Parabol/Parabola (Tool Cover) ft. Samuel Hope

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Parabol/Parabola- (Tool Cover) ft. Samuel Hope Arranged by Andrew Gutauskas and Brad Hammonds Stream Parabol/Parabola: /> /> /> /> Web: />Order CD Here: />iTunes: />Spotify: />--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project by Brad Hammonds | Arranged By Andrew Gutauskas Follow the Musicians: Samuel Hope: Vocals Samuel Hope Official Youtube: />Official website: />Samuel Hope is a multi-instrumentalist and soul/pop singer songwriter originally from NYC and currently based in Berlin. Andrew Gutauskas - baritone saxophone/musical director /> /> Brad Hammonds - Guitar/ Band Leader /> Darius Christian - Trombone /> Mariel Bildsten - Trombone /> Danny Jonokuchi - Trumpet /> Oskar Stenmark - Trumpet Nathan Ellman-Bell - Drums /> Corey Wilcox- Sousaphone Video shot by FILMSHOOTERS MEDIA Cinematographers: Josh Keys & Blaze, the Rebel Edited by: Blaze, the Rebel Recorded at The Bunker Studio Mixed and Mastered: Chris Davies | Whitewater Music Special Thanks to Patreon supporters: Will McCreary

Yell Heah i was hoping for a parabola cover
Another legendary piece of Tool mastery infused with Brass Against's own mastery
Abigail Ranic
The singer sounds a lot like Maynard! Super impressed!
Shanuman Fly
Come'on........I have been asking for "46&2" feat SOPHIA since she did "The Pot" ! PLEASE!!!!
Revanchist Vakarian
First Lateralus and now this? Please tell me you're making a whole Lateralus cover album!
Trombone girl has awesome moves :D
Sam does a pretty damned good job duplicating Maynards vocals.
Samuel Hope Official
So grateful to be invited back by Brass Against! What a pleasure!!
Γεώργιος Μελιχούρτης
Not brass , gold .
Forever Abroad
do a cover of the new album when it comes out in a few months
welcome back Sam . good to see you embracing your heavier musical side
Holy shit this was awesome! So much detail, so much feeling. Amazing arrangement! Amazing vocals! Guys.. you rock. I'm gonna see you at Download Festival in Madrid and if you do a Tool cover before actual Tool enters the stage it would be sooooo niiiice.. It will only raise the hype!! Thanks for this!!!!!
They Eyebrowless Man is back!!!!! I love him
An Awesome Comrade
I’m conflicted. I’ve been working on a brass band arrangement of this song(s), and you beat me to it. And yours is killer. Congratulations.
Mike tuggernuts
Mr. Hope is clearly a fan of Tool. This track requires a lot of vocal control. You can trust me, I’m a drummer.
timothy giles
So good. Could yall please cover....tool's entire discography?
Glenn Julz
The Brass section is giving me chills.
Killed it again, Samuel. I could happily listen to you and the band cover the entire Tool discography. Hope to see The Grudge next!
The band absolutely rocks on this one .. and Sam is out of this world!
Inquisitor Unum
Right in two next please! This is amazing!
Mr. Interesting
This is some serious stuff. I'll be enjoying this daily just like the previous covers of The Pot and Lateralus, no doubt. Moar Tool!
Lean McQueen94
Clicked on this instantly!
Andy M
Hairy Sax player back still looks like a killer.
Marco Arista
I'd never clicked on something too damn fast
Brian Paul
This is the kind of notification that make someone's day
Patrick Zürcher
I was so happy to see that notification poppig up. Sam, you’re an amazing vocalist.
C Ward
PLEASE tour the States! You guys are amazing. My son quit band because they played zero fun. BAND TEACHERS, your kids can love brass!
Band was great as usual, but damn that's a hell of a vocal performance to pull off. Great job!
Maynard with hair !
Shawn Chapman
Is it me or does sam hope actually sound like MJK
Jay Kay
Are you kidding me samuel hope?? Jesus...
Kevin Talarico
I've been following the Tool covers you people make, which are all really good, but this time... Wow... You've raised the bar. It was SO GOOD it gave me shivers. Congratulations for this masterpiece of art.
Skrufy Weenus
Hot damn this is incredible - also that was an insane vocal performance Samuel!! 🔥🤘🏻🔥
I wanna share this with the whole effing world!
Brandon Hatter
Parabol low key sounding like a Mars Volta song with thewind instruments 😂
Would have loved more drum cams in the video though. But amazing cover still!
Whohoo! Sam's back with more Tool! Gonna turn the lights out and settle in for this one.
Nukes for Dayz Nk
plzzzz do the grudge and jambi
Patrick Meyer
This channel never ceases to amaze me. The people who disliked have no taste in good music.
Bell Khan
this cover have just landed directly from the heavens
Jay Powell
Samuel will definitely bring Savagery to Jambi🤘
Blake Miniard
That little 'boom' motion the guy playing trombone did after hitting that intro sequence at 3:13 got me so amped
Anand Shivaraman
Pls keep doing this awesome work and cover more Tool songs. Would love to see other bands songs as well like Opeth, iron maiden, etc with sams vocals. 🤘
This is just SICK! Awesome performance, love the tubes <3 Please do more Tool covers!
Life changing. One of Tool's best-written songs. Bari sax man is my hero.
