally got me hooked! A great bottle at a great price.
Love benromach ! We were able to visit last year. Question,,,, do out think they "planned" on the 5 year bottling,, or in random warehouse tasting decided WOW lets do this ? Just curious ! ! I spy a cheeky bottle of "Bru" 😎
Rian Creamer
Another top review, Ralfy! I'm working my way (too quickly) through the Ben 10 and it's one of the best whiskies I've had! Looks like they really know what they're doing up there! Does this have similar peaty/smoke notes like the 10?
ever tried Bulleit bourbon? big fan of that
Malt Mention: Hello Malty Martians of the MIll.
Sorry Ralfy, but I'm starting to get a little sick of the "evil governments taxing booze because of insurrections" speech. I agree that many times govts. act out of self-preserving interest (which we even could analyze further and get glimpses of societal interesto too, but this isn't the time for deep sociological inspection), but you completely forget that taxes are 1- a form of wealth redistribution and 2- a form for funding public investment in public goods, services and infrastructure. Point 2 is particularly important here, since the use (and abuse) of alcohol is a HUGE burden on society as a whole. A lot of pathologies are derived, linked or worsened by alcohol and in many cases it is the same "evil" state you so despise for taxing, who has to take up the burden it puts on the public healthcare systems. You forget that much of alcoholism tends to happen in lower income population which is normally higly dependent on that system... which, I remind you, is reliant on taxes. Even many non-directly alcoholims health problems tend to have a higher prevalence due to alcohol (as well as tobacco, another highly taxed product), so it makes all the sense in the world the state should put higher taxes on stuff that increases public spending and stresses a fundamental public service. You also tend to forget the wide spectrum on non-pathological related issues linked to alcohol, loke traffic accidents, public violence and vandalisms, etc. Mucho of the cost of those is also assumed by the state. Police is publicly paid, as well as much of the infrastructure that is dammaged by vandalism, accidents, etc. So before you simply repeat once more the simplistic, but (I agree) good sounding discourse of the "social bandit" rebelling aginst "the man" because he increases the price on your particular poison, think about in a little bit more hollistic way; not just from your particular point of view as a responsible consumer. I love whisky too, and trust me, I would love it beign more accessible (I come from a country where imported spirits are expensive, especially quality whisky; and now I'm living in Sweden, wehre it's also expensive), but I also have to step down from my own little ego-horse and look for rationality too. Please don't take this in a wrong way. I love you channel and I have learned a LOT from you. I just want you to consider that in order to be rebellious, you have to justify it better than with a cool-sounding call against "the man"... especially when most of the inflated prices of spirits are due to market speculation and international demand flows produced mostly by growing upper-middle classes and their aspirational consumption patterns.
The Spirit Safe
I would love to see this in Canada. Not much chance of that. 10-yo is available for over $90 + taxes.
Bob Roberts
Hi Ralphy, your reports on cigars and pipes were most excellent but I want to plumb your brains on the topic of snacks. Do you think peanuts and crisps are appropriate for 'cooking' whisky mixed with lemonade or do you think an elegant pistachio would grace a single malt? Obviously I would not be so gross as to mention fish suppers or kebabs.
Mr Arquebus
just bought a few bottles for our whisky club - less than £23 a bottle!. However - having just opened one - I'm on the second or third dram over a couple of weeks - Ralfy's review is like hearing about a totally different whisky! My 5yr old Benromach appears to be wearing a peat overcoat!!! This dram is more reminiscent of a Tomintoul with a Peaty Tang or even the Springbank Green (but not so rich). It's still a great whisky, but the bourbon fruity notes really take a lot of effort to pull out. Sherry is more to the fore. It's malt driven (all the fresh smells when you walk up to a distillry) , sweet / dry bitter, but soft peat and more peat. i wonder if this is because the distilery is relatively small and the 5 year old is being made up in small batches? The label states it has a whiff of peat but perhaps the casks used have ?proportion of ones which have held their peated malt?
"A strong finish for a 5 year old". Why do you not acknowledge that you have absolutely no idea what this whisky consists of? It could have a considerable amount of older whisky adding to the finish. The number "5" means nothing. It only means "at least 5". In fact, it has the same value as the name "scotch whisky" which means "at least 3 years old". You mention that the distillery is "looking ahead" and "showing integrity" in putting a young age statement on the bottle. If I were cynical about it, I'd say that they were "training" the consumer, by putting out a 5 yo that's actually made up of a considerable amount of 10-12 yo. This gets the consumer used to seeing a "5" on a bottle of decent quality whisky. After "retraining" the consumer, they will then decrease the amount of 12 yo that's in the bottle. But since you put so much weight on that number, instead of the only thing that matters - quality - you are part of that "training" process. Too bad.
Jakub Petryński
Funny mention about bay leaf Ralfy. Together with allspice it is a base mix for every heavier soup or stew in my home country (Poland) – every children here knows these flavours. By the way remember to remove leaf itself from the pot before serving, it can prop breathing system, and I did heard about fatalities. Cheers!
