Little River Band - The Night Owls LIVE

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11th song Live in Melbourne 1983

Craig Chapman
Oh to have John Farnham as your backing singer, lol
Russell Jones
Love artists who can pull it off live. This is great!
Marilyn Keller
This one of my favorite songs in the world! It just IS!!!
Wayne should have sung more...
Wow, what a voice.  Tell me, where are the big voices  these days?
This live 1983 Little River Band concert, is proof that these guys were one of the best bands in the world at that time. !!!!    John Farnham added a new dimension to L.R.B. as their front man when he came on board around 1983 (Much the same as when Michael McDonald joined the Doobie Brothers in 1976). Although 30 years old, this live concert is still one of the best ever.   Stevie Howe's guitar work is also up there with the top 10 of all time.. Unfortunately, L.R.B. were not given the credit or exposure they deserved..
This line-up (including John Farnham) made them one of the greatest and most talented bands on the planet (in 1983). Still heard nothing better since...
Do you know how long I have looked for this concert???????  This has just taken my back to my teenage years,, my favorite song in this concert was The Border!!
Bill Brimmer
Great to hear a live version of this classic. Yes, LRB was a very powerful vocal group in 1983. Saw them live that year, and they were incredible. Kudos to Wayne Nelson for keeping the band going all these years. They are still out there living the dream!
Tiffany King
One of my all-time favorites!
paul buschman
There is nothing like it when you KNOW your harmonies are just kicking. Everything...Tight.
Sorry, I meant Stevie Housden, not Howe. (Sorry Stevie). As far as I am concerned, he rates as one of the greatest lead guitarists of all time (up there with Carlos, Lukather, Hendrix, Cath, etc). His guitar riffs on "Night Owls" proves this..
Cyndi A
Live version is excellent this guy is a great vocalist, and this band is tight. ...
Jennifer Rudd
OMG! What a voice! I think I'm absolutely in love with Wayne Nelson watching and hearing him sing this song! ♡ And those grins on his face are saying, "yes I know I can sing the heck out of this song!" :-)
Sherry K
Wayne Nelson...still have a crush...after all these years. Voice is...sigh...
I really love this band , and especially when Wayne signs. There is something so sexy about his mouth.
Vince Gedeon
great harmonys in this band
Lifecare Counseling
Unbelievable, great and not a stinker in the bunch!
Debbie Gonda
Yes yes and yes :) I just love this
michael mundy
I just saw LRB in Kansas City... Wayne Nelson was the lead singer and the only member to have been in the "original" LRB, if by that I mean, he started in 1980 & has only missed 3 years since then. I thought he did a really good job in KC, incidentally, his home town.     Same haircut, just all silver.  Plenty of energy.   LRB was very entertaining.   Nobody in the joint was under 45 except my kids.   Well... LRB's lead guitarist Rich Herring could be younger than me.
Russel Renz Nerosa
For some reason I remember "I don't Care" by Fall Out Boys in this video. There's a resemblance. LOL xD
Martin Karbe
One of my all-time favorites!
Who is the lead singer on this great tune?  I loved this song in the 80's. Drawing and listening to this late at night on radio station.
Russel Renz Nerosa
2:12.. I love the flanger sounds so cool.. NICE
Cyndi A
Beautiful tenor voice, full of spirit and soul. I listen to this many times a day at work. Love many songs of LRB.
George Dimopoulos
Top music!!!!!
Vince Gedeon
they are awesome
Jennifer Suzanne
Melbourne, Australia or Florida?
angela rodriguez
Brings back old memories linda beebe
Charles D
jesus they sound good live and on CD!! *takes hat off*
Stevie Housden is on fire!!!! Woohoo
Stephen Housden is a GREAT guitar player and really gets into it. But he did not play the lead solos on the studio version of "The Night Owls". David Briggs did. It says on the back of my vinyl LP. David Briggs left the band in 1981 and Stephen Housden joined the band and took his place in 1981. Kind of confusing since the album with "The Night Owls" says it was recorded in 1981.
Kenneth Miller
I remember watching this on HBO at a friends house whom just got cable television. I was a LRB when I first heard them in as a teenager. This live concert was awesome, I remember being amazed at how restrained the Australian audience was as opposed to American concerts. Thanks for posting.
Good gracious!! excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor!!! I always loved these guys!! Great download!!! Thank you very much. Now to look and see if there any idiots out there.Nope this band is clean!! You can't not like this song!!
Daniel Liedtke
Wayne should have sung more lead vocals.
Vladan Zivanovic
Amazing vocal exhibition here, along with the music... 10/10
Pete O'Dowd
No which is completely WRONG, the guy was/is amazing
Remember this song from high school. Great song. Great memories!
Gil Caceres
I use to listen to this song on the radio and just casually liked it when I was in high school. But when I saw this clip i was blown away. Powerful song, great lead vocals, masterful lead guitars, the band played really great. Wish there'd be a reincarnation of LRB. Great post! Looooved this one.
Michael Pedersen
Holy shit what a voice.
christian stüven
dieses mega solo.hammer
Spot on mates .Truly timeless
Vladan Zivanovic
@showmoke hmmm well I woudn't say better, but as good? sure why not. Nelsons range is amazing! though I think Farham has "extra gear" nobody has!.
Sean Sherrod
@porcaro4ever AMEN, ME TOO!!!
I am sporting a major jones right now! dammit I loved this concert!!
...just my opinion - absolutely great singer!-better than farnham
...wenn ich auf menem Sterbebett etwas vermissen werde, dann wird es sein, dass ich niemals in einer solchen geilen Band wie dieser gespielt habe.
@mkzelle Not only that, he never seems to age either.
Elisa Inca
Wayne is fantastic for this song,congratulation. Stephen ts great guitar man I loved. Forever Litlle River Band.
It's not Farnham who's the main singer here. It's the bass player. John Farnham is standing on his left. That bass player has an absolutely amazing singing voice - better than Farnham?
Did Stephen Housden get the credit I believe he deserves for being a great guitarist? Anyone, know?