The Winter War (1939-40)

The ‘Winter War’ of 1939-1940 or the Russo-Finnish War was fought between the Soviet Union and Finland. The Soviet Union claimed parts of Finnish territory mainly to create a buffer against a German attack as the Finnish border was close to Leningrad. Stalin demanded that Finland cede parts of its Karelian Isthmus territory in exchange for other Soviet land in the center of the border. Support the cartoons on patreon: /> Get your copy of Simple History: World War II. /> Simple history gives you the facts, simple! See the book collection here: Amazon USA /> Amazon UK /> /> Facebook: /> Twitter: /> Credit: Narrator: Chris Kane Artwork: Daniel turner Direction, Animation: Daniel Turner Music: Stormfront Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

The Cold War before the Cold War.
Mr. Dwa
A large group of Russian soldiers in the border area in 1939 are moving down a road when they hear a voice call from behind a small hill: "One Finnish soldier is better than ten Russian". The Russian commander quickly orders 10 of his best men over the hill where Upon a gun-battle breaks out and continues for a few minutes, then silence. The voice once again calls out: "One Finn is better than one hundred Russian." Furious, the Russian commander sends his next best 100 troops over the hill and instantly a huge gun fight commences. After 10 minutes of battle, again Silence. The calm Finnish voice calls out again: "One Finn is better than one thousand Russians". The enraged Russian commander musters 1000 fighters and sends them to the other side of the hill. Rifle fire, machine guns, grenades, rockets and cannon fire ring out as a terrible battle is fought... Then silence. Eventually one badly wounded Russian fighter crawls back over the hill and with his dying words tells his commander, "Don't send any more's a trap. There's two of them."
WHO WINS? The Soviet Red army OR Some cold Bois on skis with outdated weapons.
John Nordic
One small mistake. The Finns did not surrender. Both sides agreed to stop the fighting and singed a peace treaty that favored the Soviets but the Finnish army did NOT drop their weapons and raise their arms.
Samovar maker
gg Finland, gg
Finland did not lose the winter war because it is still independent country, not part of Russia. Happy 100th Independence Day Finland! 🇫🇮
Mikko Nieminen
I once remember hearing a background story for the "Molotov's cocktail" which was something like this: When the Soviets began their invasion to Finland, bombing our major cities, Molotov said that USSR is giving "bread and freedom for the suffering people of Finland". Finnish soldiers decided to "thank" Molotov for this, by serving the invading tanks with special made cocktails.
Lisbeth RavensKiss
Uhm... The Finns never surrendered. An armistice was signed by both sides. Sure the Soviets demanded that the Finns would officially admit defeat and give Karelia etc. But Finland was never occupied by the enemy and remained an independent country instead of being annexed like Estonia, so in truth it was a defensive victory for the Finns.
Karjala takasin perkele!
Joshua Clark
Hah. Russians lost because of winter. How ironic.
Rotu Hiiri
The Finns never surrendered. They just made a treaty with USSR.
hönö olett
finland did not surrender
Petri Luosto
Surrender? Finland DID NOT surrender because then Soviet Union would have occupied Finland. The truth is that Finland did make peace with Soviet Union with harsh terms but she DID NOT surrender.
Not accurate because Finnish army did not surrender.
Correction: The Molotov Cocktail was actually named because of the time when Russia said it was supplying food, but then dropped bombs on finland. The supposed foods were called the Molotov Breadbasket, so the Finns sarcastically named the explosive the Molotov Cocktail, the drink to go with the meal.
Ilmari alarik
soviet shitheads say "we reach Helsinki in two weeks" they didn't do it even in 5 years
Meleg vagyok
Respect to Finland from Hungary
There was no surrender, only the Moscow Peace Treaty
Dike Dike
Finnish army did not surrender, the government accepted the peace terms...
That Dude
Finland did not surrender... This is not very accurate history!
Respector Of Women
There was really no chance of the Finnish people defeating the soviets, yet they still managed to kick serious ass! I'm impressed, Finland.
Radical Esoteric Gloomer
Nothing makes me smile like dead commies
Akseli Ruokonen
we didnt surrender
sloth sloth
cos the finns used nokia as their secret weapon
Finland was not forced to surrender but USSR was forced to stop the invasion for the fear of greater western involment and a possibility of war with western allies. The Soviets knew that GErmany was going to invade at some point so it was crucial to have the support of The Allies when the invasion occures.
Heli Kinnunen
Kukaa ei vittuile suomelle
Sara Panelius
Finland didn't surrender
Well Finland didn't really surrender, both sides decided to have peace.
Good video except for one thing: we never surrendered. The Soviets suggested an armistice (cease-fire) and we took it. The terms of the ensuing peace agreement were harsh, yes, but we kept our independence. That's all that mattered, under the circumstances.
Plus the Finns did not surrender
Jonne Plays
Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan
Finn here! Thank you so much!!!!
Jett Bauman
Finland didn't surrender
Thomas Anstee
Poland and Finland *Exists* Russia: It's free real estate. Norway *Exists* Germany: Ich iz Fve Veel Estacht.
Pretty good and compact, but one correction: Finnish military didn't surrender, but rather the field marshal urged the government to sue for peace while there still was a resemblance of an army left. The peace terms then were harsher than Stalin's initial request which was accepted. Had the army surrendered, Finland would most likely had suffered the same fate at the eastern block.