Yessss! Finally another one with Sam! Easy buy for me 👍❤️
Jeremy Cutshall
This gave me goosebumps! Awesome cover of one of my favorite tool songs..WELL DONE!!!
this is so impressive! incredible feat to properly cover Maynard in this, too
Giant CosmicSnail
It's PIE DAY!!!! I see what you did there, as per my name i have a similar obsession. Nice choice and amazingly beautiful performance as always!! <3
Bruce Chung
Do more Tool and get Samuel Hope to sing it all.... so impressed at how well he reproduced Maynard's vocals.
Jay Kim
Any plans on A Perfect Circle covers? Y'all would murder Passive.
Gonzalo Hubert
Increible!!! saludos desde Argentina!
Diego Castellan
Hell of my favourite Tool songs. Another amazing job by Brass Against
Sounds like the most intense MLB playoffs is about to begin
Maaan! Keep bringing Samuel and Tool! I'm amazed with both of them!
Bad mix. Great sounding vocals and band past that
Donovan Ulmet
Pie and Brass what an awesome day
Baggy Reborn
Thank you so much! Such a great tune! The transition from Maynard original was a master piece, the way you made the transition was perfect.!!
Wooooo hooooo!!!!!
Meter Pappas
Samuel is a true performer. His whole body becomes the instrument...
How did I live 2 days without hearing this. Notifications on. NOW.
Jim Lunn
Never heard a good vocal Tool cover. Until now
Nicholas Cote
Sam does it again. Goosebumps!
Cameron Doane
Singer has a lot of brass balls to step into an MJK Pair of shoes. Well done guys
T Ja
Wow! I followed this from the Revolver site, didn't know what to expect but subscribed the second this video was done. This is incredible, thank you!
luciano muggeri
nothing is better then tool... but holy shit amazing cover! new subscriptor here
That's an incredible sound you've got going on there. Perfect cover version! 🤘🤘
Kyle Gayton
I still think y’all need to cover some Isis...
Also, thank whoever produced/mixed/mastered this for keeping the dynamic range of the recording fairly extended on my behalf ! Gotta love the transition between Parabol and Parabola
Wow. I would have added just the tiniest bit more reverb on the vocals. Otherwise this is perfection.
Tomasz Kieliszek
WOW, just WOW... when Parabola kicks in I got shivers. Awesome job as always! P.s. The blond girl on trombone is my love :*
Sergio Bellucci
Fausto Raimundo
Props to these amazing artists, they killed it! The voice is amazing! Let's not compare it to Maynard though
Slawek z
Can't wait for full version of Wings for Marie then ;)
Killed it with another Brass against collab Samuel...the grudge, the grudge, the GRUDGE! Please... :-)
Donald Black
Very well done guys!! I listen to tons of Tool covers and you've just made it into my main rotation. Again, bravo!!!
Joe Kennelly
Favorite tool song(s), absolutely love it
I've finally figured out what Tool has been missing: Brass (against) and Samuel Hope. <3
Christian Whitfield
That was ridiculously good ! WELL DONE
Ryan Utterback
Kinda makes me wanna see some brassy Mars Volta lol.
Wow. Another incredible cover! Between this and Lateralus (& others ofc) you have made me a very happy man. Sam is awesome and I love his voice. He really looks like he loses himself in these two covers.
Frank Jones
"This body's holding me..."
Meister Lampe
Okay i have to say it. I am totally into the female trumpet player. She is so beautiful ;-) Another great song! Love Samuels voice. Would love to hear a Helmet cover. Would fit perfectly. Unsung perhaps
MrBobby MeWalters
Henry Rollin's and the gang are back. Wonderful performance, thank you so much!! You should be Tools backing band and do a tour, that would be savage.
Craig Taylor
Absolutely smashed it again!!! Always reworking your covers perfectly 🔥🔥🔥
Sparkplug Barrens
Wow! Amazing vocal Performance!
Scott Lawton
It's almost as heavy as the original, especially the outro aka the durge. Killer job!
Leonel García
LIKE, Schism next :D
Marco Magoni
Many more people should know the work behind these tracks. Your dedication is an inspiration. Awesome as always 😍
An Coast
Hell yeah! Hope u will do a schism cover :D
Kev CA
this is amazing, I love it! well done guys!......the grudge would be appreciated !
Spent the last few hours browsing through your back catalogue and bam this drops into my subs list at the perfect moment. 👏Hype 👏 Train 👏
Edmond Dantès
Holy shit this had me had going just like the original. My favorite Tool song done so well, thank you
POS Industries
It's cool that Samuel is able to sound a lot like Maynard and he's a great singer, but if I wanted to listen to someone sing a Tool song like Maynard, I'd just listen to Tool. I'm generally more impressed by the other covers that involve some cool WoC doing their own interpretations of the material. The horn sections are going all out to make this their own, why shouldn't the vocals be doing the same?
jack mehoff
Hell yeah, love your takes on these masterpieces. Your vision proves what us tool fans already knew. Transcending
Vincent Quigley
The arrangement was sick! It's cool seeing parts of the song bounce from one instrument to the other. I felt that vocal was not loud enough however. Anyways you all slayed it as usual! Cheers!
It's impossible to not go hard in the paint when you cover Tool. 🤙
Guy Trengrove
jesus this singer is like maynard is during the recording :O
Kevin Kelly
As always Brass Against impresses me, they just keep getting bettter" thank you so much for hard work! please come to Denver Co.
carecats cauin
Ficou lindo demais!!! Vem tocar no Brasil.