Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Show

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Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Show. #DGSS18 #mfw #DGQueenOf ❤

hailey rae
this is very unprofessional several models bumping into each other, not knowing how to walk the runway and what is this music?
Marcos Leal
Anna wintour running for her life at 16:54 lol
Hien Thanh
They are not models. They are D&G VIP customer (kids of finamciers and ruler of the internet). So that explain why their catwalk is horrible.
hailey rae
very disappointed in these fashion shows.. I still love the looks but what has happened to D&G :(
Nurhan Cavusoglu
am i the only one that saw several models bumping into each other? oh lord.
La Tte
And what is she doing? 7:00 Very polite and nice! She could have escaped and given another model space!
bia 11
It's like watching a Forever 21 fashion show, everything is terrible, get better gurl.
Pale moon rose
The models are hilarious!!! Majority of them cannot walk to save their life they look so hideous and stupid!!! I have no words 😂😂😂 it looks so messy and unorganised
Andres Jimenez
Same old designs...really. They've been doing the same for the past two years. Models are a mess, music is like I'm listening to Disney radio. They're obviously targeting a younger audience (who cannot afford these designs).
Music is horrible 😔
Arctic Monkey
Sara Sampaio is definitely the best model in this disaster of a show.
Samantha Isabel Pornel
Horrible walk. Gone are the days of supermodel walks like Karlie, Kassia, Vlada, Natasha. 😔😔😔
alle ferraz
Nothing new AGAIN! This soundtrack is TRASH. What an embarassing show.
i can never understand Hailey Baldwin as a model. she is more like a someone famous's girlfriend. she is like Amber Rose to me
This music is absolute garbage and it doesn't fit the show AT ALL
Just a french Kid Trying to talk english
D&G downgraded since they decided to put viners youtbers instagramers and other internet stars in their show. Now the models can't even walk W.T.F???At least teach them how to do it wtf is wrong
Rano Milano
Why everybody hate this collection personally I love it a lot
at least they hired Sara Sampaio to save this brand
Nathan T
Hailey Baldwin is such a hypocrite she supported Raury when he protested D&G but here she is walking there show
Ваня Малинин
They are trying too hard to get young people to buy their clothes. Dolce & gabbana was best in the 2000s.
La Tte
Am I the only one, who thinks that this time the choice of models is.... emmmm... strange? Those from previous runways were bright like stars, almost each one was the hit.
Cleo Villia
Why nobody noticing elsa hosk
Nory Garcia
Most of the models are a DISASTERS!! Where do they find these girls?!
Iki Haangana
The clothes were beautiful as always but were overshadowed by the clumsiness of some of these "models". Having said that Go Aleyna!! 13:00 . Who's the asian model at 8:30 she's stunning.
Kyle L
Wow, how D&G has fallen from grace. YouTubers and socialites running the shows now?
Huddersfield Modern Records
Sara Sampaio is defo the best model there
Fernando Castrillo Vázquez
cant stand too much ppl on the runway....looks so messy WTF
Rafael Camacho
Obsessed with the sparkling dresses!!!
Ella Winberg
There are so many great models out there but they always cast the most famous ones even thought they can't walk...
Maya Max
elsa hosk and sara are QUEENS!!!
Marie S.L
06:59 what a mess
Zar De Misses
The music is good i like but DOLCE & GABANNA is a prestigious and luxury brand. I cant understand why they did horrible and disgusting last 2 shows with viners, millenials and all of these kind of people... THEY ARENT SUPERMODELS ok. Majority dont have the beauty and the skills to take the runway. Here 90% of the models are ugly... With all the respect. They dont know how walk in a catwalk oh my good :( Thats sad.. The collection is good for spring summer. I like the glasses and some dresses. Dolce and Gabanna only is the name and the brand because the majority of their designs are disgusting
Vivian Feng
Did they think they were walking The Victorias Secret??????
Hailey and Sara were so beautiful 💓
Noel Velazquez
Sloppy, sloppy, sloppiness
Ida Skyttberg can't pay tribute to curvacious Italian legendary women like Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, Gina Lollobridiga etc (Which D&G has stated many times over the years) by choosing these models...
Sara Sampaio is the queen👸
Whats The name The final Song?
Andy Abner Rivera Brito
I Will wait for the campaign to understand this collection. This runway is a none sense!
