Insomnia Disco and Night Club in Pattaya, Thailand, Great Place to Party

Everything you need to know about Insomnia Disco in this video. It is one of the larger nightclubs in Pattaya.

Sir Jag
I hated Insomnia cause it was so small, music was loud and a hit and miss - BUT - out of all places, in literally 5 mins I hooked up with a cutey and called it a night. Good recommendation on getting there later in the morning. Will try that next time. Cheers!
I'm one of the lightweights that goes home early 😂 Actually I didn't club much at all. In the Bay Area where I'm from there are fights all the time in the club so I have a built in vice to just avoid them although I did go to a couple with Derick.
Everything you need to know about 'Insomnia" in 6 minutes - not bad - good job Charlie
Malcom Lewis
It opened late 2008 I was there for the opening
Ali Bali
I hung out with lady at 4:50 in red dress, 2000baths long time
J Living a good life
Charlie your doing great keep up the good work.Best wishes stay safe bro.
Kalbo's life
Too many dudes are right about the 'sausage fest.'
Big Dan T
Insomnia is a great place, especially when your tripping:)
Jeff D
if rejection is healthy im going to live forever
Bleeding el Charlie you out every night?? Living the dream 👍🏻😎
Soho Masters
Not a fan of imsomnia and the reason for that is the smoking that is going on there. But i love i-bar and i am looking forward to that video.
Quintavious Scoozi Jackson
bruh how are you there for so long lol what kind of visa did you apply for?
The Turtle
Good video, it's one of you better ones. I almost bypassed it because I'm about 10 years older than you, it's been 10 additional years since I've been clubbing hard, and I rarely drink anymore because where we're from a DUI makes it half impossible to find a good job; which I have learned the hard way. I admit, you've sold me and I might just hit Insomnia one night, while in Pattaya, instead of heading straight for soi 6 during my trip to BKK in October. Lastly, that is extremely good advice, especially in Thailand. It is good to be rejected so you'll know if they like you or not. Plus, Thai girls are typically much nicer about it than western girls.
Anonymous Doe
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Todd Piercey
Yes, enjoyed much. Going back soon. Had to look up Insomnia on YoutTube cause I got the Thai blues.
Adam Mason
I love Insomnia ive had loads of freelancers from there.
Steff's Thailand Travel
Not a fan of the disco's anymore (I uses to be 8-10 years ago), but nice video!
Claudia Erkeloing
Cute Parties Pattaya Thailand and Bangkok!!
I once barfined a girl for 4 days and made her my "tour guide" Then after the tour she went back ton the bar. On my 12th and final day in country I went back to the bar just for some drinks. It was across the street from my hotel and I didn't feel like going on Walking Street. That same girl saw me and told me to wait for her until the end of her shift. We left the bar and went straight to my hotel. I fucked her and she didn't even charge me. So, when people saw you always "pay to play" in Pattaya I tell tell them that's not true.
I like your vids, keep it up :)
Tim J
Cheap Charlie how to you buy the VIP cards for the club? is it something you pay at the door ?
Insomnia is always fun but do not go there till 1 or 2 am.
Love this place
hugh ferg
Great job Charlie love the videos
Shadow of my life
2:12 - 3:20?
Adam Forrester
Marine is bigger
my favorite club in Pattaya here you can meet me very often
Natok & Funny Videos
Sometimes I take girls from insomnia for free and discover in the morning that it costs me a lot of money
Chris Bosh
5:53-5.54 tune? and 6:00 to 6:04?
it.s great to walk around,but no dancefloor like in Marine.One time i was only 15 minutes inside and go with a lady to my hotel.She took my hand and say let,s go. haha only she go 09.00 am back because she has to work in a hotel she say.
barış turhan
3:50 Song Name ?
Bond James
What er the best disco to dance please?
Vebi Ajdini
Good insomnia pattaya
Rick Redstrom
Cool video I like your narrations too
should do a video of going inside massage parlors!!!
M. S.
Great club!!!
Jeff Core
How come you don't have 200k subscribers?
Jacques Aubin
distortion bad sound
Shazard Naushad
What is entrance fee?
This is a small club and not the biggest club on walking st as the video presenter states
RafIi Rafi
all the girls are freelancers, and by all i mean 100%
dineshkumar jazz
Even indian guys come to insomnia club Thailand Pattaya Charlie
CCC, during the video I noticed you did twice the same grammar error in your texts.... you confused "it's" for "its". Be careful of that next time.
Yowan Giovanni
EXTREMELY DANGEROUS PLACE, SIR ! One should not make the people believe that such a kind of trip is without dangers! Actually many of those Asian girls are drug-addicts and professionals cheaters : they will try to deceive you in every possible way in order to sap your money . Very often they drug foreigners with dangerous cocktails of heavy narcotics in order to rob them ( some elder men have also died due to intoxication). And let us not forget the risk of STD like AIDS or syphilis : moreover during the night, deathly car accidents are so common in Pattaya....
Tried Insomnia twice. Didn't like it. Too pushy to buy drinks every 5-10 minutes. If you refuse, they will kick you out. Yes, there are lots of freelancers there ... but most already come in with their 'man'. If there is indeed a decent looking one available, it takes no more than a few seconds for her to be surrounded by guys wanting to hook up. Too much competition from young bucks for us fugly folks. Much better probabilities to hook up just outside on WS.
Frog1 Dog2
Their DJ is complete garbage. How can a popular nightclub like that have such a worthless DJ? Terrible songs.
Always liked Insomnia videos, thanks for this one !
Panama Hop
john lewis
Charlie, hands down, this is the best I have seen so far on Insomnia. You are really uploading more videos than anyone any other vlogger I think off. Keep it going, will see if you I can help you out dude.
alx srps
what kind of camera do you use ? How do you keep it low profile ?
Please do review of NASHA Indian club in Walking Street
Ali Hossain
I have been there a week ago. For me it's the best nightclub I have ever visited. I have met lots of brothers from another mothers & girls from different parts of the world. The lighting, music, dance all of them were up to the mark. I wish I could stayed there for ever :P. Sex isn't the only thing that you can enjoy in Thailand. I'll go there again if I live till next year.
how's the closing time atm? Back to 6am or still at 3 because of the crackdown?