[SFM Ponies] [PMV] Gives You Hell

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Dan Jacobson™
Nicely done! I think the animation goes well will this song!
Memo Pony
So beautiful. ;-; Give me a brohoof everypony. /)
oMG 😰 *cries* I remember when I first watched this!! Three years ago!
To all the people that disliked this I hope it gives you hell
Oh, thank God this isn't more Pinkie creepy pasta!
The Main Event
liek if your watching this in 2017 Brohoof from Japan! /)
Chingo McCringo
This is to all the haters
Anguished cucumber
I love this song don't judge me
Lord Slicer
your face doesn't give me hell pinkie it gives me happiness
How can vinyl play that guitar without fingers?
One of my fav songs in a PMV? Couldn't be any better!
Zeke Emery
All Equestrian Rejects
I think it would have been better if it was Pinkie Diane Pie singing this~but other than that I think it was great!
Dar' Zaiq
I remember when i watched it for the first time... i was really sad and this cheered me up like wtf i was crying after i watched this just because i was so happy x3
Da Nargh
just tried to play my guitar with my elbow DIDNT WORK
Red Slope
hope i find a man that gives a damn or treats me well -////-
█████████████████████████████████████ █────█─███─█───█───█────█─███─█───█─█ █─██─█─███─█─███─███─██─█──█──█─███─█ █────█─█─█─█───█───█─██─█─█─█─█───█─█ █─██─█─────█─█████─█─██─█─███─█─█████ █─██─██─█─██───█───█────█─███─█───█─█ █████████████████████████████████████
I absolutely love love love this sfm know why? Simple. Made from my favorite song in the world and skip over the bias, and it's really good. All-American Rejects fans unite!
Dr. FrankenDerp
One of my favourite pony vids of all time. Brohoof from Australia!
Burrd Loaf
liek if youre watching this on 2016
Bethan Mansell
The first line is "I wake up every evening," wtf
Derpy The Dead Husk
my only problem is Vinyls hoof on the guitar otherwise very well done
Corporal Pierogi
Grew up on this song (original version)
i real love the song and i love my little pony and my to favorite thing awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sienna plummer
i like it song I am mlp fan
I remember when I first saw this animation. 2 years ago. Best day of my life... Maybe.
Madison Clark
this is my favorite video
Hidden Angel
Brohoof everypony. To Pegasisters and Brony's.
nathan phillips
who is the pony with the gig tar behind pinki pie the one with the pink glasses and blue hair?
Mr. The Clown
Just noticed, this pmv kind of predicted how the battle at the end of Rainbow Rocks would be set up. Even predicted that DJ Pon3 would be in the band.
Erm... Whats with Pinkie at the end? Is she okay? ;-;
h4h4 boi
Adam Waller
Ya did amazing
What does sfm mean??
I have Gmod What the difference between SFM and GMod? Aka Gmod is Garry's Mod.
Fadel Sukoco
This video will never get old!! Everypony please like of you're watching this in 2018!!!
Nice video. It was pretty cool, but my only complain is the music lol. Who ever made this version kinda ruined the song. The voice gets too high pitched at the end of some words and it got a bit annoying. Anyways good job with the vid :P
This was quite wonderful, if I do say so myself
this is so adorable. love the voice
I need a fullscreen wallpaper from that twilis face 02:01 xDDD :P
Who else watched this as a kid? and is watching it again 4 years later?
True Zschunke
So Boss!!!!
Wow, thumbnail swerved me super hard. Thought it was Sweetie Belle and not Pinkie Pie :P
Rosemary's Hamsters
Hope it gives you hell if I say THIS.......IS...........AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
Chica The Chicken
Poor Pinkie.....
Jake Larson
faith in humanity lost
Rainbow Wolf Studios
I thought I've heard this song from somewhere XD
Goddamnit I can't nitpick this! The sync with the mouths was good, excellent choice for the song, and great character choice!
i wanna download this !
Smart Obsession
congrats! I love this song and I love mlp so yey slam dunk! anyways, I know how much work that took, to have the ponies voices I admire your work congrats on a new sub XD
Monster High videos
"Now where's your pinkie sense love?"
Friend Or Foe
Is this a referents to cupcakes
It took me a while to realize this isn't just a pitched up version of the original
Shadow Party Gaming
may 2016 ahh yeah
gunawan wijaya
I love a fan of Twilight and Pinkie
Apple Pie
I'm you fan
Emmaka Mullins
I love this
╔╗║╦║╔═╔╗╔╗╔╦╗╔═ ╠╣║║║╠═╚╗║║║║║╠═ ║║╚╩╝╚═╚╝╚╝║║║╚═
Høney Bomb
I'm gonna play this song to my best friend cuz her crush is gonna play her like to my other best friend
Awesome Dawn
Shit, this is actually a good a SFM..
WallesCoffeeShop Development
*How to stop to replay this again and again?*
DJ Wubs
Pinkie's singing to Cheese Sandwich **waits for hate**
Denzel Smith
Very catchy..I imagine portal 2 turrets and cores singing that song..😊
Friend Or Foe
Twilight dabed
Trial Øf Dracøs
The summary of this video is " I DIN' GET NO SLEEP CUZ YALL, YALL NEVA GONNA SLEEP CUZ ME!!!"
Layci Bailz
awesome but who trusted derpy with an instrument no offence she's my fav character and all but really??
2018 anyone? 😂😂😂
Actually sound a bit like pinkie
Miguel Sanchez
2:43 Trixies hat?
I feel like all the haters on here are just jealous because a pony is singing better than them.
This is probably the only Glee song I enjoy. There is something pleasing about girls chanting the chorus. And the voice fits Pinkie so well. Love it.
Mianimations Inc.
Adorable ponies singing awesome song being bad and derpy as well as background ponies AESOME also I don't under when pinkie is falling or why she is mad plz explain thx
Neon Lyric
Brohoof from United States One of my Favorite pmvs ever
Aoife Graham
I am confused,slightly scared and in love
Jokester Vendetta
I love the all American rejects This made it 20% cooler
Victor Ewing
I love this song in the animation isn't that bad either
Alfia Dyayu Zata Yumni
Wow!Pinkie have a beautiful voice
This is why we can't have nice things
3:30 Pinkie still alive, don't worry
chubby chibi
I see this video everyday to make my day <3
XRen xxX
Not disliking but sounds exactly like the glee's version... Anyways, good song😌
Tomek Martyniak
great you real voice is very nice :P
demon derpy
awesome  im singin along
Quirky View
This is the second song I'm best at in Rock Band 3. Though I would like this more if it was the original version despite the female voice making sense. And now that I'm not half way through listening to this I have to say I don't like this as much cause they skipped the bridge... dammit Glee.
Susie Castro
This is the song. I ♡.
El bot de canas verdes
this fall it must hurt the poor pinkie D:
Falling off the town hall only does like 10 points of damage, get over it Pinkie. But yeah, great use of the TF2 map as a setting!
I love that song
ya boi george
I have everything that she just said
Nerdy Girl
(>//<) yaaaaaa
Amy Woods
this song is amzing!
Ирина Махрова
я почти ничего не понимаю в этой песне, но она мне нравится)
Disloyal Dashie
" Wake up every evening " ??? Wtf ?
Сергей Букарев
пинки давай
Здорово :)
vinyl scratch
Good song
seph entrikin
lea with alittle pitch modification gets pretty close to pinkie. well done
Deadlysins HD
dJ PON OMG DJ PON3 vor ever