In The Dairy - Doddington Dairy

What a pleasure it was when we first met Simon Cow, he has such lovely teeth you know. We couldn't believe it when he first approached us with the idea of recording 'In The Dairy' but as soon as we found out how serious he was there was no stopping us. All the girls had such a great day in the studio when they got together to record the chorus. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

Toasty .j32
Your cows are weird why are they twerking
I watched this for hours!
Euan Toms
Doddington dairy, your ice cream is amazing but if you're supporting cancer reaserch UK, why do you put egg whites in your ice cream? You know that they feed cancer cells directly...
ميا الديراني
I like it and its funy hhhhhhh
wow me too
Daniel Gent
lol we got shown this at school and got asked to design a flavour XD
very very fine... can't wait to try the product...
Great video, love the animation and the music, cheeky cow, love it!
tom boote
sounds more like advertising than a charity thing to me but ah well.