Phoebe Green
I actually started crying because these are so beautiful what even am I 😂😂😂
Models (80%) and music are horrible!
I Am Who I Am
10:19 Mayowa Nicholas 11:00 Tami Williams My favourite gal !!❤️
Tati Vilte
3 song?Please
playing cards,fruits,flowers and the mess goes on & on!!!...D&G were far more creative in the '90s....and i agree, music is awful!
sparkle gazer
this is horrific
Honey Lehoux
3:16 We make you say - Pop talk
Whats the song starting at 9:20???
An underwhelming & in many instances just plain gaudy & tacky. Sad!
11:42 really pretty
Shirley Herrera mena
Omg.. this runway is not professional.. I love D&G but.. wow what happens??? With the models...
India Wild Films
what is the name of first song ? it is my go to song for long distance run. So cool want to know name...please help !!
Giovanna Pavluzzo
7:00 LOL
نجلا الحربي
All models so lucky
Антонина Станкова
Who is on 2:23???
Geraldine Marinella
Tremendo choque entre modelos en el minuto 7:01
Tash Kash
Whats the first song?
BatiYah B
What's the song at 6:40!!!? lol I can't find it. He's saying "it's the rhythm of the night..." I'm obsessed. lol
Sofia Aks
"Собаки лают - караван идёт" Несмотря на некоторую гротескность, в коллекциях D&G всегда есть одежда, которую хочется и можно носить в повседневной жизни. Просто почувствовать себя КОРОЛЕВОЙ... Вот почему последние коллекции представлены именно так: представьте, что Вы идёте по улице... Музыка лёгкая, это уместно.
Fabio Silva
Sometimes I think about what Dolce and Gabbana used to be. They had Gisele, Natasha, Caroline, Raquel, Coco, Sasha... Nowadays the brand has lost all its power, creativity and elegance. They were the face of Italian Fashion in 2000's... Sad.
Arr Ess
Song please 7:00?????
9:49 Blackpink Jennie
John Kliff
Two shows in less 24 hours that’s genius !
First song...?
Loved the girls with vegetable earrings. There definitely going for a Luna love good inspired look.
Rena R
2nd song ??
Joyce Boyd
forever21,hardly .no comparison.
Ditta Balog
What is the last music?
Moca 12
Note to high end designers: Only hire professional models! Leave the wannbes to their blogging.
красотичка красотичкова
First song,please ...????
leeoh moon
mesmerizing collection!! well done, I love all the finesse and power of imagination,, I am wowed and I am not easy to please
Марина Кошелева
Как называется 1 и 2 песня ?
Аня Почемубынет
What're the faces...Seems, that was impossible to find really buaterfull and professional models.
Rodolfo M
Whats the first song?
Josi M
hailey and sara 💕💕
Janicia de Jesus
ok im only here for the music. theyre kiiiiinda lit....
Karen Butera
Sara Sampaio e Elsa hosk😍😍😍
4:35 would have been so elegant if styled with nude/pink lingerie, it's sheer enough that we still would have seen, the choice of black cheapened it sooo much
someone help me find the song at 9:17
these  models are a mess!!
tzo Av
who is first songg ?????? pleaze
Sezen ULAŞ
is there anybody knows the last song of the video ?
layla louati
name of the songs ??
neeraj banafer
Nice song
neeraj banafer
Who sing the first song I love you baby
Belen rivera
Nedo Taslak
Great show & models !! :D
dulcineia maria da silva
l love black :)
Arrbbie Ninon
Disaster walk. What happened guys??? Lack of sleep???
Juliana Prostikhina
oh, God! It's wonderful❣😍😍
nazareno lokais
name of song of minute 12:00?
The one that knows the name of the first song is the person that uploaded the video because this song wasn't even used for the actual fashion show and Shazam doesn't capture it. Whoever knows the name of the first song please reply here !
Stephanie grant
Same old recycled mess really d&g
Международная школа развития личности "ADI Shakti" (International School of personality development)
Божественно!!! Браво!!!
Cristiane Oliveira
D&G, O Melhor da Moda Italiana.
gorgeous ♥
Tiago Jargachinozcosvski
The old goooooood times of DG are back! Amen!
Justina Angela 17 Angel Eva
Mrs Hailey bieber the best one ❤️❤️❤️
unicorn princess
This is cringey asf these models walk as if they're cold