Tony Mejia
the soviets said; we wil march and take Helsinki in just 5 days..... well, did it happen?
Pål Juliebø Osnes
There where norwegians who suported finland
On kauniina muistona Karjalan maa, mutta vieläkin syömmestä soinnahtaa, kun soittajan sormista kuulla saa, Säkkijärven polkkaa! The land of Karelia is only a beautiful memory, but music still sounds from the heart, when the musician's fingers let you hear, the Säkkijärvi Polka!
This is why I love Finland. They are brave nation.
Vitun Stalin Karjala takaisin!
Sir Duckworth
I'm surprised we didn't hear anything about white death here (simo häyhä)
I have crippling depression
Who would win? *A glorious country that have a lot of tanks,planes even weapons and other awesome technologies* _OR_ *Some snowy bois*
I think it was a pretty bullshit fight anyway
forttijonnejen montgomery
glory to finland!
Pingas 69
France: Invades Russia and fails because of the cold weather Germany: Invades Russia and fails because of the cold weather Russia: Invades Finland and fails because of the cold weather Talk about being beaten at your own game 😂
Simple History
The Finns had warm snow white camouflage suits, and made use of skis to swiftly attack Soviet troops.
Emil Panelius
Finland didn't surrender
Communist soldiers with tanks and artillery vs snowy white bois
Ioannes Eroi
Not surrendered but signed a peace treaty, our front held until the end.
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Vietnam war:"The trees are talking vietnamese!" The winter war:"THE SNOW IS TALKING FINNISH!"
Simple History
1:02 Would you like to know more?
Samu Vilhomaa
Otherwise correct but we did NOT surrender! Im from finland btw + KARJALA TAKAS PERKELE
M1 Abrams
When Germany invaded the USSR so did Finland.
John Constantine
Winter War... that time where snow actually killed Russians
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Jesse Lopez
Could you guys do a video about the Korean War? It's a very underrepresented war. Just a suggestion though.
Corto Shorty
Ussr: *declares war on Finland* Finland: *plays sakkijarven polkka Ussr: why do I hear boss music?
appe abbe
m39 käteen ja ryssä jahtiin...isänmaan puolesta
TorrentialGamer RBLX
Russia: Lemme attack Finland League of Nations: Your fired
Mateusz Krasuski
Pls make abuot Warsaw Uprising.
Tenno Shenaniganizer
"Benis" - the Finns
Chistrina Marpaung
Finland was forced to sue for peace, not surrender. It is different thing i think especially in context of World War II. Surrender in WWII context is occupation.
November 30th?! Thats today!
Rohan Tech
4 days after watching this video Teacher:Nobody is good enough in history to tell me about Winter War Me:Hold my beer
Torjus Berg
Norway was one of the allais to.
You Should make a video about the Continuation War 1941-1944
Batman arkaham Video
From sweden Finland neighbour
Your Dad
who would win? The entire might of the Red Army? or, Some ski bois?
Creepy Closet
Damn imagine beat hit in a drive by from finns on skis lmao
edgy nerd
They should rename it to the great Soviet oof
raincoat •
Huomenna koe ja täälä mä yritän opiskella jotaki
*F I N L A N D* If you get the reference you get a cookie
Mr Yoso
The russians are no match for finland 😂
Fin Guy
346,000 Finn VS. 1,000,000 Soviet and more tanks and planes.
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kone kone
every christmas event in videogames
Long live Perkele
Gibus Gentlemanne
Rise Nation pride Hold what's your Strike to where it's hurts
Kelly Chuang
Good video may also look into these ideas for future videos like Battle of Dien Bien Phu and Second Boer War.
No Simo Häyhä. The man derserves to be mentioned or have his own video.
Safwan Singham
Could you pls make one vid about 1971 bangladesh war??
meme chef
Perkele. The most epic war in history. Edit: also they didn't surrender, lol
Tatu Man
Suomi Finland Perkele
Bogy 1 Kinoby
The Russians had approximately 200,000 men (not 1 million) and the Fins had 20,000. First battle with the Molotov cocktail
It’s like the Vietnam war, but snow
Mr. Dwa
M1 Abrams
I wouldn’t say Finland lost. They had less deaths than the Soviet’s.
Albert Morgan
Soviet union claimed ALL Finland
Mr. 13
Russians are well equipped... But the fins had simo
daredevil06 Gaming channel
Russia: We have 2,500,500 men. Finland: We have Simo Hayha.
Mei Xiusen
Btw Karelia is Karjala Ps. SUOMI MAINITTU😂
Raffi Barsoumian
The Finns fought against the soviets in Leningrad with the Germans in 1941
You deserve so many more subs :(
Renato Hartono
This Channel is The Best History Source Ever!!
Average Dude1232
What if Finland Join Axis?
Will L
I am from Finland.
love you simple history you are the best (love from Sweden)
Virus Sans
*Vapaussoturin Valloituslaulu (even tough its from Finlands civil war) Intensifies*
Can you do a video about "Normandie-Njeman"
Eloise Duteson
Finland got help from Sweden, britan and France but they did not succeed