Shane Goodson
Glad you liked this one. I had a bottle of it last Summer, it went very quickly, it was a delightful Summer whisky and excellent VFM to boot. Such a pity it doesn't get too much attention, not even a mention on Benromach's website.
Justin Faria
This might be one of my favourite reviews. I hope Benromach's gamble influences other distillers to be more upfront and approach the beauty and the ride of young whisky. ps, now I understand why Ralph hasn't reviewed a Kilchoman yet. What a shame.
Question for anyone with the know-how: I know that how long a whiskey sits in the barrel will affect the flavor of the whiskey, but will the time the whiskey sits in the bottle between when you drink it and when it is packaged affect the flavor?
David R
ralfy whats your favorite blended whisky under 56£ By the way... I love your videos and been watching them for quite awhile off and on...just realized i wasn't subscribed..thought i did awhile back..doing that now..Your the best whisky reviewer i've seen on here,,always enjoy watching you describe the flavors,what they go good with,glasses you drink them out of,learned alot from your videos and still learning,keep up the good work :)
eric gilbert
Excellent way to pin point the distillery style. I don't think I will see that. Highland Park 10 is the cheapest and 5 year old Benromach, you could not charge enough but a NAS you can.
Robert Rogers
Ralfy: Have you heard of the Whiskey Rebellion in the USA that occurred around 1791-1794? Frontier farmers and settlers took up arms against federal government to stop what they thought were excessive taxes on their homemade spirits.
Ralfy! A request from your new follower from Guadalajara, Mexico: McHarrison Blended Scotch Whisky and Inver House! As a newbie in the Whisky World I'm interested in your great opinion! At the moment the only one that I have drank is the McHarrison and I liked it very much! Greetings from this side of the world!
Rian Creamer
Ralfy, as I am enjoying the 10 yo Ben so much I just bought another for future enjoyment. I have noticed that it is quite a bit lighter than the bottle I have opened. There's about 8 months difference in the dates on the bottles. Is this anything to worry about or a sign that no/less E150 (if there was any to begin with?) is being used or just a bit of batch variation? Thanks!
German Gomez
I've been drinking "Oro de Oaxaca" mezcal lately, which has a good price and happens to be very tasty. I do agree with you about some fancy and ridiculously expensive new mezcals out there that I won't buy. Cheers from Argentina, Ralfy!!
Ryan Tackett
Hi Ralfy, thanks for shining light on this young age statement whisky. I agree that age statements show integrity on behalf of producers. I am wondering if you would share your opinion at some point on the Compass Box Transparency movement and how that may affect age statements in the future. You seem to know how all of this stuff works! Cheers
Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans
I would say that the prices of Mezcal are probably not based on the actual Mezcal producers but on the distirbuters and the taxes.  Correct me if I am wrong, but the craft Mezcals we purchase can really help individuals in Mexico.  Blame the politicians we elect rather than the individual dude in Mexico trying to make a living.
Matt Mukauskas
Devout Aussie fan here who's desperate to know more distilleries you recommend. my last four bottles have come from benromach and springbank because of your opinion of them. please please tell us more CRAFT distilleries that you know of who we should support with our hard earned
I love age statements, but if blends cannot disclose their blend (even if it's a single malt and a blend of ages) I understand a desire to not disclose. They need to open up full disclosure!
Chris Witham
Lovely review. Like Benromach a lot. Ralfy, do you think that all the whisky here is 5 YO, or are there older casks in the mix as well?
Ha, the malt mention was most appropriate for today; very rainy day in the midwest US. I got myself into some mud before having a midnight malt moment.
Excellent video... Makes me want to chew a bay leaf. Also makes me want to grow one of those plants. I could use the bay leaves in cooking and also try chewing one. Could you tell us... did you start to feel the effects of that bay leaf? Thanks.
Jayaram G
Too bad I won't get a chance to savor this malt as it isn't available in my country :(
Ralfy dear malt mate. It would be great If you could paste a photo with you on your world speed winning beauty of machine. Anyway, just keep It your way mate.
Little Miss N
They also do the only tour I've ever been on where I wasn't bored to tears in five minutes. A really good working set up and every bottle is worth a punt.
meteora maidan
One of the main reason I bought this bottle was down to the fact they where bold enough to put a 5 year old age statement on the bottle, even Bowmore have just released a 9 year old bottle. This Benromach reminds me of Aberlour 10, very good quality and overlooked, edit you bet me to it. Can we expect a review on that bottle of IRN-BRU sitting stunningly at the top of the book shelf ralfy? I do wonder sometimes if your a doctor or chemist ?
Anyone in the states ever seen this on the shelf?
a great review. well done sir! greetings from Manchester - not a million miles from the three legged island. (while you were at Bonneville - i was at the Edinburgh Fringe drinking lovely beer and having a good laugh)
luke grantham
Looking pretty skinny since your older videos. Well done! Keep it up my man!
Scotch Whisky Lover
Hey Ralfy. I love Lagavulin 16...what should I turn to next in the same vein? Thanks :)
Tom Herman
What about lemon oil? Does it have hints of that?
Ben Locker
Ralfy, must try Clase Azul mezcal. While pricey, too pricey, phenomenal product. love the reviews Ralfy!
Rian Creamer
Ralfy, or anyone, is there anywhere that lists distilleries that still use dunnage warehouses? I know of several that do, and really like the more leathery, musty notes that you get, but cant seem to find a definitive list anywhere! I'd guess the reality is that different styles of maturing may be used by many distilleries, but which ones solely use dunnage? Thanks :)
Thanks for another great review and a good lecture about bay leaves, Ralphy. You look like you are losing weight; I hope you are OK.
Cartoon Face
Really love Benromach 10 year old Thankyou Ralfy for the intro
Erick Wright
Good for you on the Mezcal. I live in the 4 corners area (southwest U.S. and have been watching prices skyrocket. They can keep it.
Do your palates a favour and cook something exotic from time to time, maybe some thai.
John Asumaa
Ralfy, I'd enjoy your videos even if I had no interest in whisky.
I tried the 3 yr old Cooperative Single Malt. Also great value for money.
Jay Daniel
I wonder if ralfy has drank 598 bottles or if he gives them away 😂
Hello Ralfy, love the show! Can you recommend a good single malt that packs a punch, but is not heavy on peat? I really love Islay, but i want to try something else - also i have tried Talisker too and love it, i need something gutsy that packs a punch like that.
Rachael Wilson
much enjoyed the review...thanks
So, a 90 mark on a cheap bottle is not comparable to a 90 mark on an expensive bottle?
I don't consider close to 30 pounds a 'great' price for a 5 year old. I understand that spring bank and benromach have top quality and traditional production methods which will inflate their pricing, but in the end it's inflated price like with bigger guys.  I'd expect something on lower end of 20 British pounds.
Hey Ralfy, have you heard of the Norlan glass? it was a Kickstarter project that reached its funding goal.
Martin Hermansson
Ralfy! Could you not do a video on all (well maybe not all, but some) the pronunciation of the gaelic names and such in scotch? I mean, we can all pronounce Bowmore, Highland Park and the likes of those names....but Bruichladdich, Uigeadail, Airigh Nam Beist, and many other confusing names we just get wrong and sound like fools! =) Love your content, please keep up the good work!
Sam Chianello
Bodacious Ta Ta's?
Daniel Däuber
Great video Ralfy! Educational, open and honest. Really love this one :)
Daniel Däuber
Great video Ralfy! Educational, open and honest. Really love this one :)
Rlfy, I am soooooo happy to see the shape you are in for your successful Land Speed Record attempt. I urge you to maintain that condition. I wanna see you around for a loooong time and maintain your physical and mental zest. Thanks so much for taking us along on your ride through life. Take care ...
Albert Pena
Great Information as always. Thanks Ralfy
Guillermo Barrios
Always fun, always a learning experience. Thank you Ralfy!
Hello Ralfy, have you tested the "Norlan Glass" before ? If yes, any good ? Thanks !
Ray Raymond
Ralfy, Does Gordon & MacPhail still own Benromach Distillery. G&M bottles some quite fine Scotch Whiskys. Slainte, Richard
Hi Ralfy, I know you are partial to the odd rum now and again. I was wondering if you have ever considered reviewing Pusser's 15 year old rum? It is often called the single malt of rum. Should be right up your street.
Tyler Pryor
You said that you don't review non age statement single malts, but didn't you review the ardbeg uigeadail?
Ralfy, speaking of age statements, just this weekend Ardbeg released or announced the release of Ardbeg 21 Year. How much do you think a bottle of Ardbeg 21 will fetch? I'm thinking it's going to be quite expensive here in the States.
Kevin Hicks
Technically, alcohol is a depressant, not a hallucinogen. But, that's just a quibble, your point is still valid.
Jumpin Boz
hello rallfy, will you do a review on Highland park dark origins, even if it doesn't have an age statement. i would love to hear your opinion on that whisky.
Rosalie Brucculeri-Colletti
Cheers Ralfy! I was wondering what you thought of Puni Alba from Italy. Great expectations from what I've read so far...
What's reeboos tea?
Carlos Reyes
the most expensive espadin exclusive mezcal like mano negra in mexico cost around 40 pounds
Any chance you could do a video for beginners? I know you have something similar from years ago. I am meaning something thats updated? I really want to get into malt.
Jag Singh
What does it mean to be verified as first? Do you win a bottle from Ralfy's collection? :)
Matt Rossmann
Spooky Truth
Ralfy do you know the provenance of your barrel?